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  1. I like the idea. Especially as mentioned their likes affect how quickly they skill up, so it might be a rougher start with your 1* sec guy, but he'll get better faster than if you'd picked the 3* hating it guy. Although you might want to employ both if under attack until the happy guy skills up.
  2. I'd like all the species to have quirks too, stuff like: Space Chicken: Eating Raw metacorn is better than cooked food and they will always do this if they can. Humming Bird head people: Eat more often but sleep for a lot shorter time.
  3. Devs please implement a 15 Million Merits room for power.
  4. I agree that just looking at graphs of all of your citizens stats is disconnected, and that's not what I want. Players should build an attachment to their citizens, and it should hurt to loose members of your team. If the graphs were dependent on a Psychologist, they wouldn't be real-time, and the amount of information displayed would depend on their level in that profession. I could see the psychologist giving more of a textual overview noting 'Morale is low and people are complaining about food' or something similar as I really don't think graphs of morale/stats really fit the aesthetic for the game at all especially compared to the Spaceface updates.
  5. As a space chicken I would definitely be interested in an improved rooster.
  6. I'd rather graphs not be a needed thing to run your base, I like how you have to pay attention to the crew members and read their little social media updates/check their profiles. Compared to that the graphs seem sterile.
  7. I call mine Queen Victoria, Empress of Mars (What I'm saying is space chickens as an idea seems to keep. popping up)
  8. That space chicken with the mega corn :lol: Seriously that is really amazing, I really love how you made everything fit so well, like the thin flowers for the race with the tiny beak.
  9. The Strange Obsidian Spike plant. You never planted any seeds but now there is a dark and mysterious spike slowly growing out of the soil, if you put your ear to it you can sometimes hear screaming. It also tastes great fried!
  10. [del]Soylent green[/del] Space Polycrete is people!
  11. Oh god, all the blood on my hands from starting new bases.
  12. Yeah so you would have to be careful mining or you might break down a rock and expose some kind of rock creature nest.
  13. Oh oh oh and try to convert the nonebelivers heretics ;D /joke Space Chickens would of course worship loplop.
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