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  1. Mhm, that link doesn't work anymore. This Christmas my niece got a tablet as a present. I wanted to make her a gift with broken age, but sadly it said it doesn't work with her tablet. It's an asus zenpad 8 with a Mali T720. I am really quite sad, i don't want to say it broke my heart, but maybe it was kinda heart breaking ^^ (a little bit) as i guess she won't get another device or laptop or anything anytime soon. And especially thanks to the german vocals it would have been perfect for her. So i am a slacker backer and loved the whole backing experience and the game as much. And i always kinda had my niece in mind as well. I read in the playstore reviews (in germany) that there quite some people sad not to be able to play it with their Galaxy devices as well. I would be super happy if some when there would be happening something. This game is a kinda all-time-classic already for me. So i used the search function in the forums here and haven't found another thread with this topic already? Is there one? Anyone else faced that problems? I kinda never had a reason to buy it for android for myself, as i got it for pc. But i am surprised on the one hand and really sad, that it isn't for all devices. So if all Malis are not supported, doesn't that make quite a bunch of devices it won't be compatible with? ;(
  2. Yes, all the arrow heads and the upleveling has been to time consuming for me aswell. On the one hand i liked Psychonauts and still the whole milk man story is pure awesomeness ( i really loved that level so much ^^ ) the lung fish has been awesome too. But i kinda stopped playing it on the one hand at the point of the napoleon and theater-story. Because both has been to complicated. And kinda like builded their own game mechanics inside the allready complex enough game mechanics in the whole game. Oh wait ^^ this is not about arrow heads anymore ^^ But okay. And sadly napoleon has allready been my "Okay, the theater is right now to complicated for my taste ... maaaybe i'll find something else to do" and boom there was napoleon and than i kinda was out of the game ^^ Yhea but that was the one side of the coin. The other side has been all that up-leveling work that had to be done. I shure loved exploring the whole ground, discovering caves and all that stuff. Getting to places way ahead of what i had thought Raz could reach and jump and stuff. But because the game itself kinda is complex in the way how to play, i have to do everything in one run or i am not used to the game mechanics anymore if i have a break that would be to long. Yhea on the other side there so much games out there, and thanx to humble bundle or gog you are able to play and try so much. And still you have a life and have to go to work and do all your stuff. So at some point, i sat in front of my computer and was thinking. Man, i am still searching arrow heads and stuff to get new abbilities. This is wasting my time. So the complexity of the napoleon level and the theater level itself has been kinda deal breakers at the time ( i would have certainly overcome and maybe even would have enjoyed it even more, if i got into it ... maybe ^^ ) but than this whole upleveling thing and getting new abbilites while i had forgotten about how old abbilities even worked maybe and searching for stuff everywhere ... it had felt so time consuming, at some point, if i restart from the point where i stopped, i would feel like kinda unshure if i would need new abbilites to get forward or something. yhea. Really, up to the point where we meet the theater-woman, the whole story was so linear, and my tasks have been so clear, it kept me running and up to that point the game was pure awesomeness. I guess but than, + the fact i have started the napoleon level without i had to finish the theater level, kicked me totally out of the game and left me kinda confused. But than again. I am not like 100% shure if psychonauts is - that - game for me. The reason i got double fine addicted is broken age, in fact really massive challice aswell (very time consuming aswell tho ... but way more easier to start again and get into it again ... and especially way more easier to simply stop it because of reasons, without having the trouble to think "Man, am i going to ever continue?" Because basicly you played through the game like 4 times allready, even if you don't continue it will never feel half finished liked psychonauts does right now )^^ and the thing that Grim Fandango will be one of my favorite games of all time. Brütal Legend again is like 100% my kind of game. So i really hope psychonauts 2 is gonne be a winner, cause i would love to back and play a Brütal Legend 2 ^^
  3. Just go onto the double fine channel of youtube and html5 will do. Just like magic No flash needed. ^^ (i used the link in my mail, that send me directly to youtube, so i guess, if you don't wanne search for it, now that i am thinking, i guess you can get there the easiest way aswell ^^ and yes, i have my flash player uninstalled like forever now aswell ^^ yhea, you can keep it that way perfectly ;D)
  4. It's been a great time! Thank you all so much! And even a fantastic Adventure game <3
