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  1. My speculatory assumption was that it only got really bad after the success of Walking Dead Season 1, as that was when Telltale started to heavily push for live-Season revisions as well as more ambitious game scope. Before Walking Dead, Telltale was at least good at punctuality and sticking more closely to their original vision throughout the Season.
  2. ...wait, that was a problem even before Walking Dead? The pay I can understand, but even the crunch?
  3. Former CEO and co-founder sues Telltale Games ...yeesh. What a downturn of events.
  4. Campo Santo just got bought out by Valve, so Jake and Sean essentially had a career trajectory of going from Telltale to Valve. Quite impressive!
  5. Shaun Finney left around early last year. I actually found out Laura voluntarily left a month or two back as well.
  6. I think they have various alumni left, but no notable names come to mind at the moment. Laura Perusco also left a while back on Maternity Leave, which was eventually upped to her leaving altogether (I initially thought she was one of the people laid off). I hope they take the opportunity to innovate on gameplay and be less complacent in that department. Johro makes some good points. EDIT: Dan Connors stepped down a while back. For a while, Kevin Bruner was CEO, but he was recently replaced earlier this year with Pete Hawley.
  8. (This is on top of the three episode DLC they also made last year...)
  9. New Forum Moderators!

    So long, space cowboy... @Darth Marsden
  10. Spiderman trailer should be coming up very shortly on Jimmy Kennel. Super hyped to see the MCU take on Spiderman in action!
  11. People don't mind now, but when Season 2 and Wolf Among Us launched with a streamlined formula from Season 1 to be even more cinematic, even the modern-era Telltale fans that only joined during/after Season 1 pointed that out and were angry at the time. On top of that, Telltale also deliberately shortened their episodes from 2-3 hours for Season 1 to 90 minutes for Wolf/Season 2 to make episodes more streamlined and cinematic in pacing, so that made people even more angry. In the time since, Telltale has gotten back to making slightly longer episodes that range from 1:45 to 2:30, but even now, not even the modern fans like the change in gameplay from Season 1 to their newer titles. Rather, they just gave up on speaking out about it as much. However, modern-era fans only blamed it on Telltale working on... [gasp] having multiple upcoming games coming soon at once (which is a trend that has gone on LONG before the era of Season 1), instead of recognizing that these were deliberate choices that Telltale made to make their games more cinematic. They think that the free-roam areas take more work than making the dialogue selection scenes which you have to choreograph, animate, voice over, etc.
  12. As you guys might have heard, Telltale did a three episode DLC for Minecraft on top of the five Episode Season. However, on top of that, they seem to strongly be hinting at a second Season to come on top of the first Season and its three episode DLC. Lots of references are being made to "Season 1" of Minecraft only as of lately from Telltale, and the final episode of the DLC is titled "A Journey's End?" - if you go on the game's site and read the episode description, it says this: A Journeys End? "The brilliant conclusion to Telltale's three episode Adventure Pass! Of course, there's that question mark..." It seems that they are strongly hinting that another Season of Minecraft will eventually come down the line.
  13. Dan Connors was CEO at the time, but Kevin Bruner was the one who was publicly posting about the downvotes, which led to people downvoting him. However, downvotes were not removed until next Summer. It wasn't because of Kevin's downvotes, but rather, other users did not like downvotes either as they derailed threads and people did not have a common consensus on when to downvote something/what downvotes meant. Some people would downvote because they personally did not like what someone said/they disagreed with someone's opinion, others would downvote for someone being factually wrong about something, and some would downvote for trolling/spam etc. If someone who believed downvotes were for trolls/spam and got downvoted by someone else who though downvotes were for when you dissagreed with someone's opinion, the first person would get offended. It lead to lots of threads being derailed, and some people even ended up spamming upvote/downvote gifs from Reddit in threads to make jokes.
  14. Wow, Telltale is busy as ever, I see.
  15. It was nice of Mashable to post their interview with Kevin Bruner today that revealed that The Walking Dead: Season Three is coming this year. You'd almost think the timing wasn't coincidental. Haha, yeah, that was actually what I thought too. I even made a goal of posting it in the Minecraft Episode 5 waiting thread before the announcement. Still, though, the forums surprisingly aren't all too bad so far. I mean, Michonne is still live and in progress, so it's not like the Walking Dead fans aren't active right now. I have to say, I'm glad it hasn't been bad so far!
  16. I mean, it'll probably still be QTEs, but Minecraft showed they were willing to experiment on occasion, so here's to hoping it's more than that. Also, moderating the Telltale forums tomorrow is going to be quite a bumpy ride, I bet.
  17. I was open minded about Season 1 and thought it was cool for Telltale to embrace a niche concept (like what they did with Borderlands), but even I think Minecraft is too niche to warrant anything more than one Season. Although, I will say I think Batman looks cool and Telltale hinted that they would potentially add new gameplay mechanics for Batman onward on top of confirming that Batman and all games onward would have a notably improved engine as well.
  18. So Um More Minecraft might be coming from Telltale.
  19. Firewatch recently came out a few days ago if you guys were interested in seeing what Jake Rodkin/Sean Vanaman were up to since they left Telltale. Also, Telltale is finally making an effort to go back to monthly episodes with some of their newer series, which is really nice.
  20. Now I'm getting all nostalgic for Devil's Playhouse.
  21. They could pull it off like they did with Wolf. Come to think of it, Batman as a whole could actually be a really good spiritual successor to Wolf. Both could be good noir detective games with a more fantastical twist, both could have an amazing comic art style, and both could present you with morally ambiguous choices about how to use your power.
  22. Man, I'm really starting to feel for the older TTG Forum crowd that left at this point. I mean, I wasn't a very active member prior to when most left so I'm not going to go on about the "good old days" since I wasn't as active of a participant then, but still, - I was open minded about the forum layout, new users, etc, and even I'm reaching a point to where I'm wishing there were more mature people on the forums.
  23. It's one of their more quickly made titles, but I thought the gameplay was alright (I picked up the first episode on iOS a few years back when the series premiered). The production qualities are a bit low, but the gameplay is actually alright. As Vain and Jenn said, there are actual fail states and a few logic puzzles. When you answer people's question with dialogue options, the game follows up on your dialogue choice and asks you why what you said was true, which adds some challenge. You can tell it was made by a small team for mobile first and PC second, but if the production qualities had been higher, it could stand somewhat closer to the typical Telltale titles around the time. If you missed out on it, I imagine it was similar gameplay-wise to their earlier CSI titles (which I have not played so I wouldn't know), so it's not a big loss unless you want another piece of Telltale history. Wallace and Gromit was by far a bigger title for Telltale to lose in terms of which game out of the two had higher production qualities. I hope that, in the future, they announce if more games will expire. I had got a Telltale Everything Steam code through watching a TTG staff member's charity stream (and bought several TTG games including W&G years before), so I'm good on owning the older titles except for CSI, but it would suck for new fans to potentially miss out on some of TTG's better titles from their older phase.
  24. Complex made a half hour documentary about Telltale's history with interviews from staff members. It has a good blend of old and new Telltale history.
  25. Since this thread is bumped, I'll just point out that Telltale is now publishing other games - not like Hector, where they sell other adventure games through their store and help with development - they are now legitimately publishing physical copies of non adventure related games it seems.