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  1. I agree. Isn't the point of this thread to let people know about Kickstarter projects? The fact that this project is a point-and-click adventure game makes it all the more interesting to me and arguably more relevant for this particular forum, which has a significant number of contributors who are adventure game fans. Look, we sometimes see gaming forum threads which are little more than non-game related chat involving just a few regulars. And I don't have a huge problem with it. But I personally get more out of hearing developers promoting their games than I do from chat room-style social threads. I say we cut this guy some slack for working hard to promote his adventure game.
  2. It looks awesome!! I love the look of the characters. Finally some more good adventure game news.
  3. TaC1lk7KVzI Doctors are also resisting Obamacare: http://nypost.com/2013/10/29/docs-resisting-obamacare/ The insurance plan cancellations we've been seeing recently are just the beginning. As many as 93 million will lose their plans? Wait till the employer mandate kicks in. No wonder Obama wanted that mandate delayed. I am furious about having lost my plan, which I was perfectly happy with, because I purchase in the individual market. Many like me having been getting the same dreaded letter. Next year there may be tens of millions more (who get insurance through their employer) getting their plans canceled, thanks to Obamacare: http://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2013/10/31/obama-officials-in-2010-93-million-americans-will-be-unable-to-keep-their-health-plans-under-obamacare/ This feels like such a slap in the face to me. I have worked since I was 16, have never been on government assistance and didn't get support from my parents after college. Now I have to pay five times more a month for insurance in order to subsidize people who don't even work full-time... and I'm not even eligible for the subsidies myself. It's like a sick joke. I didn't vote for Obama, thank heavens, and I'm telling you now there will be hell to pay come 2014 and 2016 elections. I feel like I'm being punished. Why am I being told what plans I can and cannot choose from? This whole thing is about wealth redistribution. The other big story is how the lapdog media never seriously challenged Obama on his "you can keep your plan" lie, but they have to now: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/10/republicans-obamacare-cancellation-notice-media-99147.html?ml=po_r My prediction: 2016 sees the election of (former physician) Senator Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, as president. I hope so badly that the Democrats nominate Hillary, as that woman is easily defeatable. We need to change course from "welfare nation" to "nation creating millions of good jobs so people can work and take responsibility for their own lives." I'm remaining hopeful!
  4. Another day, another flood of stories about the harm caused by Obamacare. Millions more (could go up to 17 million people) losing their health insurance plans because of Obamacare: http://m.cbsnews.com/storysynopsis.rbml?catid=57609737&feed_id=0&videofeed=36 Again, hard to square that with what we were promised. We're looking at the main issue for 2014 and 2016. The Obamacare website still isn't working, and, if the deadline is extended, premiums could skyrocket even higher: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/insurers-tell-congress-beware-rate-shock-if-obamacare-enrollment-extended Such an even further skyrocketing of rates would happen just in time for 2016. Remember, this law was forced through and "deemed" passed with only 51 votes in the Senate, and it can be repealed similarly. It's easy to laugh about the incompetence of the government and the lies told by Obama and how uninformed people believed him, but it's not funny for the people losing their jobs or having their monthly rates increased from $100 to over $500. My own insurance plan is being canceled because it doesn't meet the standards of the Obamacare law. I am going to need to purchase a much more expensive plan that I neither want nor need. I don't need the government to tell me what is best for me. This guy is in a very similar situation to me and millions of others. Forced to pay considerably more for an inferior plan: http://healthpolicyandmarket.blogspot.com/2013/10/mr-president-i-like-my-health-insurance.html If only someone had spoken up about the harms of Obamacare's federal government takeover of healthcare. Oh, wait... We know that half the country doesn't even pay federal income taxes, and we know that more people are on welfare than have full-time jobs ( http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/102513-676767-nearly-half-of-all-americans-get-federal-benefits-of-some-kind.htm ). Pretty pathetic. A culture of government dependence sadly creates a mindset where many people are happy to "just have someone else pay." They will vote for whomever promises them the most "free stuff." Of course, as Obamacare is showing, government "fixes" don't always improve things.
  5. And why is that? Everyone here has been respectful. This is an important topic that many are interested in. May not be something everyone wants to discuss, but then that's why there are many topics to choose from.
