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  1. I was really hoping to see a confused looking wax statue of Tim enclosed in a glass case.
  2. Just bought another copy for my new Vita. It can't download fast enough. I need to know what happens. DoubleFine can't release enough games on Vita for me. I'll buy everything. Also I'm going to cry if DOTT SE doesn't have Maniac Mansion on Weird Ed's computer.
  3. 06:17 - Massively disrespectful of VGX. That was completely unnecessary of them.
  4. Is this the end of DFA? I love Broken Age, but DFA is what sold me, and would sell me again.
  5. First I'd just like to say this is an excellent game. At the point after the sarcophagus sinks and you have to enter the symbols from 3 paintings on the wall to escape, on my machine the paintings were not rendered. 2011 Mac mini on OS X 10.9.1. We looked up the solution and realized it was a bug, and here I am for my glorious bounty. I accept both cash and Double Fine employee credit cards, so your options are flexible - I'm just glad I won't have to work again! ------ Smileys have been disabled for this post. If you feel you have legitimate reason to utilize a smiley, please write me a private message explaining why and I will take it under consideration.
  6. EarthBound it's worth venturing that this may work for Kickstarter backers as well.
  7. I had to click the "+" on Claim Past Purchases, and there it is.
  8. Looking through the DFA steam group, yeah. It's out. Here's the steam page. http://store.steampowered.com/app/232790 Wonder how my key will show up.
  9. Slacker backer here, definitely not seeing it.
  10. Nothing yet. Glad it's not just me.
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