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  1. Based on the previous ones it should be an even numbered years event. Meaning one is due this year. ;-) Or maybe they're just scared....
  2. Nice. :-) Any information regarding devs play? Release date/involved Developers? Which games?
  3. That's not really true. We just wanted to do DOTT next. ...meaning you do Full Throttle remake afterwards...? ;-)
  4. There was a special "intensity" to the soundFX of both DOTT and S&M:Hit the road. Please don't lose this as it was part of the uniqeness for the game(s). This might have been due to puny squeaky midi synthesizing for the music though. Orchestral musical scores would be awesome, but keep in mind not to ruin the soundFX. Cleaning up the artwork, but not changing anything. (As you did for the textures of Calavera.) Commentaries with, if applicable, optional video.
  5. Wonderful news! Take your time and make it awesome... just keep new episodes coming. Love to watch you work. :-P Act I was great... and as to what you just revealed, Act II sounds to be twice as great... Then, using simple math, it should result in the finalized game being 1 + 2 = 3 times as great! :cheese: Happy holidays! Ps: When can we expect the next episode? Oh... while I'm at it... Give my regards to 2 Player Productions who's made a fabulous documentary!
  6. Any plans for Double Fine Adventure II yet? I'm in. You've already got the SCUBA (Script Creation Utility for Broken Age) ready.
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