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  1. Space Livestock. A hydroponic farm is rather sci fi. and makes a lot of practical sense. Space goats and pigs running around. not so much...
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    @ All hey thanks -------------------------------------------- Initially i was thinking ships in hangers being let out a door , like an air lock. (the force field seem cool though, and more "fun" when the power go's down) and when/if the z axes came in, i think that would be a better way to go about it. But my thought was docks could just be placed in the hanger room, like a piece of furniture. and the ships would enter/exit the station from below. I think the Easiest way to go about it would be like my little drawing above. where the crew changes into spaceship object. Kinda like the speederbike from the old Space Colony game. ----------------------------------------------------------- "It does distract a bit from the core of the game being about citizens and their weird little lives. It would be a tough system to get into without getting sidetracked and going down the rabbit hole." Yeah. However i think it would be a shame to have a game about a spacebase, that doesn't have little Spaceships zipping around blasting things in some form. And having a spaceship vehicle system could open up a lot of fun possibilities outside just combat. But i of course have no idea what that all would intel program wise.. If its ever a low hanging fruit, it needs to happen ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "- nice work on those ship doodles, making them fit in the existing design language. raaaaddddd": I really love the games art stile in general. its why the games in my happy place.
  3. So... I Was thinking... this game Really needs spaceships flying around shooting each other... So this morning i had some fun drawing some fan art/ideas. i apologize for my horrible spelling . I Think having a "Cute" spaceship could fit the overall feel of SpaceBase DF9 and be able to fit inside the stations and not take up too much room. The point of all my little pseudocode notes is that ideally they could zip around like The ships from Escape Velocity or something. since theres no need to be locked to a grid in space. and if nothing else i think the idea of building expensive Armored walls could be a good simple to implement idea to be able to prevent raiders from docking.
  4. http://www.spacebasedf9.com/post/66834056710/alpha-2-is-almost-here-for-a-taste-peep-the METACORN!! KILLBOTS!! GIANT WALKING CANDY BARS!! Things are about to get intense..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On a related note, You guys really need to have a comments sub-tab for your blog post. So people can comment directly on the news.
  5. I Definitely Think having matter/energy as the only resources is a bad idea. There needs to be lots of stuff, and lots of things needed to make that stuff. In a combat focused game like Total annihilation, it works to streamline the economy and focus on the combat. However in a building / gathering game the fun comes from the convoluted resource collecting and refining. Constantly working to build more X to increase the production of Y to eventually Create more Z.
  6. Ha, didn't know if anybody was going to catch that. It may be the bottom of the food chain now.. but one of these days...
  7. @clydebink @Space Chicken @WelshPixie @Saice Hey thanks Massive genetically engineered corn stocks seemed like the only thing an advance race of giant anthropomorphic chickens would ever want to grow. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ lolholm: “I really dig the “lollipop” plant. Plants you lick for sustenance is a sweet idea.” Ha, i see what you did there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ DF Burger (Returns Super high five) Its awesome to have topics like this that the forum community can help out with. It was fun to go through playing the game and trying to imagine something you normally wouldn't think about. like the plants, and food your weird little alien people would eat.
  8. I'm a visual thinker, so i sketched up some stuff... I was thinking plants should thematically fit the various races. i think its kinda self explanatory. The only thing i'd like to add is with the frog people, they don't necessarily eat the plants as much the bugs they catch, for all those Neon Grub Casseroles, and Beetle Stir-Fry everyones going on about. And the bottom Torch like Plants are for the raider-race. I'm assuming there planet is rather angry in general.
  9. Big supporter of this idea. Even just allowing ships to act as simple shuttles from shuttle room to shuttle room. allowing units to travel from base to base without having to use the air lock. I'd personally prefer that to the proposed teleporter. it would take more planning behind the designing, and thus would be more fun to build. Plus ships zipping around outside would make outer space seem a lot more like outer space.
  10. @ RoboHamburger I think the pirate thing kinda points to a fundamental problem of having objects in space locked to a grid. it looked like it worked fine in the initial fortnight game. since everything was simplified and reality was abstracted. But now that it has nice graphics, things not slowly drifting around in space seems odd. as if the whole thing is a mod for a terrain based game. Idealy: Each Group of connected terrain would have its own array. so everything can drift around and bump into each other. New asteroids and derelict ships could drift into the game area, and replenish matersorces. and meteor strikes could just be the chunks of rock that bump into the station. With space just being empty space. devoid of any grid. If that were the case, pirate ships and other such things could actually "Fly" around. They would all need to be shaped without any cardinal direction, like ufos. to avoid yaw rotations. but it would work. But thats a REALY REALY big unrealistic game-engine changing proposition. Pathing and basically everything would probably need to be changed. ----------------------------------------------- @ Saice Sounds more reasonable, but i’d hate to see the ship interior combat go. It was the highlight of the game for me so far. Maybe most pirate attacks are smaller single sprite ships, with only “Pirate Capital Ships” docking, which would be a much less common occurrence, but a much bigger deal. so the reward of a ship worth of stuff would feel justified.
  11. Maybe just me, but the pirates locking their ships to your station seems kinda gameplay breaking. The fun of trying to build a base to survive ridiculously hard conditions like Dwarf Fortress seems to be the core game idea. However, when pirates show up and effectively build your base for you, it really lowers the stakes, along with hindering your creative designs. Always having to trim your base with builders like some kinda bonsai tree if your trying to make a neat looking base. Possibly have hostile ships scuttle themselves if engineers can not deactivate some sort of main Computer/Generator self destruct in time after all hostiles are killed. destroying the ship but leaving X amount of floating matter to be collected. Or just have some kind of room take over system like Startopia. so its not as simple as just killing 3 guys to get a free base 2x the size of my current one. fully equipped. I’m just spit-balling, But I didn't see any future plans that would mitigate this. or am i just missing the point?
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