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  1. I'm fairly sure that is totally a Xeno egg.... No wonder so my crew come down with chestbursterism lately they think they are just food.
  2. on OSX no idea. somewherever OSX keeps its version of windows Documents folder most likely.
  3. I actually like the look of double walls and use them in places fairly often. Hopefully DF will clear up the issues with them. I also would hope at some point we might just get a few diffrent wall (and door) types one of them being reinforced (double thick) walls.
  4. yeah I tried using rocks for rooms on the super dense maps. Never could get them to work though never would get air tight.
  5. yes I am fairly sure it is a bug... a bug I have used a few times myself because it is hella useful.
  6. I am fairly sure the warpgate distant is not really working correctly at this time. I've seen no real difference from being close or distant in the number of ships visiting. I'm also fairly sure threat level and mag level are not working right either as I have not really seen any real difference between those level either. Only setting that seems to really work right now is stellar density. If they are working the differences between tiers is so small it is hard to tell.
  7. Yeah you could still lock that door then just use a builder to punching a holes in the ship and send sec in with space suits. I really try to avoid fighting on my base as much as possible because of the damages it can cause.
  8. Yeah happens fairly commonly when crew have a shoot out near a outer wall. And doubling your outer wall while it protects that from happening causes other odd bugs. Right now if I'm trying to play legit and not use one of moat systems that stops docking form happening my way of dealing with raiders is to just lock there docking hallway door since believe it or not you can. That forces them to use your air lock and often gives you time to get security over your airlock so you can fight there. Which you can build up to be safe from hull breaches.
  9. Many agree myself included that ship docking and derlects are problematic at this time. We are still in early alpha and hopefully it will be reworked at some point. The devs have already showed they are looking into fixing some of the dumb AI issues techs in 1b are actually better then 1a but still woefully underpowered. As it stands you pretty much need about half your crew as techs and that is when you keep your cap just around your crew size if you leave things like you have in the screens shots 14/72 there is no hope even if all your crew was techs to be able to keep those all running. So in the mean time while devs fix things my suggetion is to demo much of the stuff that docks itself to your base and even if you do want to keep the rooms at lease demo the O2 recyclers you don't need. Less items to repair means the techs will keep the remaining ones repaired better. Also you can lock doors to keep your techs out and while the airlock doors are buggy you can dezone those to keep them from being used. These are not ideal answers but they should help you enjoy the game a bit more as it develops.
  10. I think it would be funny with the space toilet aka personal bio mater recycler would give you a small 'refund' of mater back based on the mater cost of the food the crew has eaten. Say like 10% or the such. all in all like the OPs ideas
  11. I really need to get around to posting a base. I've been doing a lot of base defense ideas using walls and the such and testing them out. Some are really kind of buggy (and I've posted those as bugs). I have to say The most effective and lease buggy base defense seems to but an outer hallway that connects to your base and runs around the outside of it. Toss a few airlocks (but do not zone it) along the outside and you can just let pirates dock and while they run the outside you can just use the locks to vent them into space. If you don't mind some buggy action doubling your outer wall breaks their ability to create a functional docking ring. This forces them to use your airlock or stay on their ship. Making them easy to deal with. I really think they need to make pirates work deferentially. At this point they are only a threat early game when your still getting started. After that there are some fairly easy ways to turn them into only an annoyance/matter income.
  12. Mega corn is awesome. I hope it can be popped I also hope that there is a low skill failure chance for that popping to get out of hand and blow up the bar.
  13. That's what I'm doing, but it just seems that one guy is interested in going in and taking his suit off while the others wander around outside until their 8 minutes are up. Unless wait. Do I need three lockers in the airlock? Nope you only need one locker and two doors (one facing out side and one facing in)
  14. Avoid tiny rooms they bug out AI it seems. There is a bug post over in the bug forum about 2x2 airlocks breaking so you might be having issues with something like that keeping others from getting on your base. Also at start you have 8 minutes until everyone runs out of air so it is best to build a starting base that is basically an airlock and a life support room then expand.
  15. for the most part you don't really have direct control of your crew. Indirectly you can do stuff like tell miners to mine this over here. But they will do it as they see fit when they feel like it. But if you really life or death need to get people somewhere the only real way to force it is to turn them into security and then set a beacon for them. But this is not ideal. Don't worry the buggy and suicidal AI is only because of the game being in alpha and hopefully will get better soon.
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