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  1. I impulse-bought Stardew Valley and Hylics before going to bed. The savings were really small(20% and 33%, respectively, saving $4 between both of them), but they were the games I regretted not owning yet and the ones I felt an urge to play so I bought them. I'm not sure the last time I bought a Steam game for less than 50% off base price.
  2. I think the game gives you a reason to fight all the enemies? At least, I'm pretty sure they drop different crafting components on death. There's also a bestiary though you probably don't care about that. To be honest in RPGs I never actually think to use the escape option unless I am legitimately fearing a party wipe or the enemy is so far beneath me that it'd be boring and a waste of time to fight them. I seriously forget the option exists in other contexts.
  3. I was sure I remembered SOMETHING about Quarians not having lips in one of the Drew Karpshyn Mass Effect books(I think Ascension), but I can't find anything about it anywhere now and if my copy of that book still exists it's on the other side of the country. For some reason I thought Tali had, like, a beak? When it came to seeing Tali's face, I was prepared to have it not match what I imagined, but I really wasn't prepared for the really lazy pandering attempt they made. I'd respect it more if it hadn't literally been a retouched stock photo, too, like if they had one of their artists actually draw up a Tali that looked insanely humanoid. The way they did it made me mad. I also feel like a Tali romance would have been a perfect way to explore a relationship where true physical intimacy is impossible, but they instead cook up a deus sex machina that lets them do their cheesy sex scene that has to be the reward for every romance sidequest, even though it kind of undermines a lot of the stuff they'd done with the quarians.
  4. Yeah it's obviously spelled Saiyajin, or possibly Saiya-jin.
  5. Look, here's what I don't get about Tali: This photo, right? When did she have time to go to a grassy field with a professional photographer? I mean, this photo obviously isn't amateur, it kind of looks like those stock photos. When did she even leave the ship without you between deciding to research a way to boost her immune system and actually giving Shepard this photograph? Meanwhile, isn't being in that field pretty dangerous due to the potentially high number of contaminants? It seriously only makes sense if you think that Tali left the fleet with a photograph prepared ahead of time for her eventual xenophilic conquest, almost like a sexual calling card.
  6. I played Tokyo Mirage Sessions so much in one sitting that I started to feel burnt out(and also my party wiped, losing half an hour of progress, thanks to a Savage enemy in an otherwise low-level dungeon), so I stopped for a bit and played some Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The game has a customizable protagonist, so I decided to come up with the most ridiculous character I could dream up within the confines of the character creator: Her name is Falfa, and she's a regular female Saiyan who gets to do important things in a Dragon Ball story. Woah!
  7. I am not sure how my post ended up in this thread either.
  8. Look all I'm saying about Tali is this: If she doesn't hook up with Sheppard, she hooks up with Garus, and as far as I can tell is the only one on the ship to hook up without Shepard. It's also super convenient that she solved the medical problem of doing the nasty so quickly considering she supposedly only started researching when she decided to get intimate with Shepard. My theory is this: Tali's noble science pilgrimage? Bullshit. She's a sex tourist that has been looking for interspecies strange from the start, and that's why she left the fleet.
