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  1. [Suggestion] Therapy

    Excellent idea, I really like it!
  2. [suggestion] Planning tool

    Oh man, that'd be awesome! Imagine planning out your entire base in the first ten minutes, and flicking between the two views and watching as it slowly fits into your design, the gorgeous idea you had from the beginning... Would be just incredible for setting your own personal goals!!
  3. [Suggestion] More Resources

    Crystal doesn't strike a chord with me, either... I like the idea of scavenging it, that's pretty rad! Maybe something more spacey, like... Uh... Spacidium! Genius!
  4. [Suggestion] The Doctor (medical, not Timelord)

    I think we need a community contribution, for beautiful and unique diseases haha
  5. Perhaps at the expense of Matter? Similiar in Dungeon keeper, how it costs gold to research (:
  6. Dinner time! A call for plant ideas :D

    Dead bodies for fertilier? It'd be cool if you could get corpses and use a machine to turn them into fertiliser haha
  7. Space Chickens?

    Haha, B'khaak, I love it!| Can't say I've ever heard of Space Quest before, but I'll have to check it out (: I'm actually kind of interested what the devs are calling the races now...
  8. Website defect

    Open the pod bay doors please, HAL...
  9. Dinner time! A call for plant ideas :D

    I hope the farmers have special space suits!
  10. [Suggestion] Air vents and ventilation.

    I like this idea, perhaps it could be implemented as an expensive option for larger bases? And hey-- a little crawl space like that could pose it's own threats... Imagine a space bug getting into one of those, and having it's own special route around the base! And you might never know where it'll pop out next... I watched Alien again a little while ago, so it seems like a good idea to me haha
  11. [suggestion] Adding a 'Demolish' Zone

    This can already be done... Sort of... By de-zoning a room. Once you dezone it, your builders or security workers destruct anything within the room, because it doesn't belong there. Although being able to cordon off rooms, and treat them like actual construction sites with bunting and everything, would be very very helpful!
  12. Post your Spacebases!

    That's interesting, using life support for hallways. I also like the pub in the middle of the base, that makes sense (: Although, if one of the life supports were to fail, don't you put people in the residence at risk also?
  13. post you disasters

    Been waiting for a thread like this! I haven't had any super crazy disasters, none that anyone hasn't really had before... Except when my miners brought back three space bugs at the same time... That was when I first learned how to jettison hostiles out of airlocks, haha
  14. Post your Spacebases!

    One of us! One of us!
  15. [bug] Citizens sleeping on floor

    I haven't known citisens to claim beds, I seem to get by fine with about 10 in a moderately sized ship