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  1. You may be right it might not be required. Ultimately what is needed for feedback will be determined by how many things they add, and what population maximum they intend to allow. If they add everything they intend the game will switch from micro to macro in terms of the amount of crew you have to continually monitor. I can't see scrolling through pages of roster, regularly, as being anything, but cumbersome without streamlining, and clarification. Perhaps it would be best if they just went whole hog, and offered an efficiency report screen where you could check global average statistics for equipment conditions, crew idleness, etc. Then you'd know at glance if you need to reassign crew. There is that button at the bottom, but unfortunately I haven't seen a video of players using it to know everything it displays and how. If you haven't noticed I don't have the game yet, but if it turns out well I'd like it hence my posts hoping to help guide it along. Lots of interesting and good ideas in these forums. Though right now they need to concentrate on getting the core mechanics in place, streamlined and balanced. The ideas I chose to emphasize in my original post were done so to that end. As it stands it feels like they threw things they know they want in, but without enough forethought to how core game play is going to change down the line. It's like the zone thing. Aren't you always going to have a Bar in a Bar zone or an Oxygen Recycler in a life support zone? So why have zones? It looks like it will be a good game, but if they did a little more future proofing they'd save themselves some work.
  2. Sounds neat . Thanks for taking the time to read my meanderings .
  3. Hello looking at some videos of your game, and your future development plans page, I found it interesting, but had some suggestions... 1. Either simplify and combine zones or bind zone function to key objects eliminating the need to assign zones. Why you need it: You must keep the UI convenient. As it is you are going to have a large list of zones to scroll through as you have zones made for very specific uses. Zones should be a blanket archetype covering multiple, visually comparable, uses to have their existence make sense. You could combine the planned "Infirmary" and "Research" zones into "Lab" or "Science", "Reactor" and "Life Support" into "Engineering" and change the "Pub" zone to a more inclusive name like "Entertainment" or "Relaxation" ( I like "Relaxation zone" ). You could still have more jobs than zones, and names for rooms, but determined by the objects within. Better yet just eliminate zones completely and bind zone functionality to key objects. Click on a room to choose a key object, and once placed it could zone the room automatically. Then clicking on that room again a different, context sensitive, menu could display only appropriate supporting objects further reducing UI clutter. 2. Add an option to manually turn off equipment saving wear and manpower. Why you need it: It looked like unneeded air recyclers still accrued wear and tear, and required technicians to watch them. This seems even more important once things get a power requirement. 3. Add a limited time to explore and deconstruct ships before they drift away. Why you need it: Some game play videos got extremely cluttered with ships, and there was no feeling of urgency to explore them. As you intend to put valuable items in these things it should at least be a challenge to get them. I also find permanently docking ships a bit imbalanced as they practically auto build bases (if you don't care what it looks like). Though it is not required it'd also be nice if ships you can go in actually moved across the screen. Perhaps it's beyond your engine's capabilities. If they could move having to board a derelict to change it's course or attach thrusters to asteroids to divert them could be a thing. Seeing things coming, and having to do something, is a lot more thrilling than just having them appear. 4. Add an idle crew member indicator somewhere. Why you need it: When some tasks complete (building) or have a maximum number you can assign to them (not enough bars for bartenders) that person probably sits around doing nothing. Having an indicator for idle crew members could help. Note I am assuming "unassigned" refers to crew you have not assigned yet, and does not switch to this to show idleness (which won't work as they are different things). Additional things to think about adding are... A. I know you have meteorites planned, but how about more varied random events. Plasma storms, that perhaps reek havoc on equipment. Moving nebula clouds, which could alter crew status while going through them. Worm or black holes as hazards to avoid. Maybe even satellite, probe or obelisk encounters. B. I saw you plan to add watching "space ball", but perhaps add a futuristic sport for crew to actually play. Something self contained and fairly small (as sports go), like a futuristic racket ball court object. C. Adding hatred/fights among crew was in the development plans, but you could also have crew members dislike impair performance if assigned the same task. D. I suggest health work in this manner. A crew member could suffer either damage or damage with an injury. Hp would heal over time if only damaged, but injuries would impair recovery (some would make HP continue to drop) until treated with medical equipment. The lower the hp the worse the crew member's performance. This format would make medical equipment needed mid-game, as it should be, but not at start. Ultimately whether your game succeeds, or fails, will probably be based on making the autonomous crew actions seem spontaneous, engaging, and endearing. I like the direction you are going with Spaceface and mental health angles. It makes it more than just another dry simulation. Anyway just some ideas off the top of my head. Have fun, God bless .
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