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  1. Excellent idea, I really like it!
  2. Oh man, that'd be awesome! Imagine planning out your entire base in the first ten minutes, and flicking between the two views and watching as it slowly fits into your design, the gorgeous idea you had from the beginning... Would be just incredible for setting your own personal goals!!
  3. Crystal doesn't strike a chord with me, either... I like the idea of scavenging it, that's pretty rad! Maybe something more spacey, like... Uh... Spacidium! Genius!
  4. I think we need a community contribution, for beautiful and unique diseases haha
  5. Perhaps at the expense of Matter? Similiar in Dungeon keeper, how it costs gold to research (:
  6. Dead bodies for fertilier? It'd be cool if you could get corpses and use a machine to turn them into fertiliser haha
  7. Haha, B'khaak, I love it!| Can't say I've ever heard of Space Quest before, but I'll have to check it out (: I'm actually kind of interested what the devs are calling the races now...
  8. Kniaz

    Website defect

    Open the pod bay doors please, HAL...
  9. I hope the farmers have special space suits!
  10. I like this idea, perhaps it could be implemented as an expensive option for larger bases? And hey-- a little crawl space like that could pose it's own threats... Imagine a space bug getting into one of those, and having it's own special route around the base! And you might never know where it'll pop out next... I watched Alien again a little while ago, so it seems like a good idea to me haha
  11. This can already be done... Sort of... By de-zoning a room. Once you dezone it, your builders or security workers destruct anything within the room, because it doesn't belong there. Although being able to cordon off rooms, and treat them like actual construction sites with bunting and everything, would be very very helpful!
  12. That's interesting, using life support for hallways. I also like the pub in the middle of the base, that makes sense (: Although, if one of the life supports were to fail, don't you put people in the residence at risk also?
  13. Been waiting for a thread like this! I haven't had any super crazy disasters, none that anyone hasn't really had before... Except when my miners brought back three space bugs at the same time... That was when I first learned how to jettison hostiles out of airlocks, haha
  14. I haven't known citisens to claim beds, I seem to get by fine with about 10 in a moderately sized ship
  15. Only if there's a way to use them as improvised torpedoes, and jettison them out of an airlock
  16. Haha! Glad to see it working!! And yeah, I agree with it not being a military command thing, which is why I'd like to use diplomats to avoid conflict. It'd be nice to have the option to be a total space tyrant, but I'd much rather the peaceful outlook if it avoids my base being latched onto!
  17. Oh, it is! Saved my ass so many times... Unfortunately, couldn't save me from lazy technicians, and I lost this base ): EDIT: Nearly finished it now! And I noticed that my access tunnels/airlock deathtraps aren't shown all too clear. I'll lower the walls next time (:
  18. A photo of my ship design: So far so good, but I'm expecting things to go awry real soon... And a quick pointer for those who are having issues with docking! -- What I do is, as you can see, make sort of maintenance tunnels that wind through, and surround my base. These provide three benefits for my ship: 1. Guiding Invaders Because of how the tunnels wind through and around my ship, it makes it really easy to guide invaders down a certain route, and lockdown my crew. This is especially handy in spacing them! In the room in the bottom left corner (the one with pillars and plants), there's an airlock which I use to jetison pirates out. 2. Pirates will dock straight onto the tunnels Instead of having them dock straight to a vital system, like your life stabilizers or surprising all your relaxing crew in the pub, they pirates dock straight onto these tunnels. You'll notice there are spots that are exposed, the airlocks specifically. This isn't a fault of mine, but a choice in design! If they miss the tunnels, they'll hit a deliberate weak spot; a place where I can easily dictate their movement and track their progress through my ship. 3. It looks cool No, really, it looks rad! Currently, the Reactor room has no real purpose except being a giant thing that looks red and slowly deteriorates. Call me big on aesthetics, but whatever! Don't be afraid to be creative! -- It's expensive, but easy... And it looks cool! Definitely my favorite design yet. Wish you could save your bases on the galaxy map, and name them.
  19. Those will come, I'm sure we'll be expecting a new hotfix soon (:
  20. Really wanted to take a snap of my base to show you guys, but things went a bit pear shaped before I had the chance... I knew something was wrong the moment I saw it... Something about Ripley to do with Space Stations and Blowing up! Should've seen it coming! Starting a new one now though, and I'll be sure to take a snap before I get overun by derelicts and pirates.
  21. Kind of, yeah! I had in mind something like this: Level 1: You have a chance to bribe pirates (Like a luck-based dice roll). Level 2: Your chances to bribe pirates increases and is cheaper, OR You have a chance to completely persuade them to leave, except their ship still appears. Level 3: Your chances again increase to bribe pirates at a cheaper cost, OR You have a chance to completely persuade them to leave AND they won't leave a ship. Level 4: You always have the chance to bribe pirates, at a cheaper cost, OR You have a chance to completely persuade them to leave AND they won't leave a ship, OR You have a chance to persuade them to come aboard and join your crew. Level 5: You always have the chance to bribe pirates, at a cheaper cost, OR You have a chance to completely persuade them to leave AND they won't leave a ship, OR You have a chance to persuade them to come aboard and join your crew, OR You have a chance to turn the tables and make them pay you, along with them joining your crew! -- Also, having more diplomats increases your chances of a successful negotiation? If that makes more sense?
  22. What I mean by it, is as the diplomat levels up you get more and more options/abilities I like the idea of vessels leaving and not needing to own them, saves a lot of time from demolishing them!
  23. Maybe draw some inspiration from some groovy deep-sea plants? I mean, it's a whole new world down there anyway!
  24. I like the idea of the diplomats, and perhaps along side it have some sort of comms station? It's main ability being it opens up more conversation options, depending on the level of the diplomat/s and equipment within. Say, the first and easiest option is just to bribe the pirates-- I mean, it's straightforward enough. Then the next could be to persuade them not to come aboard at all, and it leaves a hostile derelict ship nearby. The following stage is similar to the last, except it doesn't leave a derelict. From there, your next level would allow you to convince the pirates to join your crew. Then, you could convince them to join and maybe even extort them into giving you some matter? Hm?
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