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  1. Succession Game- In progress

    The saved game is in a file called SpacebaseDF9AutoSave.sav, in a directory which varies from platform to platform. On Windows it's in your Documents folder under SpacebaseDF9 (I've been meaning to file a bug asking them to move it to the default save game folder on windows, actually). To participate in the succession game you'll have to rename your current save file to something else, download the previous player's save game file, then place it where the game will find it. Then just launch the game and it'll be as if you had saved it yourself; you continue the base for your allotted time, then save and post the save file. Note that the forum does not allow attachments of anything except images. We can rename the 'sav' file so that it has a 'png' extension and the forum will allow the upload, but unfortunately this makes it rather hard to download; you have to view the source of the page and get the url, since there won't be any visible download link in the post. A better choice may be to find a place to host the files that we can all upload to.
  2. Succession Game- In progress

    Hmm. I think 2 years might be a bit optimistic. I haven't really paid much attention to the date while playing, but looking back at the screenshots I took of my latest base, I'd say that a week might be best. The first one that I took (to capture a bug I noticed) has a date of 9130.4. The latest one, which just shows the current state of my base, has a date of 9150.11. Both are attached. I think that the date isn't a decimal number, but rather a day number and an hour; in my screenshots I see values up to 22 after the decimal so it's a pretty safe bet that it counts from 0 to 23.
  3. technician efficiency

    I've certainly seen them maintain doors, but I'm pretty sure that they give priority to oxygen recyclers. You'll notice them maintain doors especially when the equipment in your base is in good condition, and you open up a derelict that's been sitting around for a while. It's recyclers and doors will have failed (even if the thing is completely empty), so your techs will rush over to repair them. Also, since I didn't mention my motivation for this post, I'm merely curious about the relative effects of morale versus experience. I hypothesized that they both have about the same effect on the change in condition that any repair attempt can produce. I took two shortcuts which reduce the power of any analysis we might do (basically the size of the effects we can observe). First, I conflated the repairs of different types of items, so I don't know if techs find it easier to repair some items over others. I also did not count the frequency of each repair amount, so I don't know if the distribution is linear or gaussian or something else less likely. I can say however that the amount of the repair varies, and that both morale and experience effect the range of possible outcomes. Also, I haven't yet observed anyone break anything, so the data is obviously incomplete. I think I can safely say that there is a cap of 20% for any single repair, however.
  4. technician efficiency

    Observed a kinda-happy second-level tech fail to repair an oxygen recycler (non-destructively), and repair an oxygen recycler by 5%, 6%, 8% and 9%. Observed a kinda-happy third-level tech repair an oxygen recycler by 7%.
  5. technician efficiency

    Observed a very-sad fifth-level tech repair an oxygen recycler by 7% and 10%.
  6. technician efficiency

    It's not a bug report, merely an observation.
  7. technician efficiency

    Observed a deeply-sad fifth-level tech repair an oxygen recycler by 10% and 11%
  8. Supposedly they regenerate slowly over time, but I haven't obsessively followed anyone around to verify it. I have however noticed hurt security guards exploring a derelict quite some time after I saw them get injured, so it might be very slowly indeed.
  9. technician efficiency

    I was watching some techs earlier, to see how well they can do the job. Observed a deeply-sad first-level tech fail to repair an oxygen recycler (non-destructively, no change in condition) and apparently abandon a maintenance job mid-way through (in favor of a series of drinks followed by sleep). Observed a happy first-level tech fail to repair an oxygen recycler (non-destructively), and repair an oxygen recycler by 5%, 6%, and 7%. Alas, she got upgraded to second-level at some point and I didn't notice, so that's not so helpful to know. Observed a sad third-level tech repair an oxygen recycler by 4%, 5%, 8%, and 10%, and a fire extinguisher by 11% (but see below). Observed an ecstatic third-level tech repair an airlock door by 17% several times in a row. Observed an ecstatic fourth-level tech repair an oxygen recycler, a bar, and a fire extinguisher by 20%, as well as fail to repair an oxygen recycler at all (non-destructively). Observed an ecstatic fifth-level tech repair an oxygen recycler, a door, and an emergency alarm by 20%. I suspect that the time it takes to do the job may vary by skill level. Anecdotally, I'd say that low-morale techs do less actual work than high-morale techs, although it would take rather a lot more observation to say for sure. They also complain more about boredom on Spaceface. I've noticed an interesting wrinkle too. When the tech starts the job, they store the current condition of the object, and probably determines the eventual outcome. Then after the job animation plays the condition is set to the calculated outcome. This means that if the recycler is at 50% when they start, and they repair it by 10% this time, then it will be at 60% when they finish, even if it decayed by 2% while they were working on it. That could be a bug, I suppose, but we can just pretend that nobody noticed. This is of course Alpha 2a: "Taste Oddity".
  10. Succession Game- In progress

    Count me in!
  11. Post your Spacebases!

    Cool. You put the bar in the right place, but where are the engines?
  12. Post your Spacebases!

    Thanks. I enjoyed building it, although I wouldn't want to live there. Too modern for my tastes! Also, the noise would probably be terrible. db48x
  13. Post your Spacebases!

    I built a weird-looking base this time. I wouldn't like to live in this one, but it's working really well. I have never yet had to demolish an air recycler and replace it. I attribute this to the fact that I've kept the number of techs down to a minimum, only ever having one three-star tech at any time. This has allowed them to level up much more quickly. I still think that the quality of the air recycler degrades to quickly; you might get 20% from a single repair by a high-level tech, but it degrades by 2 or 3% just in the time they're working on it.
  14. Post your Spacebases!

    I like the way you did the bedrooms there, gives everyone a chance at a private window onto the stars.
  15. Post your Spacebases!

    I like the columns in that hallway; very nice.