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  1. There is nothing commendable about a developer asking someone to pay full price for a code and then expecting them to create the game for themselves. Its highway robbery and im not even sure if any of this is technically legal. As shadow said though most people including myself wont even bother now since its pretty clear DF just wanted the cash. I appreciate that maybe JP himself didn't want this and that the plug may have been pulled from above him but frankly this whole ordeal is about as worse as customer service gets. For all the bad rep people like EA have gotten they at least finished games.
  2. For the price charged its ridiculous. For the lack of content its ridiculous. For the promise that they would not 'grab the cash and run' its ridiculous. For basically making a source code and calling it a game its ridiculous. For stringing people along all this time with the hopes of a good game with lots of nice features, its ridiculous. Overall Double Fine have single handedly alienated a portion of their previous fanbase. I say previous because im sure a lot of people will now remember DF as 'the company that shafted people over false claims of what would be'. They failed to stand up to their initial pitch and since then it got worse and worse, they responded positively saying that they will improve and they would never do a cash grab followed almost immediately by doing a u-turn and grabbing said cash and running. Ill never invest in a DB early access/Kickstarter project again and quite possibly any project of theirs for that matter. Its a complete smack in the face for those supporting them and its downright disgraceful that they can't even be bothered to give a proper reason for it. Even a newbie in game development would know that a game simply doesn't go from alpha stage to finished. Its a cash grab and thats it. Its like someone ordering a takeaway and then only being given a quarter of it because the chef decided it was finished. In that scenario you bet you would be calling up and complaining and getting a refund. Unfortunately in the gaming industry we as consumers are 'allowed' to get shafted by these companies. Its criminal. P.S. Here's my prediction that Tim will now be known as Tim Shafter...
  3. All I can say is good luck selling anymore copies now with all the negative feedback (rightly so) and general distaste you guys have managed to throw upon any form of early access/kickstarter program.
  4. The incredible irony of all this is that no more than a month ago they were defending claims that they were pulling the plug and running with the money. That is exactly what they are doing now. They made a source code and have now washed their hands of it. They have done a fantastic job at making EA titles on steam, kickstarter projects, indiegogo projects and indeed Double Fines reputation utterly questionable and the whole thing leaves a bad taste in the mouth. The fact that they slapped such a high price tag on what has become little more than a flash game is ridiculous. Perhaps thats a bit of a harsh statement as it clearly isnt a flash game but the amount of content this game has is appauling. There are demos for games that have more content available and frankly the whole thing stinks of the devs being completely uncapable of doing their jobs and releasing a finished game. Can you honestly suggest to ANYONE to buy this game in its current state? Its an absolute rip off and a mockery of the gaming industry. Im pretty certain this is my last purchase from DF and frankly what I once recalled as being one of the best developers out there will now become one of the worst. Sure again you could say its harsh but frankly even EA havn't done anything like this. Its an insult to everyone who bought the game and supported it, its an insult to our intelligence to make it that its complete and its an insult to any other developer out there who will now struggle to get funding because of shady tactics like this cash grab.
  5. Thats pretty much spot on to what I was suggesting. Another window could be added to display the proper graph they have now. Although I still have difficulty reading it at times as the words can become all jumbled together.
  6. Its an awesome feature for sure. I wish the different races had different abilities per se though. Like the lizard kinda guys could be slightly tougher and the cat guys could be quicker or something (faster melee attack/more damage). Also previous jobs should have an impact on converted units. So in this case a raider should naturally be a good option for security (with the downside of causing a drop in base morale for a period of time?).
  7. So you agree with my point but not my suggestion? Fair enough There are no doubt better ways to do it like the one you suggested, was just a brainstorm
  8. I like how we are now able to see in detail what is going on with our people. Where their morale is sitting, how hungry they are etc. My only gripe with this is the graph isn't hugely clear on what is what and is generally unappealing. (No offense intended). I would suggest a bar type system that has a bar running horizontally designated to each of the 'needs', filling up or emptying depending on how they are doing. Something similar maybe to what they have in the sims? This is a clear and efficient method of displaying data. Also it would be nice if we could have a 'base overview' menu whereby we can see averages of various things. Being able to see the average morale or average hunger may be useful.
  9. I would like to request more variation for beds. Firstly a bunk bed option would be great, saving space for residents and prisoners in brigs alike. Quality of beds would be a nice feature too, a bog standard bed serving simply as a method of gaining energy, a luxurious bed to also boost morale and surroundings? Sleeper pods, smaller pods designed for quick sleep durations. Would be superior at raising energy need but not as comfortable perhaps?
  10. Would be an idea to have botanists also plant the plants in the current planter item that is used for decoration? My thinking is that the admin (us) place the basic pot/planter and then a botanist will come along and plant something in it (that is decorative). Depending on the botanists ability the plant could either give off a small decorative boost or a large boost. Perhaps 1 type of plant for each star rating of the botanist? This would help balance the planters themselves in stopping people from spamming a base full of them and also potentially make them more useful. Perhaps you can choose from different type of plants too. For example you could have a glowing mushroom type plant that will offer some form of 'funky' lighting effect or perhaps a certain plant gives off an amount of oxygen. Perhaps one type of plant will also eat raiders? (shop of horrors!).
  11. Can we get space janitors? My reasoning being that after a while a base can get a little worn looking, black smoke smears on the wall, blood stains down the corridors and so on. Janitors would walk around mopping up the rubbish produced by other areas as well as cleaning up the blood stains and bullet holes and so on. Perhaps a bar would produce waste as a by-product of all the booze and food they make? This in turn would need to get cleaned out (dumpsters emptied?) and taken to a matter refiner/furnace or jettisoned out of the base altogether? The same jettison function could also be used for holding funerals later on? (ALA Spock).
  12. I would appreciate separate equipment for brigs. This is more of a later thing to implement but certainly some visually different equipment for the brigs would be awesome. As for the doors I would love to see force fields. The same technology could be researched to make force fields on breaches in the flooring/walls too (from asteroids).
  13. This brings about a question. How would you suggest a good brig would be? What equipment is a must and so on.
  14. I agree here. On Prison Architect whilst you can't mod lethality of the guards you can set regimes for prisoners of different security rating. The same situation could be used here (im not a coder but it could be done right?) whereby you can select invaders for lethal force, civilians for non-lethal and so on. Also ive noticed that when crewmen start 'rampaging' if you call in security to deal with them then they just follow them. In fact I just had that happen and my security guard was following the other guy who was going nuts saying 'good evening'. The guy was trashing the air modules and the only person who thought it was a little wrong was a nearby technician who decided to slap him down, again all in sight of the security guard who I presume thought it was some sort of riki lake special or something. Its also worth noting that the other crewmembers do not comply with the lethality setting which meant the rampaging guy was punched to death by the technicians. Sure its more matter for me but I lost a good crew member.
  15. I just want to say that after looking at the patch notes for the new alpha 6 that it would seem like quite a lot of content is in there, probably a good 3 months worth of content. For that im happy. Also I would like to apologise to the dev team for my harsh words and congratulate you on living up to your initial promise and making me look foolish. GG !
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