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    I "rep" Canada "yo".
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    Hi, I'm Kitz, I'm a TellTale refugee, and I'm also a grim-darker.
  1. Don't be ashamed if you have to continue living with your parents for a year or more. In this day and age, almost no one moves out right away.
  2. You know what inspires me to wright Grim-dark fanfics? Grim-dark music! My favorites include; vfEFQRgmakk j6MltGHO-lE And of course... KwW9slmrKXo ...What? Did you think I was going to say 4PjIhs72l0A ? Nah, Awoken's better.
  3. I like your avatar~ <3 Tell me, how are you with vivid descriptions of violence? Specificly eye stabbings...
  4. Fact: The most difficult kind of serial killer to catch, is a female serial killer. Goodnight...
  5. Got stuck on a particularly difficult paragraph. (writer's block can lick my bloody knife!)
  6. First rule of grim-dark: Don't talk about grim-dark! (Not with your family at least) Second rule of grim-dark: For your own safety, never reveal any personal information, lest some reader take your fics to seriously. Third rule of grim-dark: Always establish early on that the killer in your story has acess to any weapons they'll be using later. Otherwise it'll seem like the weapons materialized out of thin air.
  7. I like Grim Fandango because it's the only game I know of that has even come close to having a perfect balence between Fun, Drama, and Gameplay while still being set in a creative world.
  8. Ooh, I understand You're a Vorophile Please don't Accuse us Of kink- Shaming But this Is not A fetish Forum
  9. Have you ever noticed that people will call a franchise "milked" if you use the same character for four completely different games(the 3d Mario games/any game where you play as a mii or xbox avatar), but will call you an genius if you switch out the personality-less main character with more of the same(most fps'/the zelda series in weird timeline way) in a franchise where you're just making a sequel witch is pretty much the same as the first game? I hate that.
  10. Okay, progress report... I'm gonna ax the drowning, figured out who's gonna be the one stabbed to death in a rush (this is in nearly EVERY serious grim-dark, I feel obligated to parody it), also there's going to be a surprise death in the first few paragraphs.
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