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  1. I personally believe it's a method to preserve the genes of Shay's people. I found it very interesting, how Mom does absolutely nothing to stop Shay from taking control of the ship, leaving me to believe that she and Marik work together. She should have noticed many of the things Shay did and at least asked what he was doing. Also the bit where Shay lampshades how Mom of all people let a knife lying around. Therefor I guess that Marik just exists to quell any suspicions coming from Shay. After all, it would be very weird if his Mom suddenly let him go into dangerous situations. I'm following the theory that the maidens are all potential mothers for Shay's child, so he can produce offspring, which will be the next great Mog, while Shay and the mother are uploaded as ship AI's. Also note how Dad sometimes say: "I felt the same way when I was your age." Giving a hint that he may have gone through exactly the same thing. It's also possible that all the "rescue missions" were supposed to condition Shay into the type of person, who wants to save people in danger. This and the simulated threats during the "real" rescue missions were supposed to keep him from thinking too much about it.
  2. I just loved how Vella had the: "I'm going to kill Mog Chothra" dialogue for about every single character. If nothing else, she's very focused.
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    I'd say keep the candy bars that size.
  4. I am totally for the term: Space Hypnotist. But in order to balance therapy and leisure activities with other colonists, maybe the therapy should only be able to make them "content" with a need for friends to become really happy.
  5. Thanks. After building all the rooms, there is not much more you can do to affect morale, so this seemed sensible enough. With a crew that has low morale, you might as well not even bother to have any technicians and just replace everything when it breaks.
  6. I'd like an event, where you can send a small team to investigate a really big derelict. The ones that appear right now are... disappointing. They are barely even the size most people use for their bar.
  7. One thing that I always noticed was how unhappy my citizens were, even when I had everything provided for them. Often it was, because they did not get enough social contact. So my idea is to make therapist an available job. Therapists will have their own little clinic, in which unhappy citizens can just talk. Since most work accidents with me happen because of low morale (I usually don't bother giving someone a job unless they have at least three stars in it.) so sacrificing additional workers for a more stable morale might be a good payoff, without giving a too easy solution. Something else that could be done with that is group therapy. I think it should require a very skilled therapist, to mediate between all group members (I'm thinking five stars.) but this method not only fulfills every groupmembers need for social contact but can also turn enemies into friends.
  8. Water would definately work, as it is a very basic need and you could get it by mining asteroids made out of ice. I'm thinking of something like a thawing furnace, along with a water destillery, because only thawed up but not sanitized the water could make the citizens sick.
  9. Alright, maybe DF can implement something like the poo-map from Sim City.
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    Room ideas

    Yeah, but you have to wonder what the stuff tastes like, if it was apparently distilled from space rocks.
  11. Valsion

    Room ideas

    Gym and Bio-dome should definately be included. Using Food as ressource is also something I'd like to see. It feels a bit strange that the colonists can apparently live on alcohol alone, alcohol that is made from thin air. Although the neon signs may be a hint that that will be coming in the future.
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