  5. It's important to remember two things: 1) "The Thrush" and "Loruna" are two different things. Loruna is full of regular people, getting on with their lives and completely oblivious to this whole trush plot that's happening. The thrush seem to be more akin to an evil, genetically-enhanced, extreme political party spending loruna tax dollars on secret government experiments that the lorunans don't know about. 2) The entire thrush plot is based on keeping people on BOTH sides of the plague damn ignorant. So it's not like all of Loruna is attacking them. It's just the thrush, which for all we know could just be that one building that Vella bombs. And when those ships go down, it's like the entire thrush plot melting, because people aren't ignorant anymore, which quite literally destroys the thrush's whole scheme. It just can't work when everyone is aware of what's going on. So they were dealt with. What we were REALLY missing is some kind of scene where we see the thrush get their comeuppance. But we'll have to settle for grampy beastender punching them. Yhea, one point you guys are missing. The Thrush are in a huge need for new dna and personallity, or their project of perfection couldn't be kept "alive" in a "healthy" way. They also allready realised maybe their system isn't working out perfectly. So when Vella not only destroyed all their mogs, but ALSO and more importantly didn't sacrificed herself, what should they have done? Also they have been very prophetic about how vela is gonne influence their fate quite from the beginning when they met her. Well maybe the end has been a little cheesy. But on the other hand i like that tim didn't went for the classical "and than they killed the bad guy in the crulest way possible" kind of ending. Like. You don't have to be like that. Yhea well maybe the Thrush could have went to jail ... the story of the Thrush hasn't been told really, but maybe it wouldn't have been that important. In many ways this story is a modern fairy tale anyway. You also see Alex with all his Loruna people happily together in Loruna. So and the rest have been said by AnAnemoneInAnonymity ^^
  6. Sorry i haven't read all of this thread allready, before i gonne to answer this question: I am not a developer but i am 100% positive thaaaat, in fact ... surprisingly: The final story how we watched and played it, badam, has been the original intention for the story. Boom. Sorry, Tim planned that twist long ago. He fooled us all and he ment to do so. Yhea. Only because everybody was on the wrong run - intentionally by tim - doesn't mean they had changed a thing about the original intention. Sirously. Maybe this story is to apstract for some. But than again, haven't it even started like that? Shay did say sorry to his dad "He started treating them like computers" So there isn't much about it, i don't even get it why people feel like betrayed in some reviews on steam and stuff story wise. I found it very neat, satisfing and well done story telling. There isn't even one logical problem for me in the whole game. Every single question have been answered for me. Well yes, there has been a lot informations in "a little space" but i even found it quite well done in a Hemmingway kind of way, as there wasn't kinda not "a word to much" and not a word to less. The story has been now completly told. I don't see whats the fuzz is all about. Yhea. I especially don't see at all any proof that there might have been any like chaotic horror scenario where everybody has a huge meeting and has been like "Oh no, we went out of animators, we need to drastically change the original intention of the story" I mean like what? Where do you even get that idea from? I mean, if you personally feel that way, well, i don't quite understand, because for me everything came 100% perfectly together and i loved that Vella as the "board mum computer" part like soooo much. But i get it that people have a totally different view on the story and had like totally strong expectations how this story should go on ... and, strange enough, how it shouldn't obviously ( i prefer to keep everything in a story like totally open, for me, expectation wise ... so everything is gonne to be like new terretory for me) so i understand that. But nah, i don't see any hint there has been originally anything ment to be different I hope no one answered on that from double fine to that topic allready and proofed me wrong ^^ *reading the rest of the thread now ^^*
  7. Okay, wait a second! You has been a backer to support a gaming company to make a game and if they succeed you are gonne be able to play the game, play the beta of part one weeks earlier, play the whole thing a day earlier. You could have get it for only 15€ There are the higher backtier rewards. Including a several hour long blur free HD documentation, a backer only special huge collectors box. ( 15 € slacker backer don't get any of this ) You certainly have played or will play the game entirly. Whenever you switch to mac or linux or windows you will be able to play it on those systems aswell, so kinda like, forever. You got no drm or are not bound to steam (like, when ever steam would be over you even would be able to play the game still ... but you even have the steam key for all the steam fun). And still you are "Not happy" that you won't get a totally new ported version, of a game, that whatsoever is allready perfectly playable for you, for free? Whats wrong with people and all this gimme gimme gimme? Do you even realize they made act 2 of the entire game with the earnings from the release of the first act. So they didn't even made the game with our backer money only, they spend even the earnings of the first round of selling the game (cause everybody who bought the game when act 1 was out, now gets act 2 for free, as it has been included). So they spend extra money of their own to deliver a greater and bigger product for win/mac/linux - what they totally wouldn't have had to do. No instead they could have totally only spend the backers money on the game and would have had to shorten broken age totally down to a maximum of the length of act 1 only. When I backed this project the following was posted in the rewards section section: “WHAT YOU GET Download of the finished game DRM free on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android” I have yet to download or play this game. I am frankly only interested on playing this in android because it's the most convenient platform for me. When I backed the project, based on the wording it said I had a choice. I chose and waited for Android. Why should I be punished now? Okay, so you and treibholz have 2 totally different situations here. Who would have thought there have been such a time window with a typo in it. ^^ So i wasn't adressing this whole post to your case My point just was, when you buy a pc/mac/linux version only, you can't expect an android version for free, just like that. An Android version is work and costs the company money. If you backed that game and was totally fine to only get the pc version, there is no point in beeing mad to not get an android version. That was all i am saying. ^^
