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  1. I don't know what game you're playing Thunderpeel, but this is anything but bug free. I'm going to second what Mazuo said about staying away. The updates stopped because they laid off the programmers after the last update. Double Fine said that if they get more resources later, they might put out another bug fix update.
  2. Yea I'm pretty much in the same boat. Loved playing the game until they introduced this mess. The game became less about building a base and now almost entirely about keeping people happy. It's no longer Space Base, it's Space Mayor. How many of my citizens can I keep happy, not what do they need. I was hoping they'd tune down the affinity to only be part of what you planned for or built and not the only reason to plan for and build.
  3. Anybody know what was updated with version 1.03? Nothing listed anywhere about what it fixes.
  4. Thats great, but some of us bought it directly from the Double Fine website link and not from steam. After I made the purchase I got the steam code and then get it off steam so it's a little late to see that disclaimer when Double Fine already has my money. So it isn't as simple as "clearly stated by Valve" when for some of us thats after the purchase..
  5. Maybe that's because they are working on the game... Just a guess though. Not even including the developers, this forum is dead. Players aren't posting and there's zero traffic here. I get the feeling everyone has given up hope and moved on to something else. Kinda sad considering the potential that was here for a good game and good community.
  6. Kind of Ironic that Alpha 6's title was, "Brig Ambitions, Broken Dreams" now knowing the bombshell that came after Alpha 6's release. I wonder if someone was trying to tell us something?
  7. Pretty much this. I'm trying not to let this debacle sour me on crowd funding games in general, but definitely not trusting Double Fine ever again. Whether intentional or accidental, they've proven they can't be trusted.
  8. With all due respect, slapping a "Release 1.0" label on an Alpha 6 doesn't make it a full game, tutorial or not. Are Double Fine fans of the Spinal Tap movie? Because this sounds a whole lot like the scene about the amplifier going to 11. Call it whatever label you want. But finished or complete, it's not. If the developers thought it was almost finished or complete, wouldn't they have moved into beta testing already? By their own labels it's still an alpha game. I would've had more respect for them if they'd simply been honest and said, "We're sorry, we ran out of money and can't develop this anymore. We'll release the source code and fix whatever bugs we can with what's existing" instead of trying to pretend they completed something. I've been waiting to hear anything official from Double Fine about the public response. So much for the more communication they talked about it. They had to know people would be upset and I can't believe they didn't plan on having to address it. Or is silence the way they address pissing off their playerbase? I've purchased other games from Double Fine in the past, but if this is the way they're doing business now, this will be my last purchase from them.
  9. Thats the way I take it. How do you go from Alpha to Release without ever going into Beta? I'm sorry but a month of bug fixing isn't going to make this game complete. It feels like a rush to get it out the door to be done with it. I'll wait until release to pass final judgement, but releasing the source code right after launch seems like there won't be anymore updates after launch and that Double Fine is hoping the players flesh out the game for them. I'm hoping I'm wrong.
  10. I've had this as well and the guy stuck outside in the spacesuit almost ran out of air.
  11. With the starving bug I've had to become good at this. If it's important enough to give you a pop up message it should also take you to the crewmember when you click on it. Usually I look for the crewmember laying down on the floor to find them. If that doesn't work, I hit the period or comma keys to cycle through all the crewmembers until I see the one that lists starving.
  12. I've had this problem a lot with 5a. It looks like its a bug in orientation. If I queue up a few objects and some of them disappear before being built, I've tried using the build object again in the same location and see red tiles from the queued up object next to the one that disappeared. Such as if I place two beds next to each other in a north/south direction the underlying data seems to think it's east/west and disallows building the second object even though I've already placed it in the queue. Once the remaining items are built the bug goes away and then I can build in the spot I originally intended. Kinda like it's visually showing me one direction of placement but it thinks its facing the other way until it's built.
  13. Thanks for this guide! Learned a lot from it. This should be stickied.
  14. +1 Especially if anyone level 1 or 2 simply runs around in fear from fire or bad guys. It'd be nice to have a way to train them up to do something other than flail their arms.
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