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  1. Space marmite. Your crew either love it or hate it. It could be the bi-product of some foods' processing, or something like that. Having little references to stuff in the food sounds pretty cool.
  2. The problem with FTL's system is that you can't isolate specific rooms. A ventilation system would not only let you drain a central room of your base of oxygen, it would also open up other possibilities that have already been discussed. I attempted an FTL-like system by rigging up a ring of corridor around the base, where I would open an airlock, drain the corridor, then drain a certain room. This worked to some extent, but the oxygen levels never got below 30, and it affected other rooms, which resulted in my entire crew panicking and half the base burning. I don't know how the current oxygen system works, but it's a bit funny sometimes. For example, I tried draining all of the corridors in my base, but one of the life support rooms started losing oxygen while the other didn't. It was probably a bug, but it seemed as though the oxygen generation was centralised around the 1st room I'd built, so regardless of the spacing of the other life support rooms, oxygen was still spread thin on the outer sections of my base.
  3. I'm not really sure if it's possible, but I think adding a ventilation system fro the base would add a bit of depth to the base building so you'll actually have to design it well. A pro of this idea is that it means you can have one big life support room, so your technicians don't have to wander around the base being negligent of all of the vital system. It also means that making death-rooms for dangerous crew members and raiders is easier. Your bases will have to have some thought put into them to ensure that oxygen gets into rooms. Rooms with closed doors should be effectively air tight, seeing as it's in space, the same way submarine doors are all water tight. If disease is ever implemented, you would have to build a closed life-support system for all the ill crew, or risk infecting your entire crew. I think this would be pretty fun, along with other disasters, such as meteorites cutting open the ventilation pipes and leaking your precious oxygen into space, and would make the game far more exciting. I know this is a proof of concept, but I was thinking that the ventilation could be on a different plane to the main base, similar to SimCity 4, where you need to control the water supply underground through pump stations. Tell me what you think, it's just an early idea, but it's something I would really enjoy having in the game.
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