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  1. You said that carrots and Potatoes might be a little bit boring....fair point. But personally i'd prefer not to over - "space" the game. Just saying a bit of "normal" food wouldn't hurt and imho provide some refreshment. That said i am a big fan of the glowing fruits and vegetables idea!
  2. I Think its a great Idea. I mean look at what the Devs. where using as Inspiration (a "certain Sci-Fi- Space Station TV-Series", also i am pretty sure i saw a guy named "Sisko" once ^^). In the later game stages where your station is thriving, "survival" itself no longer becomes a real issue. Introducing currency, travelers and whatnot certainly helps to create a feeling for your station and helps with keeping the game interesting and fun to play. Also think of the "social stories" practically writing themselves in a sims-like fashion i.e. : Traveler-A meets Crew Member-B they fall in Love and Traveler-A moves into the Station. Later they have a Child which then chooses to go on an adventure and joins a passing trader where he/she also meets his/her partner and they come home together...etc etc. This would involve the player much more deeply with the crew, which is (if i am not horribly mistaken) what the Devs. wanted in the first place.
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