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  1. They're as funny as 9/11 jokes and Holocaust jokes. Long story short, the answer is no. Long story short, you should never use broad strokes like that when it comes to subjective matters like humor.
  2. I can't disagree there. Cheeseburgers, at least, have never given me an upset stomach. Unless it's McDonald's. Otherwise known as McAwful's. McDonald's has never given me an upset stomach either. Then again, no food really has. You haven't had my mother's cooking. You don't know that.
  3. Metal Gear Solid 1! First time playing through the series, currently at the final boss and... oh my god this is one of the buggiest boss fights I've ever experienced in a video game.
  4. You have good reason to not know who (s)he is. They are the custom character in the newest Fire Emblem game. As in the one only out in Japan right now.
  5. Weird but I don't see why that's grounds to be upset. I assume it will be more detective focused than combat. I'm thinking this'd be kinda like Wolf Among Us in that sense actually.
  6. I'm just imagining the majority of them said something along the lines of "Chicks dig the beard" and that was all they went with for calling them sexist.
  7. If its popular with children, that's why. I would've loved something like that when I was a lot younger.
  8. Assassins Creed 4 made me realize I just want more pirates and naval combat. I wouldn't everybody loves assassins creed. I generally see more people show dislike for the series nowadays, save for AC4 which I saw almost nothing but praise for.
  9. I am indeed. Yeah, that was really depressing to read. Not much I can really say beyond that. but he is a tough ole bastard, no way he's not going down without a fight.
  10. Seriously though is everything ok? I believe he is talking about TotalBiscuit, who found out more cancer was found in his liver and he probably has about 2-3 years to live. Fucking depressing news regardless of your stance on him. EDIT:source
  11. All of Telltale's games are on sale this weekend on steam, both classic and modern games, with the complete bundle being $55.
  12. The orange is in honor of future president, Donald Trump. Praise be him I should probably check image sizes before copy-pasting them into here from google, but whatever.
  13. I think I know who he was. The handsomest man of them all media2.intoday.in/indiatoday/images/Photo_gallery/trump5_650_102612062337.jpg No, that's the orangest clown. Sure, If orange = handsome, and clown = man Just look at how his hair glistens in the wind
  14. I think I know who he was. The handsomest man of them all
  15. I'd think they'd just go for a sequel if they wanted to do the whole "your choices will effect the story" type deal with BTTF. Also I just realized I'd REALLY want a choice your own adventure story with time travel involved and having decisions in the pat screwing with the future and stuff.
  16. I felt it. As if a million voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. No, my classmates were still filled with horror when the presentation was over. Did you finally show them the nude pics?
  17. They are figuring out how to implement tower climbing into the franchise.
  18. Oh good. If puni was the worst then I definitely look forward to what comes next. Puni dungeon bored me to tears. There's one other chapter that I wasn't a huge fan of (Without spoiling anything, it has a lot of backtracking in really narrow paths with annoying to to fight enemies in the way that respawn everytime you go through it), but save for those two, I've found the chapters of TTYD to be enjoyable.
  19. The Punie dungeon was one of my least favorite moments of TTYD. I believe you are about to hit my favorite chapter in the game(Glitz Pit I believe was the name) however. Always loved replaying that chapter.
  20. lol, I'm partially joking here, but I would love having a serious game teach about conflict management, but all the conflicts are furry based.
  21. I find myself in these situations on an almost daily basis, and it is usually best to just wait and let things calm down naturally before talking about this stuff. I applaud you for writing a story that can realistically help people struggling with their communication skills.
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