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  1. Well, this attempt is going strong. My outer ring is 50% complete, inner ring is 25% (about 35%, I think, if you include the pub), and my crew is a mix of ecstatic and deeply sad... Most of the ones that are sad are the builders and miners, but fortunately my techs are happy (for once). One of the reasons for this is that my miners haven't been committing suicide any more due to walking right by food when they are starving - I have been only mining small chunks then getting them to rest for a couple of minutes to eat, and it has been working well. My machines are hovering around 60%, I had a bit of a scare when I didn't have enough techs on and they fell to around 20%, but I have since recovered. All in all, I might actually finish this thing - for once. EDIT: *Sigh* I am now 100% convinced that miners are suicidal... I have since lost 6 because they decided they wanted to chat to people while starving... As such, I have not one happy technician left
  2. The major problem I had was my miners were too eager to work. I saw starving miners walk right past my food replicators into the airlocks, then dying in space. The constant deaths of my miners caused my crew morale to plummet, which in turn wreaked havoc on my base via techs not fixing anything. I will try sticking monitors around, though, see if it does anything.
  3. Heh, the idea is to eventually make a circle, but I have never managed to get far enough. As to the crew starving, the problem isn't a lack of food, its that they refuse to eat. Its always my miners, never anyone else (except the odd builder on a big construction job). Whats even worse is that most of them die while in bed... Surely if you were about to die from hunger you would wake up and head for the nearest food source? I reckon that as soon as they start to get hungry (i.e. healthy > hungry > starving) they should start looking for food, and when they reach starving, they should prioritize food over pretty much anything else. This is where my base is currently, but my technicians have pretty much stopped doing anything. I wish I could somehow say to them "I don't care how depressed you are, if you don't get to work, it won't matter how depressed you are, as you - and the rest of the crew - will be dead. No excuses! Get back to work!" In the previous image, I had made the reactor zone into a bar temporarily until the actual bar had been built. To those wanting to know the current plan for my base: UPDATE: Well, this base is still crawling along. Haven''t had any deaths in a while, and a couple of my 5-star techs are happy, meaning that some stuff is getting fixed again, yay! UPDATE: Ok, I think I jinxed it... My technicians seem to be committing suicide now... UPDATE: Well... Everyone is deeply sad, sparks are flying everywhere, and my crew is starving to death left right and center (my technicians refuse to fix the food replicators, and my bartenders are more interested in walking around than tending their bars. Oh, and nearly every door on my base is broken). All in all, it looks like this base's time is nearly up. I will post the final picture when it dies. UPDATE: 1 sad technician left, he keeps trying to fix exterior doors, popping into an airlock every now and then to top up his air... No one seems to be coming anymore (I get the occasional pop-up saying there is something coming, but nothing comes). All that's left is to wait for him to starve to death, I guess... UPDATE: And, he's gone. The final base:
  4. I have started a new one, but this time I tried something different. Rather than start from the center, I am starting from the edge. It's going alright, but I am still having issues with my miners and builders starving. It seems to me that an active duty will override the need to eat - I once saw one of my miners on starving walk right past a food replicator to get to an airlock to continue mining. I immediately cancelled all mining orders and reloaded the game, and she immediately went for the nearest food replicator. In other words, I think I found why I keep losing all my miners... Then I keep forgetting to check on them regularly, and they starve again. As a result, my technicians are all sad again, and I do not know if this base will get much further...
  5. I was doing so well, up until I reached about 30 citizens... After that, my builders and miners started starving to death, either while asleep or out in space... There was plenty of food, so I don't know why they couldn't eat, and really? Starving to death while in bed? Anyway, it started slowly going downhill from there. My technicians grew depressed, and eventually all my life support died. They would occasionally fix them enough to keep the base going, but not for long. Eventually, I simultaneously lost about 35 of my crew to asphyxiation, and that is when I took this picture: I tried my best to keep it going with the skeleton crew, but the technicians would not fix anything, causing rampant fires in the life support rooms, which pretty much destroyed my base. Guess it's back to square one for me
  6. Oh man... that reactor portion totally looks like a Star Craft battle cruiser. -- Image Snip -- Looks sick dood! Heh, now that you mention it, it does, doesn't it? I also do know what a SC BC looks like, lol. Played it for ages (but I guess you didn't know that, eh?)
  7. This one was going so well, then a fire broke out that no one went to extinguish, and I didn't notice it... Also, a ship managed to dock to one of my vent doors (left hand side), the raider came in, and as I hadn't made the room to go on the end of it, I instead vented him out there... However, he landed on the floor outside, and one of my builders came over to check him out, the raider killed him, then walked off the edge and died... What I want to know is how did he even get to kill my builder, he was standing in space without a space suit EDIT: Ok, I managed to subdue the fire and repair the damage... Lost quite a few of my crew though
  8. LMAO I always scrapped mine, but if this remains in the game... Well, if you use the seed to "protect" a hole in an otherwise double-walled base, you could pretty much shut-down all invaders while still having something that looks alright.
