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  1. Costume Quest on OUYA (?)

    Hello, my bad for bumping this again but I just wanted to share this:
  2. Costume Quest on OUYA (?)

    Ok, thanks for the reply. Yeah, Dropchord is out on OUYA. Bingo, flesk.
  3. Costume Quest on OUYA (?)

    I'm guessing that's a slim to none?
  4. Costume Quest on OUYA (?)

    Hello everybody, I am making this thread to see what the possibilities of Costume Quest coming to OUYA are. I bought Dropchord as soon as it was available on the Discover store and I've been having a blast with it. Personally me, and a few other people I have talked with would LOVE to have this game available on the console... If for some reason Costume Quest won't be available, what other games are soon to be available? Love your games!