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  1. Oh, and Bartosh, mad props for designing plants specific to the alien races - and of course for the tentacle plant
  2. I *think* citizens 'claim' free beds, but if that citizen dies, the bed is still registered to them. I've just started noticing that I have people sleeping on the floor when there are plenty of beds available, but after some crew deaths.
  3. I can't stop playing with that thing. I'm going to make a website where the ENTIRE PAGE skews/unskews.
  4. Or start a fire. Yes, I was making popcorn once and the oil in the pan lit up when I took the lid off. It was simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.
  5. I dunno, I'm getting the impression that the game is more about the social side of running a station than any violent aspects; about the day-to-day things, keeping your citizens happy and their lives fulfilled. In fact there's not much in the devplans at all that hint at the game revolving more strongly around pirates or other hostile attacks, and things like defense are only mentioned for situations like meteor strikes.
  6. Thank you, Sir! DAY 3 Ish gud day. Shoo funally got her aliensss, sshuttle landed jush as John (john ish soooo cute in mining overies) finishd shmelting the matter we neeeedidid for PUB WOOO Ahem-hem-hem Deshided to bild Shooo pub since Shoo still mopin bout shtoopid pamflit insidint. Thought place to chillzaxxx mite make Shoo chilzaxxxxx alsho (an shecretly wanted to get a drinkin John, hes always soooo uptite). Then got call from ship headin out of our sextr OOPS haha ment sectr.. sec... sec T. O. R. got sumfin on brain haha ship had peeps that wanted to come hang wif us for while so we said shuuuuuure an they flew over and Shooo was SOOO ESSITED an when they came abored they had weird mushroom heds an eyes like snails on stalks pokin out an Shoo was kinda freekd but I thought they was awesomeeeee One is called Quuuu eeeeeeee Queeeeeeeeeeeee... frack cant wirte it too buzzed will write tomorrow but the other wun kept tolkin bout broccoli cakes witch i thout wuz weird kus how aliens even know abuot broccoli and who even likes it??? * NOTE 2 SELF WRITE ALEIN NAMEZ IN * Neway they kinda tall n gangly n not ver strong so me n hunky John carried all the panels n they fixed everything up cuz apparently they alinz with supapowers for tecnoloogies Shoo said she never seen teh airvents so shiny Shooo favrit culur ish purffle so we used purffle panels n built biiiig roomanput a bar in there wif AWESOME neon sines for pizza (i miss pizza, hope pizza aliens come aboard) an fries and then we had a PAAAAAARTAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I like john hes cute Bed now zzzzzzzzzzzzz DAY 4 That is the last time I let a T’tk* mix me a cocktail. I’m going back to the ‘cozy’ corner of the life support room I woke up in. (LATER) I really can’t spell when I’m drunk. Also, today I learn that drunk-me fancies John and sober-me does not. That’s kinda weird. Furthermore, they only gave us generic 200mg analgesics. Clearly the people who sent us on this mission didn’t account for run-ins with beverage-toting T’tks. Why would they give us the equipment to build a bar and open hailing frequencies to receive visitors and not give us hangover medicine? Beginning to think I died and went to hell. Going back to floor-bed. (EVEN LATER) While I was drooling all over the life support room floor, John and the two T’tk (who are called Queeelu ** Quickly ** and Neeelie ** Boldly **, by the way, idiotic drunk me) bumped heads over the filtration system and we now have a steady supply bringing me water with a sly wink. Desperately trying to remember whether I did something - but I’d have written about it, surely? And we don’t even have any residence rooms set up yet (yes, we built the bar first - my excuse is The Pamphlet would have saved our souls had it not been burned so now we just do what we damn like) so there’s a distinct lack of privacy... But not on the floor, surely? Surely? Will never look at the life support room floor in the same way again. Slightly grossed out now. Maybe Shoo will know. SU. Dammit. ____________ *Made up name for the species, I'll replace it when I know the 'real' names ^.^
