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  1. We discussed something similar to this in another thread, where foreign objects (derelects & raiders) are not instantly integrated into your base. You would have to eliminate the raider threat, then send a technician over to the attached ship to "hack" the computer system to bring it under your base's control (this also means that your technicians won't waste their time maintaining the systems on a derelect at the corner of your map). After a section is under your control, you can clear it of citizens and jettison it into the void.
  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Did I say yes? I love this idea SO MUCH. +100 internet points M-Gate.
  3. Will there be a savegame that is transferred from one person to the next? I don't fully understand how this works.
  4. I Agree with Smiles on the subject. Also, I think that astronauts shouldn't instantly die from asphyxiation. Its unrealistic and frustrating, at the very least the astronaut in question should go unconcious from O2 deprivation, and have about 1 minute to be rescued and resuscitated back in the base.
  5. Old Discussion http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10768/
  6. I really like this idea, but it seems a bit excessive to construct a static O2 unit at each location you wish to have access to oxygen, I'd like to see something like this (but in space of course): This would allow 2-4 astronauts to make short trips with more O2, and room to carry more resources.
  7. You could go so far as to say, it'll be "double" fine. You left the dooor wide open on that one Also, I agree with all the points you made above, thumbs up from me! Cheers.
  8. In recent discussion on the Doctor Suggestion Thread, a number of people mentioned great ideas for space related illnesses that could befall your citizens. What would you like to cure your cosmonauts of? Post your sick ideas below! *Feel free to include pictures, however, I request that you refrain from posting anything graphic, and, as always, keep with the Forum Rules. **The Doctor profession, the Medical Bay Room, and the possibility of space-illnesses have not yet been confirmed by Double Fine, and are purely hypothetical.
  9. Yes, yes, and absolutely yes! I'll start a thread for it!
  10. Exactly, if they're a good saboteur, they won't likely just open fire on your citizens. Also, MP with interaction with your friends' bases would be amazing, even just interaction with AI bases would be really neat.
  11. I agree that just looking at graphs of all of your citizens stats is disconnected, and that's not what I want. Players should build an attachment to their citizens, and it should hurt to loose members of your team. If the graphs were dependent on a Psychologist, they wouldn't be real-time, and the amount of information displayed would depend on their level in that profession.
  12. I was thinking about the spies/undercover raiders concept earlier, I think that'd be great! If your security members are high enough level they could give you warning about potentially dangerous members. If you didn't catch a spy, maybe they would kill off citizens one-by one until they were caught?
  13. These graphs are extremely useful whilst playing, and I think they could become a very important tool to every player. Just giving players this info seems almost too easy to me, and perhaps I'm a glutton for punishment, but i think the use of these graphs should be dependent on things you do in game. I mentioned in a post here that these could be made accessible via a Psychologist citizen.
  14. Well, maybe failing is half the fun. How rogue like is the game going to be, because unexpected invasions would fit into that, but we need ways to survive, or random events give us the tools necessary to squeak out a victory. But how well our our security staff going to do, I don't even think they have chest height walls to hide behind yet. Because when trouble hits, I would love for the game to allow more tactical control, like X-Com, but still real time. Very true, however, I don't think this game should follow the "die until you win" format. Some games like Binding of Iasaac do it well, but I don't think it fits the genre. Recovering from half of your crew dieing and a third of your base being destroyed, is far different than total annihilation because you chose to advance your base technically rather than militarily. Making invasions become X-com esque would be really cool, however, I don't think that's anywhere in the near future. At present, some simple direction of your security forces would be fantastic, more so than vague beacon placing.
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