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  1. How many techs do you have in that 100 man crew? I got up to 53 crew myself, but by that time I had to periodically rebuild all my life support because they kept breaking and the techs couldn't repair them fast enough, even with 24 techs out of 53. I eventually had to retire the station after a space worm derelict spawned that made anyone entering it afk outside the airlock. Would have eventually killed my entire crew. Next time I'm going to try building life support centrally following your suggestion, see how far I can get. As a suggestion to you it would help if you place bars on the outskirts of your base rather than one single bar in the middle. Because of the way oxygen is consumed and diffused through the base, it's not efficient to have most of your crew centered around one spot. I noticed this during one of my "rebuild all life support" phases. Oxygen dropped below 40% so everyone started to panic about oxygen and congregated to one of my 4 life support rooms. Even with a 1,5x capacity of working recyclers the O2 levels were going up extremely slowly. Once it rose enough and everyone stopped panicking and spread around the base, oxygen levels quickly rose to over 90%. I'm guessing your trouble with the O2 levels with everyone inside and not getting enough in the corners is due to the singular bar in the middle of your base. I would think your base is a great show for the developers on larger base management and if there's some things to tweak and improve. Also included my 53 which I already posted earlier with a slightly smaller crew, 53 was the highest I got.
  2. Wanted to paste another base. I'm quite proud of it. It's been stuck at 36 people for ages. No new ships coming at the moment. There's notices about passing ships, but none show up. The machines are starting to buckle, even with 15 technitians (5star/4star) they can't keep everything anything above 30%. I've been managing the derelicts/docks/spaceworms quite well, but I fear the station has come to the end of its rope.
  3. I was playing a new base and I noticed and realized something that instantly helped me deal with derelicts, and it's to do with the beacon. As everyone knows we can place it nearly anywhere. But if you place it on the first spot suggested when you press B it's highly likely to command your security forces to actually explore the derelict in its entirety, rather than just wandering around the beacon. The security AI and behavior is still pretty buggy, but I think I found a small working part accidentally. Hope this helps.
  4. I hope you won't forget that plants "recycle" oxygen, so don't forget to implement that at some point. Having large amounts of flora growing around the station would lessen the stress on Oxygen Recyclers, and thus reduce maintenance need. As long as plants go: Some sort of algae that grows on flat surfaces would be quite space like. Fruits that grow on a grid, similar to tomatoes. Pretty much anything that grows on a vine or tree would be growable in space. Efficiency is key in space, so any food grown would be in racks. There's no soil in space, so root foods like potatoes and carrots would not be canon with a space station. Everything would be grown hydroponically. No flowers: Flowers need pollination, there are no bees in space. My 2 cents, o7
  5. Here's my best base so far. Double outer walls and more than enough room for a lot of crew. Now just need them to show up.
  6. I really like the idea about ownership of parts of the station. Maybe when the security role gets worked on a bit more they could "claim" desired derelicts and just scout out the ones that pop up without adding them to your control automatically. I too feel your frustration at the technician issue. Specially since demolishing structures is so slow. With half your crew as technicians, there's only so many to take on the builder role. Demolishing a derelict takes a huge amount of time, so any building you want to do will have to wait if you want to remove derelicts from your station. The spawnrate of derelicts is also way too high. You barely have time to even scout all of the ones that spawn. Provided the beacon works at all, which it most of the time doesn't.
  7. Here's a few of mine up until now: 1. Being attacked by a duo of raiders. Security forces are on the hunt and chasing them down. For reasons beyond me the raiders head to the airlock and leave the station. As they're flying to somewhere, security forces continue to shoot at them. Security forces shoot out 3 wall sections of the bar. All but one of the crew is sucked out in to space. MFW 2. Explore a derelict with 2 security personnel. Upon encountering a single raider they both panic and start running around. After the raider finishes with the security force it continues to board my station. Promptly upon the raiders arrival every single crewmember panics and starts running around. MFW I watch my entire crew get killed by a single Raider
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