  8. ... Are you sure? haha just the ususal workday outfits, no? Tell me, how do you go to work? ;D I find especially Shays Outfit quite compareable boring and not standing out at all ... maybe only by it's ordinariness ^^ ( i like it tho ^^) But even there Alex has the similar outfit as Shay and his dad isn't dressed to impress at all aswell ^^ Haha i was aswell surprised by that comment of Clord ^^ But great picuture selection ^^ haha especially this mum pic, just a meme to that comment haha
  9. I interpreted those bird sculptures as being props more than costumes. There's a bunch of talk in the game about the protagonists' intuition being important. Anna's post earlier in this thread leads me to believe that my guesses (and others'!) after first completing the game that player agency is represented within the narrative as Shay and Vella's "intuition" might be correct. did vela really have any of those moments? The Birds costumes has been explained allready. Yeah, she did. Aside from the recall pattern puzzle that you mention (the idea that Vella randomly picked coordinates doesn't fly because a) other random stuff you try doesn't work, and b) she only has a good feeling about the one that does work), she talks about having a "good feeling" about a number of actions. There's also the name of Shay's favourite toy. Like I said, I don't see the bird sculptures as costumes, so they aren't explained away by the above posts for me Yhea okay, the favorite toy of Shay convince me! Still the bird sculptures has been as viewable for Shay as the costumes. This line stays for me un-telepathic ^^
  10. I interpreted those bird sculptures as being props more than costumes. There's a bunch of talk in the game about the protagonists' intuition being important. Anna's post earlier in this thread leads me to believe that my guesses (and others'!) after first completing the game that player agency is represented within the narrative as Shay and Vella's "intuition" might be correct. did vela really have any of those moments? The Birds costumes has been explained allready. But i feel like this whole second act totally works as vela and shay totally not beeing telepathic connected. This whole "Shay got the right intiution in that kind of age (14) for such things" - as great genes. As great girls. He is in puberty. Tim only has been way too classy to say "Hey, we know the girl got the greatest genes for us, when he is gonne be turned on by her and want to rescue her" ^^ Also, the navscarf puzzle when Vela even got an "Intuition" Achievement in Steam. Yhea well. I guess this was more like the Teams way solving the problem that there wouldn't have been an puzzle crossing shay and vela at that point, if vela so to speak didn't - story wise - solved it by herself just with trying! Like ... lets say "Oh, it even works, i had luck to randomly pick the right coordinates" instead of "good intuition" ... of course good intuition sounds better ^^ Especially as she simply wanted to get the ship out of there! Like, she could had picked any coordninates for that matter, and the ship would have been on the way past the plague dam anyway. Still, the player become the intuition in some way. But for me there is no further connection between shay and vela. It's for me more like both figure it out for them self. And even "without us, the players" somehow they would have figured it out. And Velas Sister found out the dancing wireing just on her own while trying around at the very first place. So there again is a hint there is no mental connection between Shay and Vela aswell. More like in this family people simply got a great Intuition (and shay again is in his puberty ^^ as vela is aswell i guess ^^) In the end of the credits shay and vela ended up back on back for real this time. I really love, story wise, that this is not a love story! Shay and Vela could have become just friends maybe. Tim left this like totally open. I like this. Everybody could imagine into this whatever he or she likes ^^ I like the friendship thought somewhat ^^ Maybe because i am not a big fan of arranged marriage, including maiden-feasts and stuff. ;D And yep, maybe there should have been another thread about such a topic haha well i hope this won't lead this one too much off topic ^^ i think it still goes quite okay ;D haha
  11. Ah okay ^^ Sorry! My mistake yhea but still it is not a tablet only game. Mhm okay, i get your point now fully how on a tablet this would have made sence. In fact i used my tablet for making photos. As soon as you play this whole thing on your phone and you don't have a tablet the photo thing doesn't work anymore ^^ (and don't have a diggi cam ...) Well, i personally enjoyed very much using a pen and paper first and having to interact with something outside my computer screen ^^ even as it has been another screen later ^^ I don't know. Okay, if you are in a train, and do have only your phone (i wouldn't recoment to play this game on such a tiny screen tho) and ALSO don't have any notepad and or paper and pen. .... Mhm. I don't know. Still i am not really confinced ^^ - that all this programming would have been realy worth it?
