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  1. I have, though a bug may have been involved. Stocked up on health potions (equal mix of +100 and a lesser one in case they needed topping off but not the full 100), -enemy pow, +focus (I needed WAY more than I had, so get plenty), and +team pow. Team had two heroes with loads of health and two with lots of damage. (I don't know how others level their heroes, but I tend to focus mine on one or two stats, with different heroes having different combinations. For example, Galaxy Girl is nearly pure health, Hothead is nearly pure damage, @man is all about the intelligence, and Gloomy is a health/int mix.) I bring up Gloomy because the rest of the team died when Beastfly at half health, I was out of potions, and most manager abilities were on cooldown. Defeat seemed inevitable. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the fact that Gloomy was still at full health despite her teammates being dead... Monster hit, Gloomy's at half health. She swings, her health pops back up to roughly 75%. He hits her again, she drops to 30%. She brings herself back up to 60%. He stops to roar his -pow ability. Wham! She uses the opportunity to regenerate her health to full. Rinse and repeat, for the next fifteen minutes or so! Beastfly kept to his attack, attack, -pow rotation, which allowed Gloomy's health regen to just barely keep her standing despite a few heart-stopping moments. Her regular attacks aren't that powerful, but she whittled him down with me cheering her on and hitting manager cooldowns every time they came up. I really wish some kind of +intelligence item had dropped, because it would have been her rightful spoils. (Was a +pow item instead, which went to Hothead.) I really wish I'd thought to check her inventory at the time, (I tend to rotate items in and out based on what my heroes are up to), because I'd really like to know if I found a good combination for Gloomy or if the whole thing was a bug, albeit a glorious one. So far as strategy is concerned, what worked for the first 50% of Beastfly's health was tons and tons of potions, possibly 50 of each, (I highly recommend having two different levels of health potions so you don't have to either waste an expensive high-powered one when your heroes aren't that low or agonize over whether they're going to survive the next attack.), having a team member with -pow or some way of healing the team, making sure team members' abilities are set to single-target attack (obvious, but if I had a coin for every time I've forgotten...), and really, that's it. There's no complicated strategy needed, and no surprise abilities. In my experience he follows an ability pattern, which means you can easily tell what he's going to do next. Keep whittling him down, and pop a potion whenever your heroes need one. Good luck!
  2. I second wrathman on these two. I don't mind not seeing stats if they're obvious (things like +20 pow), but I seem to remember Galaxy Girl costume #2 having some cool stat that DOESN'T show up on her stats page, and comparing her #2 costume to her #3 costume suddenly gets a lot harder if I can't remember what I'm comparing to what. I've also noticed that button response thing when collecting coins. This is my first smartphone, so I assumed I was doing something wrong and ignored it until wrath mentioned the issue. Possible bug? I got a blue item from a random special mob fight, the Otherworldly Underpants. So far every non-yellow item I've gotten as a fight reward has been superior to items that can be purchased from the store. This particular item, though, has +7 armor while the purchased Kevlar Unitard has +8. Minor issue, just confusing. Edit: having gotten a second blue item and compared it to purchasable items, I realize they're supposed to be good, but not top-of-the-line. Now I'm simply amused that I've had better drop rates with purple items than with blue.
  3. Supreme Deity of the Forum is actually just my forum title. (-; The username is flesk. *facepalms* Yeah, I see that NOW. Whoops!
  4. Awesome game, and really addicting! Been having a lot of fun so far. Just a couple of minor bugs I've noticed. If you have a lot of items in your inventory, the bottom item (the xp boost book, in my case) is chopped off about halfway down and you can't select the item. (I admit I didn't sell any fight rewards for quite some time because I didn't grasp that you could research and then purchase said items again.) The 25%-off training time item appeared to be malfunctioning with my Galaxy Girl when I was having her cardio train. She had 300+ health at the time, and training periods were taking approximately 20-30 seconds instead of several minutes. It did appear to be working normally when I had her power train immediately afterwards. Edit: I am seeing the same issue as Supreme Deity of the Forum with characters walking underneath that particular bed. LG Optimus L9. Thanks for a great game; just putting in a couple of nitpicks!
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