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  1. Right now, workers seem to prioritise their actions based on their "needs". This system seems fine but it'd be great to see some more player involvement. Right now that system can't handle emergent gameplay, but even if it could, the player is only sort of passively watching events unfold. I'd suggest adding roster sliders to allow the player to adjust things like: - Shift length - Recreation Time - Minimum oxygen in suit % before returning to base. - Choose current priorities for workers. (In the case of a builder they seem to prioritise building outside over building inside etc but it would be good if you could choose a priority from options like building equipment, building outside, demolishing or building inside. In the case of a technician you could tell them to prioritise certain zones, like airlocks for instance) - etc
  2. Please pick one. oh wow, it truncated the last two options for the poll (forum bug?). they were: - Wait patiently at a derelict airlock and until you asphyxiate. - Starjumps Personally I would have picked Starjumps. Gotta keep active, you know?
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