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  1. Younger brother but he and his gf are having a kid.
  2. I'm going to be an Uncle!
  3. I got Full Throttle on PS4
  4. I ordered KH 1.5/2.5 on PS4 so will play that when it gets here.
  5. We all know Civil War was the documentary!
  6. Yh there's some insane ones online...admittedly they could all be shopped.
  7. You learn something new everyday.
  8. Finished Dream Drop Distance for first time now I got 2.8. I feel ready for 3 now!...when ever the hell that is/
  9. idk where last item you bought thread is. This thread has no topic anyways
  10. The new Zelda has the best thing any video game has ever done.
  11. Yes it was announced at the last E3.
  12. With a SINISTER plan. 😉😉