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  1. BTW guys Add me in Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/RyokoTenchi I hope to see you all in game ^^
  2. i am amazed at how excited i still am for adventure games. My first adventure game was Kings Quest IV and i have been playing them ever since. it is a sadly unrated genre and i am glad to see tim and Doublefine making it it does not die. Thanks guys!
  3. Tim needs to tweet this out or something cause it is awesome! good job my man
  4. I love how you spent so much time videotaping that awesome whiteboard of Act II and yet mosaic'd the hell out of it the whole time =P Great job guys and Grats on bagging Elijah for Shay. he sounds awesome!
  5. Someone needs to make the spock sex tape Tim spoke of using only voice acting from this episode =P
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