  7. A list of things I'm pondering while playing. Will be edited as I think of more. Radios Placeable in crew quarters and in pubs Increase happiness? DJ assignment, radio station zone? Possibly also extend to include monitors, 'broadcasting' zone and assignment that encompasses both radio and monitor output Random Decorations Shelves, bookcases, desks, paintings, windows, chairs, barstools, benches, sofas. Transport * Segways for staff to move about the base more quickly? Thinking particularly technicians but might also be useful for builders and security * Jetpacks for faster spacewalking? Pets * Terrariums, tanks, cages in crew quarters * Pets can be traded * People can have affinities for different kinds of pets * Bigger pets can follow off-duty crew around the base * Spending time with pets increases happiness * Pet Nursery zone and Pet-Sitter assignment (low skill - pets can turn savage?) Graffiti And possibly other forms of vandalism. * Some sad crew members can turn to wanton destruction depending on personality type - graffiti on walls, breaking furniture, etc. * Janitor has to clean up
  8. All this talk of hydroponics and growing edible plants food - what about animals? * Livestock for meat, milk, hide, or work beasts * 'Farmer' assignment (or something more animal-specific; beastmaster? Space Cowboy? ) * Animals sometimes break free; herds of rampaging horned SpaceBuffalo run riot through the base, destroying walls and furniture and injuring crew * Sick animals - sometimes you find, or are traded, sickly animals with viruses that can spread through the crew (Mad SpaceBuffalo Disease) ^.^
  9. If it helps at all, I've made a 'getting started' guide for the early stages of the game. Of course if it's buggy AI that's causing the problem (and it sounds like it might be, if you've got the airlock and life support set up fine with doors between 'em) then a guide won't help _4ekNtVDsfc Vofmb6I9lkc
  10. Giant space mushrooms. Everything is more awesome with the word 'space' in front of it. EDIT: I have too much free time. I (badly) drew a thing.
  11. This is my 'sprawl'. Instead of demolishing derelicts and pirate ships I'm incorporating them. It started off very well and I got to about 30 residents before things started going pear-shaped. Nobody's doing what they're supposed to be doing. Technicians suddenly stopped being abreast of maintaining life support, so I sent the builders to demolish some destroyed scrubbers but despite having 9 builders and zero other tasks going on, they're just not doing it. Meanwhile the place is catching on fire more and more frequently (I have sixteen techs, six are 5-star, two are 4-star and the rest are 3-star), everyone's panicking, and it's all generally going to hell in a handbasket But I suspect that with the current AI problems, ANY base will turn out like this eventually.
  12. DAY 2 Su accidentally torched The Pamphlet. Which would be fine, but we never did get to that part about how to assemble the weird contraption they gave us for converting the refinery residue into a filtration system for water so now we’re on H2O rations while John wrestles with interlocking molded plastic parts and we wait anxiously for some wanderers to show up who hopefully know the secrets of Nebula Plastics Inc.‘s ‘Instant H2O, just add water!’ filtration unit. Anyway, it happened because Su has slightly more experience than I do in working with scrubbers (yeah, I couldn’t keep a straight face either) so she got technician duty while I got assigned builder. Which means more spacewalking, but whatever. She was so preoccupied with polishing the frelling bulkheads in case we got visitors that she (ironically) didn’t remember to clean out the filters and all the dust John was carrying around from the refinery of course got sucked into the scrubber and clogged it all up until it eventually caught fire. Su, not being the smartest of people (how she got assigned this mission is beyond me), tried blowing out the fire by flapping the pamphlet at it and that’s when I walked in. Honestly, who tries FANNING out a fire - and with PAPER no less? So yeah, The Pamphlet didn’t make it. Of course now she feels absolutely terrible and is moping around the entire station (all three rooms of it) instead of, y’know, fixing stuff. I put assembling our bunks on hold to get her a fire extinguisher hooked up in an attempt to make her feel better but I think she thinks John and I are united in some conspiracy to patronise her. I think we’ll have to stage an intervention. I daren’t drag him from his precious asteroids but maybe I can convince Su to swap builder duty with me. I don’t think she minds the spacewalking and even though I’m not as much of a scrubber as Su, I’m pretty handy with a toolbelt, if you know what I mean.
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