  9. They're 75% off, idiot! Anyway, I bought: Transformers: Devastation+ DLC Bundle (Gift) Dragon Ball XenoVerse Bundle Edition Lakeview Cabin Collection Both Toejam and Earl games(now have the complete Genesis collection) The Howler
  10. I wouldn't say it goes completely in either direction, which is why it's probably difficult for people to respond to the question. I'd compare it to Persona 4 mostly, but without the time management aspect. It's probably best to talk about how the game works to explain what I mean. A Chapter seems to flow like this: You have some largely linear story segments(cutscenes, walk here, talk to this person, walk there, talk to that person, cutscene) which shows you the location of the chapter's dungeon. If you've played Persona 4, these dungeons are similar to those in terms of how they work story-wise, they're themed after the chapter's story and you get more aspects of the story as you progress. There are warp pads placed throughout the dungeon and you're given a teleport spell directly to your base, so you're expected to advance as far as you can and then duck out to restock items, heal, and fuse items dropped from enemies with your weapons and skills to advance them. The actual structure of the dungeons isn't at all similar to Persona 4, though, which randomly generated its dungeon layouts. This game has set dungeon layouts which have traversal puzzles(for instance, the dungeon I'm in has cameras that, if they spot you, send you back to the start of the area you're in, so you need to work your way around them to advance). Enemies show up similar to Persona 4, in that you have a monster that spawns in the overworld that you can avoid. A nice touch is that your overworld strike actually incapacitates normal enemies, so you can actually hit them with the sword in the overworld and walk around them if you really don't want to go into a battle right then. There are also rare Savage enemies that aren't incapacitated by the sword, and they're much stronger than the normal dungeon fodder, so for those you have to either fight or get out of there(touching a warp pad or crossing a threshold of some sort will do the trick). Now, you can level up indefinitely, but this isn't actually entirely effective past a certain point. A character's Mirage(the Fire Emblem character that is tied to them) largely acts through their Carnage Form, where they turn into a weapon. Each Carnage Form has a number of skills that it can earn through use in battles, after which it is "Mastered" and you don't gain any more skills while using that weapon. You get new Carnage Forms through the game's Unity system, by fusing Performa to create a new Carnage Form. Performa are largely dropped by monsters and given through story progression, which has the effect of making it impossible to gain new skills after a certain point unless you stop grinding and move on to the next part of the story, because you need the Performa from beating the boss or from the monsters in the next dungeon in order to create a new weapon. On the other hand, if you don't master the weapon, then moving onto a new Form is a bit of a waste, because you lose access to those skills. So on another level, it's best to keep battling with earlier weapons until they're maxed out, before moving on to the shiny new weapon you just crafted. In this way, they sort of set a soft recommended amount of combat for each zone, which you can do however you like(eg grind it out at the start of a dungeon then avoid combat entirely, or just fight every match until you hit the "soft cap" and then avoid combat entirely). After you defeat the dungeon's boss, there's more story progression, the chapter ends, and you move into a segment called Intermission. During Intermission, you can immediately run to the next Chapter, or you can stay behind and do character side stories that are largely about helping your friends in their rise to stardom. Some of these are about doing stuff in the overworld, some of them involve going back into old dungeons to perform specific tasks(one had me find a missing person, another one had me kill 5 of a certain enemy which seemed a bit lazy, but whatever). People should probably do these side stories, because they have the social story aspect you're otherwise missing out from since the game doesn't have Social Links, and they give you access to some really neat(though non-essential) extra skills. Side Stories can happen at certain points in the story if a character's "Stage Presence" is high enough. There's a guide in the home base that tells you if their Stage Presence needs to go higher or if you just need to wait until later in the story. If their Stage Presence is too low, you can either hold off on that story segment until the next Intermission(side stories aren't missable, you can start from the beginning whenever you want) or you can go with them into a dungeon and do some more fights. Once you're done with the Intermission, you can immediately start the next chapter. If any of this was confusing I'm really, really sorry.
  11. I'm playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. This game doesn't have an English dub, but that's not a translation. For some reason, in the middle of speaking Japanese, Barry just yells "SHIT!" My assumption is that it's because he's an American that moved to Japan to live the otaku dream. What is this nonsense that I'm playing and why do I like it so much?!
  12. sLm1A2-Fr7s Nobody in the world is as excited for this as I am. I saw the trailer in the context of Sony's "E3 experience" in a theater, and was told by the person I went with that I started shaking when they said "Queens". Holy shit this costume! I've been spending the past hour or so freeze-framing the trailer at various spots to admire and study this thing. It's got so many things going on, integrated from past costume versions and wholly invented for itself. The large white logo is a really bold choice, one that I've never seen on a red-and-blue costume. The shoulder pads and armored sport gloves give the suit an athletic street sports look that isn't overly bulky. You've got the MCU eye lenses, the Amazing spider emblem on the back, a new spider emblem on the front(though it seems to be drawing a bit from the Raimi front emblem and the Ben Reily Spider-Man front emblem?). Red material has the same texture as in the MCU, and the webbing is more standard for modern comics Spider-Man. Also, were those MISTER NEGATIVE'S goons in the trailer?! MISTER NEGATIVE HAS LITERALLY NEVER BEEN IN ANYTHING EVER OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING.
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