  6. CBS News also reporting the same thing the previously posted Megyn Kelly Fox News clip reported: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/10/28/this_morning_report_policy_cancellations_premium_increases_add_to_obamacare_frustration.html NBC News: Obama White knew for years millions couldn't keep their health insurance: http://investigations.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/28/21213547-obama-admin-knew-millions-could-not-keep-their-health-insurance?lite Guys, the question is how to provide the highest quality care to the greatest number of people. The question is how to make affordable health insurance available for all Americans. Obamacare/Government takeover of healthcare isn't the answer. It is driving up costs, limiting our freedom of choice and is resulting in a net loss in the number of people insured, as the previously linked Forbes article showed. None of this is unexpected, except to the misled Obama voters who believed the lie that, "if you like your plan, you can keep it." Obamacare supporters point to the fact that we had an election, and Obama won. But Obama sold Obamacare on an outright lie. What is happening now is NOT what most people thought they were voting for. American voters do not want socialized health care and they don't even want the federal mandate. The only way supporters of socialized medicine can hope to achieve their dream is through incrementalism and by giving knowingly false assurances. I give them credit for their tenacity, and if we didn't have such a compliant media, they'd have a harder time achieving their goals. But the pro-healthcare freedom side is also strong with more populist grassroots support, and they are going to fight this every step of the way. My money is on those who support freedom and oppose government takeover of healthcare. This corporatist private-government arrangement wasn't designed to work. It was designed as an intermediary step towards single payer. Obama and his allies badly wanted a public option in order to bring us more quickly to single payer total government control of health insurance. Everyone knows this and they gladly admit it. They didn't get the public option, but what they forced through is bad enough. At least the ones who admit it are honest. Just remember that government takeover of health care is more about power than care. This fight for health care freedom is just getting started, and Obamacare-supporting politicians have very good reason to fear for their political survival.
  7. I'm wondering what the most recent public trailer for this game is. I only saw the one released months ago. Has any other footage been made available for public viewing? I would be interested in seeing before pre-ordering.
  8. I mostly only post from my phone while at the gym. I took the last couple nights off. I'll try not to delay so much in between responses from now on. :-) Darth, do you live in the UK? When you hear the words "NHS hospital" what do you think of? Do you think "good quality" or "bad quality" or are you basically just indifferent? I'm honestly curious. My former roommate was from the UK and relayed a lot of complaints, but maybe his isn't the common perception there. The debate over government controlled health care was the central issue in our recent partial government shutdown.
  9. For those interested in other nationalized health services, check out the UK's NHS. Apparently the NHS hospitals can't even stay open 24/7: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/health/news/article3906266.ece Yikes. The UK has 63 million people. The USA has over 300 million people. And our government can't even get a website to work properly after wasting over 600 million dollars of taxpayer money on the website alone. Please excuse me for not having tremendous confidence in our national government's ability to efficiently manage the nation's health care industry. And single payer (nationalized health care - with only government providing insurance after the intended elimination of private insurance) is what Obamacare is designed to lead to. No thank you! And I posted the Fox News clip knowing what the response here would be. Some people are so conditioned to give the trendy response. Turns out that channel has been covering Obamacare's problems for a long time. Other channels promote Obama non-stop and make excuses for him, yet the one channel that doesn't is the biased one? Anyway, that video I posted is great because it shows clips of how Obama sold the law by promising we could keep our insurance and that it would reduce costs. Sadly, the exact opposite happening is happening. Only now are other outlets reporting more critically on Obamacare - there is no ignoring it anymore. For example, here's the VERY Democrat-leaning LA Times recently: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-health-sticker-shock-20131027,0,2756077.story?page=1&sc=7859703240972132157#axzz2iwhWLCTT They so badly want to give the law the benefit of the doubt, but the facts are getting harder to ignore. And the employer mandate hasn't even gone into effect yet. Here's an example of a strong Obama supporter who believed the president's promises and now wants to know why her plan, like that of so many others, is being canceled: http://twitchy.com/2013/10/28/cue-tiny-violins-liberal-reagan-daughter-patti-davis-asks-obama-why-shes-losing-her-health-insurance/ Obama's oft-repeated promise that "if you like your plan, you can keep it" may well go down as one of the biggest lies about domestic policy in the country's history. This is no small deal. The health care industry is 1/6 of our economy. What is beginning to happen because of Obamacare is not what most Obama voters thought they were getting. Significant and increasing support for Obamacare repeal is eventually going to be found among not only Republicans, but Democrat voters as well. Already we see red state/moderate Dem reps nervously promoting delays in the mandate and criticizing the law. I hope people understand that opposition to Obamacare is not just about partisan differences; it's based on serious concern about what the law and nationalized health care will do to the quality and availability of care, healthcare costs, and the economy in general. I mean no disrespect to Canada or the UK (much smaller countries), but I do not want a US national model like the NHS. Think longer waits for care, less freedom, political budget battles every year over health funding, etc. Frankly, managing health care shouldn't even be the business of the federal government. Individual states can, if they want, provide insurance. Such state systems would be more on a scale comparable to Canada or the UK. For example, California has more people than all of Canada. And aren't things easier to fix, change or repeal at the state level? Of course. And different states have different needs. How would the UK's residents like their healthcare to be managed by the EU from Brussels? Think of it that way, and you will understand better why a US government health care takeover is such a monumentally bad idea.
