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  1. I agree. When I saw the pitch on KS: I thought about Culture/Folklore/Legends/Tales of that would be made of the heroes lifes after they're dead. What happens to dead heroes? Put in a mausoleum, inspire people, make ordinairy people want to become soldiers? Mausoleums are very interesting in every aspect if death and birth are a mayor aspect in this game.
  2. It is a very hard game concept to implement if it is not well ballanced.. I wonder where this is going... -edit- If demons get stronger by adapting to a harsher world, humankind will develop items/tools/technology to alter this Balance is back. If in time Demons will change (strengthen as the game-world progresses) and humans will get stronger siblings the humans are in advance. Therefore it would be cool if the demons also mix races through siblings. Neglect 2 nearby areas in the game and they will pair.
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