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  1. +1 For the "Share it!" column The documentary is a very great insight into what goes into making a game. It certainly helped give me a baseline of expectations and prepared me for what would eventually be a career move; so hopefully the public can take it to heart and understand where DF is coming from and what the Kickstarter money is going to and that, No, you can't just pour 3 million dollars out of a bucket and expect a perfect game immediately.
  2. Let it be here known that these warriors were slain in battle with development bugs, so that future generations may thrive without issue: Sue BlueFox - Alchemist - Died age 45 in pursuit of an issue I thought was occurring when the last active Hero was taking extra AOE damage when a Rupture exploded next to it: The bug may not have existed, but you did and you will not be forgotten.
  3. I'm super excited for some MC BETA! I'm super not excited to have a 10 hour day tomorrow before I can play it I may not sleep tomorrow. ALSO Do we have a posting that I missed in my absence of PC specs? I'm currently in the process of moving and don't have my gaming rig setup, so I'm hoping it'll run on my laptop (Which may just kill my work productivity. Such are the casualties of war when fighting the Cadence!)
  4. This tool is pretty awesome, I rather approve. Of course the request for more sigils is out there, however I would totally love to see a +/- button on the X/Y/Scale/Rotation sliders, for fine tuning position. Anyway, here's the few I've been making: Requisite "Jolly Caber" flag. This one I tried to make a spiral pattern, which didn't work that well. Still looks neat though. And finally, electric octopus. Mostly just because I thought the lightning bolt borders were cool and the octopus is the best thing to put in the center.
  5. Maybe there's a hint to finding the incantation in this text? Has everything mentioned been done already? Yeah I was thinking about that - presumably the "Images can contain words" was a reference to the password in the splashscreen image, but we haven't really done anything that maps to "Words can produce images" Anyone try 'algorithms' yet? It seems like these things would contain algorithms. It's pained me to be at work and not decoding all this stuff (though I did get a chance to futz around with it at a slow point). Hoping to get home soon and decipher more!
  6. SirSlade

    Room ideas

    Methane/nitrogen/ atmosphere sections: Maybe include an alien that breathes a specific type of gas, requires it's on life support system and airlock to access, but has a larger "air" supply in space. Would only be able to get once you build one of these rooms, or rare spawn of aliens or something. I dunno, might be a bit ambitious but I'm kinda throwin' ideas at the wall to see what sticks.
  7. I might be a little late to the party on this one, but I've been thinking a bit about it. The first (and thus far only) thing on the list that I've been struck with an idea on is Growth and Decay. First, Decay. As a former long time Magic: The Gathering player (as I'm sure most if not all of you can relate), swamps have always been a link to Decay for me. A prime example is Pestilence This was the art at the time I started playing and sticks out very well as an example of decay. This comes out of Swamps, which seem to be a very commonly thought of place of decay, rotten trees, malaria baring mosquitoes, ominous fog, etc... which bears well the idea of a pestilent thing rising from the depths to bear disease on the lands. However, the swamps also lead into the idea of Growth. A swamp is lined with living trees, populated by fungus (which are, as just mentioned, a living thing that breaks down and decays for nutrition) ferns and trees that are alive, not to mention the algae and host of other plants, insects and even some animals such as crocodiles. This got me thinking of something more: Swamp Thing And while, as a disclaimer, I haven't read Swamp Thing, I do understand that he can control and grow plant life. I guess what I'm really getting at is that Growth and Decay can largely be opposite sides of the same coin. As it relates to making Demons, there can be decay out of growth, growing plants or fungi that get the nutrients from unsuspecting heroes, or poisonous spores out of plants grown. An awesome idea would be if a growth/decay demon were to kill a hero, create a spore cloud/plant that could infect an area or shoot at other heroes (in the case of a plant. Clouds aren't really known to shoot).
  8. Game was really good! I can't wait to dive in on it myself. As many people pointed out, the score was absolutely amazing in this game, and set the mood and feel quite well. I'm sure I'll have a more developed critique of it once I start in myself (and am not so distracted by the great questions and their answers from Marco), but so far I'm hooked.
  9. Hey everyone, As some of you may or may not have known, XOXO the Indie Game/Arts/Technology festival is going on in Portland Oregon this weekend and the fantastic Mr. Schafer is speaking on Sunday. I recently found out about it, during the MC Massive Backer Board Game night, and was unable to get tickets but found out there are some other Double Finer-s in the Northwest area and was thinking "Hey, we all enjoy DF and such, why not get together for a night and hang out?". So then it hit me, those of us in the northwest should get together some time and hang out, possibly with beer & board games. I was imagining this to go down in Portland, since it's rather centrally located in the northwest, and there's nothing to do here in Eugene. Anyway, any one who is in the NW region that would be interested in a Double Fine-North West: Meat Up?
  10. I personally really like when a company puts a video of the "making-of process" in the credits, like Bioshock Infinite. I feel like it gives a good break from just scrolling credits, while still putting the team in the limelight, and even draws the player closer into the team in terms of "Hey, this is how it was made, that's pretty neat! I feel like I'm seeing behind the curtain and that's pretty snazzy". And it just so happens that the making- of process is already being recorded, so you know, advertising for the 2PP Documentary.
  11. Sire! It appears we have slain 2,863 pounds of buffalo on our hunting trip, however we can only carry 200 Pounds with the help of the rest of the party. You used 60 arrows. If you continue to hunt in this area, game will become scarce.
  12. I like it! I would go a step further and possibly incorporate it as something that can happen even if you succeed, but aren't careful about protecting the younglings. My idea being possibly a baby snatching demon? Baby snatching seems like something a demon would do. Be forewarned, googling some of the things mentioned below, or visiting wikipedia pages will lead you to things considered "NSFW" In my infinite research (I google'd "baby snatching demon") I came across Gello, a demon of infertility and through that stumbled on Lamia (<- That link is NSFW for old paintings of topless woman. It's classy though, but still probably not good to be checkin' out in public.) a demon that eats children. So, maybe if some sort of special unit seen only during keep defense were to steal a child and get away, it would then become corrupt and be someone you have to fight later on? Kind of an "Unnecessary defense, but if you don't it'll cause problems for you later on down the road" sorta thing. P.s. Sorry for kinda hijacking your thread, I love the idea though.
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