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  1. Cards don't do anything really really (aside from being sellable)... but I got a foil technician... I want it to mean something... so bad.
  2. Yeah Towns does the same thing, you build zones first then build walls around it.
  3. They updated his picture i think, I remember it looking more cartoony.
  4. Hi everyone! I haven't seen a thread like this so here goes: This thread will be a nice little link list on information on the game. Pretty much everything and anything to help people understand how to play the game as it comes along in development. If you found something helpful, please post it and i'll try to ad it here.
  5. Went shopping and ran into this. Couldn't pass it up, can't wait to play it!
  6. @Alephred & mr_vads, Yeah not feasible yet, i'm sure down the line it might be though. Ima try this each build maybe. @KillerB, Thanks! If you do that for your O2 you have to force your doors open. @nulian, It's a Frankenbase! SO SICK! I've never just went into a game and tried everything at once like that. Really cool.
  7. Papers Please and Spelunky. I really shoulda chose to play these at different times. It's just a rollercoaster of emotions with either game.
  8. Did some fiddling with some construction methods. Wanted to make a colony of these little guys (pic 1), but meandering citizens along with rooms with low O2 availability always ended up in disaster immediately (any rooms with more than 3 people ended up in suffocation/depressurized rooms). I think having a main (practical) base first then maybe trying to make these little guys would bear more fruit. Edit: Used the same build methods to make another, more accommodating, base (Last pic).
  9. I think they did this to make the audience feel the lengthy passing of time when a person does bid in jail.
  10. whaaaat? are you one of dev's or just talking here? sorry for plain dealing, but players are testing your alpha for free here you know I'm not a dev, I'm just a "forumite" who likes to reply to posts in this thread to keep it bumped up .Devs are denoted on these forums with "Double Fine" in blue above their avatar.
  11. pics or link to this? Been trying to find a nice display piece of this one actually. http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?an=thoreau&bi=h&kn=illustrated+princeton&tn=waldenI'm not sure if the first hit is the same thing, but it's got nice photography of Walden Pond, not hand-done illustrations. Not the showiest edition I'm sure but I like seeing photography of it more than I thought I would. It still leaves a lot to the imagination and doesn't tread on my mental image like I thought it would. I've been struggling with visiting the place for that reason, from what I gather there's been a lot of development done since Thoreau, and even more since this was published. I don't doubt that, which kinda sucks considering what that book is about. What'd really be cool is having a picture/illustration of winged cat in the book.
  12. that's okay. I gave Chyron8472 only 1 game as well Yeah, and after I gave ShooMonFoo a game that was then $10, it shortly went on sale for less, making me feel like a bit of an ass. You're gift was great! Didn't need anything more dood!
  13. pics or link to this? Been trying to find a nice display piece of this one actually.
  14. @thestalkinghead, Looks vary practical like you would expect a space base to be. Love it! @mr_vads & KillerB Good stuff!
  15. @Fhqwhgads, That video is blocked in the US apparently, but Garbage is sooooo good! I feel they didn't catch on in the US (not the part I'm from at least) as they should have. Only Happy When it Rains made a big splash though. They always remind me of Gran Turismo. Here's a fun jazz piece to listen to. The piano dood totally punched me in the face with his solo (in a good way).
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