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  1. I didn't mean because whether they disliked the song or not necessarily, but the message of the video.
  2. The 86 people whom disliked that video have serious mental issues.
  3. Damnit Cantido. Quit comparing Brutal Legend to Monday Night Combat. I have both and Brutal Legend actually is NOTHING like Monday Night Combat. I hope the mighty titans smack you around a bit.
  4. Everyone who played the game from EA had their faces melted and their minds blown that they became incapable to allow Double Fine to make sequel. >:-(
  5. I laughed so hard when I read this, that I shot soda from my nose. :long:
  6. I mean in general, whether you still do now or don't.
  7. Here's a really dorky question, but does anyone here ever 'roleplay'? I don't mean cosplaying foreplay for sex or roleplaying games either. What I mean is like creating fictional characters and using them to follow and type a story out with others.
  8. Well it would be nice if they did do it. Because if it released on the night of halloween it would be like when Halloween and Saw came out on theaters, we'd just be too busy going to parties, trick or treating, going to haunted houses, making final decorations, or whatever to have much time to play CQ.
  9. I'd like to take part, but I can already imagine the lag madness which would ensue.
  10. There's only fourteen... And that's not exactly a bracket either.
  11. Heres the list of the people in,i dont think killswitch cage will be joining us since he has been offline for 7 days Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up, no. Just no. I'm still in this. I've just been waiting for you guys to get all the people so we can get this started already. I just moved my Xbox into a different room for better HD since i've just been playing single player games lately and I can't play online in there. Plus over your bickering, I haven't seen anything stating that we've started yet.
  12. OH HAI JOHNNY! (contains pixel nudity) Huh. I played that game a couple times the other day. Awesome game, better than the movie and the ending was very lulzy. Newgrounds ftw. Anywho... Can we get back on topic before my head explodes? :ahhh:
  13. :gulp: I think Crash should just run the hell outta there before he gets attacked.
  14. I never said adults couldn't play it, I just meant that the appeal focuses more on the young kid demographic.
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