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  1. Just wanted to say that I keep looking in here every now and then, because I'm excited to see your progress.
  2. Cool. I've certainly had enough bugs playing this game, so maybe I'll wait for a bit longer then. Is the code private, or can I follow it somewhere?
  3. This is fantastic! I checked out the forums on a whim, and was very pleasantly surprised to see that there was something happening. I will have to try it out.
  4. I've been idling in #spacebase-df9 and #spacebasedf9 on freenode for the past few days. Apparently no-one can hear me in space, cause I'm all alone
  5. Which makes sense, otherwise, what would the point be of having the levels in the first place.
  6. I have sort of obsessively followed someone around (does this make me a stalker?), and didn't observe them healing. I guess I'll try to just wait even longer. Yeah, he's a botanist now, and will remain so at least until he heals.
  7. After dealing with some raiders, one of my security team members now has status "Hurt". I was initially hoping this would go away after long enough, but that doesn't seem to be the case. So I'm guessing, pending a medical profession, and related rooms/items, there is no cure? I'm asking to make sure I haven't missed something. Perhaps someone has discovered a bug that allows a workaround in the meantime. FWIW, that Killbot got what he deserved for threatening my crew!
  8. More detailed control over the crew members. +1
  9. Setting up a large construction/demolition outside of a base a certain way to get builders killed. With 1 minute as their only safety margin, they often don't make it through an airlock in time. Being able to tell the crew how careful they should be, that is, how soon they should return to base for oxygen, would be very useful.
  10. Yep. Perhaps the topic title was poorly chosen. You're completely right though, that at this stage, it adds rather little, with so few rooms available, there aren't that many clicks happening. (So the number of clicks this could save isn't that large) Still, given that it seems (to me) like the fundamental "Click and drag and we will place multiple X for you"-feature is already available, it might not require a whole lot of work.
  11. Perhaps I expressed myself badly. There is still room for useful simplification. For example, there is the ability to build a "Room", by clicking once, dragging, and having both floor and walls placed into what is generally a useful configuration. If there was no use for the type of simplification I'm suggesting, then we should also be placing each tile of floor individually, and then when the floor was finished, we'd have to add the walls, again, one tile at a time. I assume you don't suggest that needing to do what I described above that would be a "feature". I believe that would be tedious and unnecessary, and I don't see that it adds any value. However, being able to add individual tiles is still useful, and is not prevented by the convenience feature. (They actually even rely on the same feature implementation, one simply avoids dragging the mouse pointer outside of the starting tile in one scenario) Much like the ability to place a "room" doesn't prevent you from placing a single floor tile, the feature I suggest doesn't (necessarily) have any effect at all on the things you mention above. I don't expect the computer to do all the work, just make the part that is repetitive, easier. I mention recycler or hydroponics culture. in my post. While I don't feel that this feature would be need to be limited to those items alone, those are the two primary ones that, in the current version of the game, don't really gain anything from being individually placed. I hope I have explained why I disagree. While it takes significantly more than this simple disagreement to offend me, consider that if you need to end your post like that, maybe you should reword the post, not apologize for it. I agree, Spore, Supreme Commander and Black & White all come to mind. I don't feel like my suggestion qualifies as game ruining though. If implemented the way I hope, it wouldn't even noticeable change the game, it would just be a small convenience, not remove any depth what so ever.
  12. For some rooms, for example life support and the new gardens, it doesn't make a great deal of sense (or add much interesting gameplay) to need to individually place each recycler or hydroponics culture. For these rooms, it would be nice to have an (optional?) ability to just zone the room, and the relevant content would automatically be placed, much like it worked on dungeon keeper. (And probably other games, can anyone think of a less ancient title?) Air locks and residences on the other hands seems like rooms that are more fitting to be built manually, since it can make more sense to customize the layout for these.
  13. How awesome is that something that was promised actually made it out on the 15th of November, as opposed to the 10th of December!
  14. My mostly symmetrical base, with a dedicated space for our seed, for remembering the world we came from, so many thousands of years ago. Up left I've started working on additional living spaces, but then some builders forgot about their need for oxygen. Let's just say I don't need the extra space any more... There's even some space prepared for growing food The current configuration is not _quite_ enough to provide the needed oxygen, not sure what solution to go with that doesn't ruin the symmetry. Stabilized everything with double walling, and left running while I worked. Now have a full crew with 5 stars in all four skills building/technician/bartender/security.
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