  10. And I once saw a bumper sticker that said Obamacare would let us keep our existing insurance plans and doctors if we liked them. I guess bumper sticker slogans aren't always the best sources to let influence our opinions and policy preferences: Clip showing what Obamacare promised, and what it has really done: frmxgrx_vDE It was sold on a lie. Rather than make insurance more affordable for the 15% who don't have it and want it, the law eventually changes everyone's health care.
  11. Happy Halloween from Obamacare and the Government! Check out this video: http://youtu.be/fQvfwW5zflY fQvfwW5zflY Friends don't let friends sign up for Obamacare. Empower yourself and opt out of Obamacare. Although some want to create more dependence on government and have government tell us what's best for us (they say, "you will sign up for government insurance, you will pay more, and you WILL LIKE IT"), most of us want the freedom to make our own choices about our health care. Uh, oh. Looks like even the normally very Obama-promoting CBS is now reporting on the failiures of, and damage done by, Obamacare, and the thing is just getting started: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57609316/healthcare.govs-problems-technical-and-political-run-deep/ And Forbes in now reporting that in just 3 states more people have had their insurance canceled under Obamacare than have enrolled in all 50 states: http://t.co/j2fhiMgQkE Ouch. The solution is less government control, not more. This is why the more people learn about Obamacare government controlled health care, the more they want the law repealed.
  12. Not even going to comment on the comparisons to the Taliban and terrorists. That's just silly and not even worthy of a response. Anyway, I don't think you quite understand what the Tea Party movement is. It isn't about "trickle down" economics. It is a grassroots populist movement that formed in response to corporate bailouts, TARP, the stimulus and Obamacare. Watching the government pick winners and losers and throw away enormous amounts of OUR money was enough for some to finally say ENOUGH. Essentially, it is about individual freedom and attempting to reverse the trend of a national government increasingly assuming more power over our lives. It is a response to big government, establishment politicians of BOTH parties. It is a movement that was long overdue. Ron Paul has long talked about many of the things the Tea Party now fights for. I think if you actually learned what the movement is about, you might agree with it. Basically, the message to politicians is: you work for us and spend our money, and don't forget it. Look, similar anti-EU, populist movements are forming in Europe right now, and there is an effort among EU supporters to marginalize and smear those movements, similar what is done here. Note also that the US corporate lobby will be gunning for Tea Party candidates in primaries next year and will be supporting establishment, business-as-usual Republicans and Democrats who will bend to their demands. Opposing corporate welfare, legislative pork, returning power to the people and to the states (hello, 10th amendment!) and actually following the US constitution? What a concept. We have over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. It's a crime what we are doing to our kids, leaving them all this debt. It is time we made a serious change of course.