  9. Dayum, I have never seen a 'roid even close to that size, all I get are tiny/small ones (but lots of them, at least). Nice find. So, is it truly safe from docking ships? Can ships not overlap asteroids, unlike derelicts? Well its two asteroids that were very close , yeah, since I put a wall around the outside of the asteroid too, any ships think that the outside wall is apart of the base to they just dock with it, asteroid is the best protector! Ah, I hadn't noticed that wall around the outside of the steroids, it blends in very well when they are down, lol. As to the two asteroids thing, are you saying that the residential area is made out of two, or that one is the residential area, and the other is life support? Because I was specifically talking about the one containing the residential area, it is huge.
  10. I can see the distinct footprints of 4 derelicts / ships attached to your base, as well as a number of others around. As to the depressurized room in the middle, the door should have nothing to do with it. Either it is due to that room having a breach somewhere, or its due to a bug I found (I couldn't find any post about it on the forum, so IDK) which seems to treat the occasional room as separated from the rest of your base... This happened with my inner-left life support room, which caused that room to remain depressurized until my builders got around to building O2 recyclers in there, at which point the O2 level in there rose to 100%, which caused issues when my people wanted to wander from my ~60% O2 level base (many recyclers were offline, the main reason I needed this one operational), as the pressure difference caused them to be sucked back into the pub when they tried to walk in. Eventually, I fixed it by demolishing and rebuilding a piece of wall between the two rooms, after rezoning the life support section (the pub rezoned it when the wall went down), the room was then counted as part of my base... As to this bug, is someone more experienced able to report it? I am not well acquainted with forums, other than posting replies and editing my profile, nor do I know the proper procedure to reporting a bug...
  11. Dayum, I have never seen a 'roid even close to that size, all I get are tiny/small ones (but lots of them, at least). Nice find. So, is it truly safe from docking ships? Can ships not overlap asteroids, unlike derelicts?
  12. After viewing some of the other people's space bases, and viewing the future update log, I have decided to refine my design a bit: 1 pixel represents 1 tile (you may need to download it, open it and zoom in or something to see the detail). Key: Black Wall White Unzoned Yellow Habitation Cyan Life support Red Reactor Grey Refinery Purple Pub Orange Airlock Green Garden (added in preparation for update) The very dark red areas represent maintenance/defense shafts (defense shaft, a.k.a. shaft to vent intruders into space) The reason that the reactor rooms are so big, with long "arms" on the outer ring, is that reactors will, apparently, only power adjacent rooms (by my understanding, this means rooms directly touching the reactor rooms. I do not know for sure if this is how it will be done (for all I know, power may be distributed like oxygen), however it is better safe than sorry). I have decided to, instead of having the refinery(s) inside my base, I will instead have them in external rooms to free up space, and to allow my miners to mine remotely, while still having somewhere to top up their oxygen. I will post again with a picture once I have this base up and running.
  13. Dude, I think you squared the circle. Seriously, it looks awesome. No I've never had a door repaired by techs. I always end up replacing them. I end up with .5 on my matter all the time. I think it happens for me when demolishing derelicts. Mmm, I used Paint.NET to plan my base out, however, it is not a perfect circle. In order to fit the beds properly, I needed to add just a bit of extra to the diagonal bits of it. Other than that, yes, I squared the circle, lol. EDIT: This is my plan for the Starbase: 1 pixel represents 1 tile (you may need to download it, open it and zoom in or something to see the detail). Key: Black Wall White Unzoned Yellow Habitation Cyan Life support Red Reactor Grey Refinery Purple Pub Orange Airlock Green Garden (added in preparation for update)
  14. This is my current Spacebase. It is inspired by the Starbases of a browser-based game called Pardus. At the moment it is just the central structure (the "command center", surrounded by a ring of 8 habitation modules), but the design will get significantly bigger. The 4 airlocks on the outer section of the habitation ring are the start of the pylons that stretch to the outer ring, which is where I will put more habitation, and where I will move the pubs to (need bigger ones, lol). This is the second time I have reached this stage, and after the mistakes of the first time, I am deliberately keeping my crew as small as I can to consume as little oxygen as possible (the lack of Artificial Intelligence and the abundance Artificial Stupidity in my previous game refusing to fix or build new life support caused my crew of roughly 60-70 to asphyxiate almost simultaneously). If I manage to complete my Starbase, I will be posting the completed thing... That is, if my crew doesn't kill itself first... Also, are technicians supposed to fix doors? Mine never seem to want to go near them, and I end up needing to replace them... EDIT: Now that I remember about it, on every one of my Spacebases, I somehow end up with a .5 value on my matter... This happen to anyone else?
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