  12. mhm, me personally prefers it as it has been a lot. Getting to do the right wirering at the right time again has been much more challenging as if it had happened because you used that skill once but have to never again. Like, finding out about the fact that you need this darn wiring you thought you would never need to be done again (WARNING BIG SPOILER following: like all over my post - the harfe for the tickling especially) and than find out ... oh my god, thank god alex started the harfe program again. So this was part of the fun. Also in the end you had been extra proud of yourself having mananged all that. The finale has been AWESOME puzzle solving and really entertaining and exciting. Adventure Games ain't supposed to be - intuitive - There are more than enough boring lazy click-through - games out there. And i personally found it very nice done, that all the informations you had once, but didn't knew you would need them again, appeared somewhere else when you needed them. a) you had to search for them again (i loved it ^^ this mixture of frustration and relief that it still is somewhere else) b) but you hadn't at any time to load an old saved game what indeed would have been annoying. But you didn't had to. Work of a genius ^^ So if you thought you wouldn't need the harfe pattern of the wires again, alex is gonne do that pattern again afer the noisy square and hexipals ( i didn't made a photo of this pattern first, cause i didn't thought i would need it a second time) If you forgot the pattern for the nav scarf, you had to talk to alex and find the note about the "starchart like thing" and he tells you for what location his notes are for. And you could allways return to that place and make a photo of this pattern again when and as long as needed. So there ain't like missed opportunities in this game, you would need saved games for. (at least not while my playthrough) But than again act II allready did a perfectly good job for us not having to do useless stuff again. Like walking to Carol for the knot paper. There have been shortcuts. And NICE HIDDEN hints. You had to SEARCH for first. But you kinda like knew, they had to be there. But not where and how and stuff. Tim promised to make an oldschool point and click adventure game. Thank god this time on second act he didn't made anything intuitive. Thats what tons of people have been complaining about in act I. Also having to use things AGAIN in another context is one of the most perfect things in adventures. Cause you need to use your brain. But still the solution isn't too far away. This whole wiring, if the character would have done it after the first time like on autopilot the whole finale would have been like 100% ruined for me. Maybe it simply wouldn't had impressed me at all and i would have thought ... yha, well, that was easy, sad the end came so soon. Nice drawings and animations tho (yhea i didn't thought so, i loved the game such a big time instead ) (not that the wireing has been the only thing that had been complicated. But this all together at the same time, jum, adventure gold - c'mon, it has been the "boss fight")
  13. This bugged me immensely. Mostly in some kind of cognitive flow context, I suppose. I did not restart from act 1 but picked up from act 2. To me it felt like coming from a modern point'n'click to an old school adventure. From Phoenix or Telltale to early 90's Sierra The game tries to tell me i need a notepad but for this particular puzzle I kept expecting Vella to fill it out - like in a modern adventure. (I also recall it as she kept mentioning she would, but maybe I'm wrong!?). It felt counter intuitive to have a character do half a solution in-game and expect players to do the rest outside. Especially when Shay doesn't do it later on with the wire puzzle. And I personally find a very weird to do for a game designed for tablets since most people will be lounging in a chair/sofa or in transit without a notepad. Well it is designes for pc (win linux) and mac. It is ALSO available for tablets. But even if you have a tablet, you could make a photo of it with your phone, still. I didn't used a pen or paper even once after i realized how stupid it was to draw the first thing like in the old day on a piece of paper ^^ And i have to say, i hate playing games that have been designed especially for tablets on pc. And this game is so awesome drawn and animated, it simply deserves a huge screen. At least like external monitor. I find even my laptop display a little smal to get all this beautiful animation and work of art in. So yes it is not designed for tablets. That's just an abstract critic someone made up because, and - that is how i explained that "complain" to myself - i guess because it looked too modern??? Maybe because of the menu style or something? I don't even know how this is a - tablet - thing (especially a only tablet thing ) because the menu is so clickable with big fingers or why? Even the effect of the mouse is moving over the cardboards on the startmenu is kinda animated for mouse interaction. All the backers only get computer versions. (and onya? I'm not that informed about that part ...) . So no it is not a mobile game. It is point, and click. Usually most popular used with a mouse. Also nicely useable with a touchscreen. Still made for computers with mouse interaction. Again, i don't know even why this should be in any way be more or less "a mobile game" as lets say Monkey Island 3, as mi 3 is the most of all equal kind of adventure game from the art style and interaction (minus the 3 interaction-ways-coin of course) (even the easy or hard mode selection screen at the very beginning of mi 3 is hyper touchscreen friendly designed). And monkey island 3 couldn't more obviously be not made for touchscreens. ( i would love to play mi3 on my tablet tho ^^ ... )
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