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  1. Some people have suggested adding the option of forming groups of security officers when sending them at beacons. I feel like you should be able to group ANY crew members into an away team, since realistically security officers might not be able to handle all situations by shooting at them. This could add to possible derelict events such as: -derelicts with failing life support or reactors requiring a technician to repair before everyone suffocates -broken or obstructed doors requiring builders to demolish -injured or dying people requiring immediate medical attention from doctors (long term dev plan) Since derelicts tend to be pretty small there should be a limit on how big away teams can be. This would also force players to make decisions on who to bring.
  2. According to the Dev Plan (http://spacebasedf9.com/devplans) monsters will be able to be studied in the research lab zone. There may also be a possibility of capturing and domesticating hostile monsters in the brig. It feels like having those rooms deal with monster related tasks might make the rooms a bit cluttered, since they already have a lot to deal with. Why not assign a separate Xenobiology room where xenobiologists can do anything relating to space monsters? This would include pacification, breeding, studying, and perhaps once monsters can be domesticated as pets, xenobiologists can act as vets. Of course Xenobiology can still interact with other zones, like sharing knowledge on monsters with scientists to develop better weapons, or delivering edible monster carcases to a chef (unless we're sticking with food replicators). [Edit] Missed the part in the dev plan about bartenders doubling as chefs
  3. Rooms can be assigned as R&D labs and populated with science objects where crew rostered as scientists can work. The function of R&D would be to upgrade the rest of the station, for example: -better mining tools for miners -better weapons and armor for security -research into diseases for med bay (suggested by http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10781/) -make more hand held games for crew to play with, maybe even add an arcade room -etc Maybe they could even make robots to fill in for certain jobs
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