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  1. I'm getting Breath of Wild on Wii U.
  2. He did that in the Superman cartoon as well.
  3. Hell I think he's the Palpatine shadowy puppet master behind Trump. You know other than Putin.
  4. God that's depressing.
  5. Must be stressful to buy flowers on Valentine's day while looking for a florist that doesn't cater to gay weddings.
  6. Want to feel old? Here's how the Lincoln Memorial looks now.
  7. I bet this song has a lot of clues to how the story will go.
  8. Don't want to spoil anything but his desire for awesome fights has bitten him in the ass biiiig time.
  9. Goku may have doomed us all!
  10. Maybe genuinely doesn't know the answer to are you a girl!
  11. KellySam Coolway here to ask we all pray for those affected in the Bowling Green Massacre. You won't see it on Clinton News Network though.
  12. Guys I am so somehow on topic. Scared?
  13. When you click internet explorer by mistake.
  14. I'm gonna replay OOT now you guys are talking about it. The hardest part for me is always naming Link at the start though.