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  1. Well mostly due to "my stupidity" ;p I mean, I found out MMoJ game on Google Play. I spend some time playing, but found out some things that looks like bugs to me (bigger or smaller) - I work as a test engineer for few years now and looking for bugs get into my nature (I'm doing it almost involuntarily). I found few such things (that looks not nice to me) and after small inner fight decided to submit it (laziness lost this time) hoping, that maybe someday it will be fixed - and I will have a small contribution to this project. So why stupidity? Cause I spend 8 hours a day looking for bugs in my work and after that instead of relaxing I search more bugs in games that I play to relax... So yeah, I appeared here due to particular game: Middle Manager of Justice - Android version.
  2. No I haven't... I tried rather "standard" one like strawberry or chocolate... What is DFA?
  3. I don't have any, because I don't like milkhakes, in general I don't like milk and drinks based on milk... but I love white cheese
  4. Ohh... I guess I need to ophthalmologist again as I miss this thread... Hi all, I'm Adam and I'm no good at talking about myself... Currently I have 29 on my counter. I'm from Wrocław (Poland). I spend my days working as a test engineer and reading books in free time.
  5. Hi all, I really love this game, it consumes a lot of my time (and my phone battery ;p) During the play I observe few thing that in my opinion shouldn't be like that (but maybe it's just me): I When I was selecting new hero to my team, I got Surge Protector and Gloomerang at one page (together with @Man) - see: mmoj_01.png. When I "flip" their hero-cards I realized that both have the same number it's: #7 out of 10 -> see: mmoj_02.png Shouldn't one oh them have their number changed to no 9? I know that is not a bug, but it would be really cool if you could correct this. II I want to get beeter view on heroes, so I start to compare them. If we assume that 10 HP is worth 1 "skill/training" point. All characters on level 1 have sum of their points equal to 10 (ie. Sweet Justice have 5 Str, 40 HP, 1 Int => sum 10 "points"; Galaxy Girl: 3 Str, 60 HP, 1 Int -> sum 10), but if it comes to Gloomerang she have 5 Str, 30 HP, 3 Int so it gives 11 in total on her first level. Is this correct? III Training room. When the "activity station" is it basic version (newly bought/not upgraded - flour bags) my heroes gets 10HP per Cardio training. After upgrading it once (the red bags) it gives 20HP per Cardio training. Upgrade it again (those gold bags) and Cardio training gives again 10HP per round. Should it be like this? I would rather expect to have always 10HP per Cardio sesion or have it also 20HP for the last update. IV The "To-Do" list. It makes me really sad when I see on the list "Research a piece of equipment" or "Research an item" and I have no lab yet. Moreover this is one of the first 3 things to do. I would really appreciate if the tasks there were a bit more related to my current situation (so ie. "research" things don't appear before I get a lab). V Sometimes when I start the new game (on Android you can just clear the application data) after finishing the first tutorial mission (the one with Capitan Premium) new Crime event appears before I send my Hero to rest. I run it on Xperia L on JellyBean (4.2.2). It is the new version (1.3.4)
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