  13. I have backed many adventure projects, and at this point the only two I feel that are on track and are going to meet my expectations are Mage's Initiation and Armikrog. SpaceVenture has been delayed indefinitely, and Moebius is being developed by the people who gave us KQ: A Silver Lining. LSL: Reloaded was unfinished and a wasted opportunity. The adventure game community could really use at least one Kickstarter-funded great success story. So far, we've had zero. I didn't back the Tex Murphy game, and maybe that one will succeed? Maybe Broken Sword? Right now the adventure game renaissance isn't looking so renaissancey. :-(
  14. Haha, true! Now, for those interested, check out Daniel Hannan (British member of Euro parliament) talk about why the US shouldn't follow the UK's lead in moving to socialized health care: Also, he has a much longer interview here about his book, which is a really worthwhile read, even if you don't agree with his views on the role of government:
  15. Don't think that's correct. Although estimates of the shutdown cost vary widely (and the 24B figure is on the high end and is what is routinely quoted by the president's supporters when blaming the opposition) and are difficult to pinpoint precisely, what's not hard to know is that the cost is dwarfed by the enormity of the increase (over $1 trillion) in our debt allowance in the terrible deal that does nothing but kick the can down the road regarding entitlement reform (social security, Medicare are going bankrupt), the bulk of the budget, and which instead funds a new $1T+ entitlement (Obamacare) that is hurting the economy. As for one side "not allowing a vote," I don't think your explanation is accurate. What happened was Congress passed a budget funding the government, EXCEPT FOR OBAMACARE. The President and his allies in the Senate could have passed/signed it, and the shutdown would have been averted, and then negotiations about Obamacare could have raged on. Instead, the President refused to negotiate and his allies gleefully looked forward to the shutdown in order to have a bludgeoning issue with which to batter the opposition, with the help of the mainstream news media, which as we all know lean toward one side politically. Then the Republicans said that there should be a one-year delay in Obamacare for everyone (since it would have been only fair, given that Obama already granted delays for politically-connected corporations and [soon] unions). Again, Obama and his allies (who control 2/3 of the government) refused to negotiate and fund the government. Then the Republicans tried passing bills to fund each part of the government separately, in piecemeal fashion, but again were refused consideration. And now it looks like the White House is considering the delay, since hardly anyone can enroll, due to the mind boggling incompetence behind the nonfunctional enrollment website that took 3 years to create. How can the mandate not be delayed if people are going to get fined for not having something they couldn't enroll in anyway, even if they wanted to? And a delay is exactly what the Republicans were previously seeking. Keep in mind that budget negotiations, even when they involve this kind of brinksmanship, usually involve both sides making concessions. But in this case we had one side (Obama) making no concessions and refusing to negotiate. We had the other side trying to reduce the harm of Obamacare. So, if a government shutdown was so terrible, then why didn't Obama sign the budget passed before Oct 1 that would have funded the government? The reason is that he believed (rightly) that he would be able to, with an accomplice news media, blame the shutdown on his opponents. But this cynical victory will be wiped away by the coming damage from Obamacare. In short, the government shut down because Obama wanted to force Obamacare on the country and make no concessions. I and millions of others are grateful that some elected representatives (many associated with the wonderful populist Tea Party, that movement that Obama supporters in the media are scared of and work overtime trying to demonize) are taking a stand, and are refusing to yield, in the effort to get rid of Obamacare, which is really designed as a primrose path to a single insurance payer system (total government control) like the NHS in the UK (think long wait times, less freedom of choice, care rationing... and they are a MUCH smaller country). The reason uninsured people who want insurance don't have it is because it's too expensive. They can't afford it. (The elimination of denials based on preexisting conditions has always had wide support and could be passed easily, but one side wouldn't agree to any reform that didn't lead us toward single insurance payer system). The solution is to lower the real cost of health care and to grow the economy and create good jobs. Obamacare does the exact opposite. Government regulation and subsidies increase costs, and Obamacare disincentivizes businesses from hiring full-time workers. So, if the Obamacare law isn't truly even intended to lower costs, what is the point of it? The point is to start the creation of the infrastructure that will be required for a single payer system, the government takeover of 1/6 of the economy. THAT is why this is such a huge deal. This is a core ideological fight about the role of government in our lives and about our freedom (and especially our kids' freedom) to make their own health care choices WITHOUT government involvement. The unbelievably disastrous exchange enrollment process rollout, with a nonfunctional website that the government spent over 600 million dollars of OUR money on, is a sign of things to come and should frighten Obamacare supporters. But maybe Obamacare supporters can take heart in a new, improved version of the government insurance website that is coming soon. ;-) : http://www.theonion.com/articles/new-improved-obamacare-program-released-on-35-flop,34294/ Even with these exciting, upcoming improvements to the government service, I personally wouldn't recommend anyone sign up for this, if you want quality, affordable care and value your privacy. Btw, I wrote this whole thing on my phone while burning 600 calories on the stairclimber!!
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