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  1. Last night there was a 500MB update for xbox. What's up with that? Are there patch notes somewhere? Is it a prelude to a new DLC or (gasp) Iron Brigade 2? Shaking with excitement over the possibilities.
  2. I have read this thread many times because I find it very amusing. I also assumed that you guys were exaggerating for comedic effect. UNTIL last week. I entered a lobby and there was a guy with two Topiary Trimmers. I recommended that he bring the Fiesta shotguns instead. I explained that they are much more powerful and the range is really 200 (the same as the machine gun) even though the description says otherwise. He called me a racist, told me to have intercourse with myself (I'm paraphrasing). He backed out and immediately left a negative review on my account.
  3. @OANST - So are you doing anything interesting out there or are you just browsing?
  4. For no particular reason lets start with the exits that most veterans know about and move on from there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are seeing these for the first time, do not try getting out of the map when you are playing with a group on a serious run. If your base gets destroyed because you were goofing off, your team will get mad at you. Hospital - On what is commonly called the "long path" there is a small dirt plateau near the conduit (on your right facing spawn). If you sprint at an angle (about 45 degrees) you can get up onto that plateau and out of the map. Hospital - This one i've seen on youtube but have not done it myself. It looks like it may only work on Steam and I play on xbox. Facing the bridge with the base behind you, just to the left of the bridge you can sqeeze out of the map and down into the ravine. Swamp - If you go to the back wall near the blue base, you will find a ramp with pipes on it (behind the explosive fuel truck). If you sqeeze back there and go up the ramp, you turn around and ever so slightly tap sprint and get on top of the pipes. You can then turn around again (facing outside the map) and sprint out. Settlement - This is probably the easiest one, but is also the easiest to get stuck. From the green base walk to the green conduit. Walk up onto the raised dirt plateau (on your left facing spawn). Walk next to the conduit and you're out. Keep in mind that any part of the ground that isn't flat will get you stuck.
  5. I know that each of the Survival maps have unofficial exits where players can get outside the map and it got me thinking. Are there any other maps (campaign maps) that have these unofficial exits. I acknowledge that they are not useful in campaign, but hey, you guys love wierd/quirky challenges. We can call it the "Easter Exit Challenge" (I also acknowledge that I'm not very good at naming challenges).
  6. I arrived at the same conclusion, but took a different route getting there. If you notice the campfire at the end of the game (right before the credits) only characters that chose the "good" ending are there. Characters that chose the "bad" ending are not. To me that means that those characters never left the cave. Even though the last time we saw them they were climbing the ladder towards the surface. Also, consider the non-playable characters - (The Big Game Hunter, The Prospector, The Hermit, and the RockStar Guitar guy) They never gave up "the object they most desire" and also never left the Cave.
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