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  1. One of the major things that they're working on with the 1.0 release is fixing bugs (they stated that 1.0 will have "over a month’s worth of pure bug-fixing work"). And, since there's many in the Linux version I'm sure fixing the major bugs in the Linux release is one of the things that they've been working on before it goes to full retail status with 1.0. Hey. A reply. Not completely dead. But you see. Ever since the release of "Alpha 6", the game has not run on linux. You do understand if there were more bugs and issues than just trying to play the game with 4FPS, the linux people wouldn't have been able to even help out with it... which is the purpose of an ALPHA. And then BETA is for fixing the bugs that are left over from the alpha stage to make sure the features for full released are actually "Finished" This is just going to be a rushed piece of shite I feel. 6? updates to alpha 6 and not one addressed the gameplay issue users were having. Just like with the audio issues. They released each alpha without really testing it. And now they are magically out of money? How can they add more features and test it all? Just. how? If they had (even a short 2 month beta stage to make sure it is ready for release) I wouldn't complain. "Alpha Funded / Early Access is not an 'alternative' development approach. It has a very specific use for a very specific set of games," said Andy Hodgetts of Project Zomboid developer The Indie Stone. "So what is very clear to me, is if you can't guarantee this from the outset then Alpha-Funding / Early Access is not for you. It's too risky and were it just your own reputation on the line, that'd be fine. But failures tarnish the reputation of the entire model, so a failure (particularly a high-profile failure) is potentially damaging to the very developers who need this model the most." Alpha: Unfinished game, add features. Beta: Finish the game, prep for release Full release: game done. But what double fine is doing Alpha: LOL THANKS FOR MONEY AND WE MIGHT LISTEN TO YOUR ISSUES Beta: LOL you're funny! We're out of money! But let's work on 6 other games!~ Full release: LOL! Thanks for buying our game we just rushed out! Oh? Something else doesn't work? Thanks for beta testing it since we don't have money or ability to test the game ourselves!
  2. Just going to add. Going to 1.0 from an alpha which doesn't work on linux is a real shit move.
  3. The game doesn't even work in linux. How about. Instead of adding more features and going to version 1.0, the freaking developers get the game working? That would be lovely. But you know. Double Fine is one of the most incompetent developers I've seen in a while. Can't believe I actually backed their games.
  4. But there doesn't seem to be any time for testing. Essentially. What you have laid out is: 1: Oh crap. Out of money. Wrap everything up. We're done. 2:Release game as "1.0" going from alpha without any beta testing. 3: The customers of the "1.0" version are essentially beta testers. There is no getting around this. you're just calling a rock a boulder. 4: The game probably won't work. At all. Alpha 6 has been horrific in terms of stability. Linux doesn't even work still. It took almost A MONTH before anyone on the team acknowledged there was an issue. So no. You are going in to beta. But you're being dishonest and calling it 1.0. Only way I will accept a 1.0 release is if this was not an open development project and you had already reserved resources to pay playtesters and bugfinders. But you haven't. You don't even have enough to continue adding onto the project, how can you have the money to pay people hwo know all operating systems to test your game and find where it is breaking? That is a lot of man hours to test on multiple hardware and system settings. TLDR: Dishonest response is dishonest. Still is going into beta, but calling it 1.0
  5. As a fellow Linux user, I can totally see where you're coming from. From what I can see, earlier versions got more internal Linux testing than later versions. If we're to believe what we've been told though, your assertion that the game is "finished" overlooks all the bug fixing that they've said they'll do between now and released. We haven't yet seen what the "finished" game looks like or how it performs on Linux, and we don't know what level of testing is going to occur before release (I agree that it feels like there's not a lot of time remaining for that sort of thing, but I'd rather judge the updated game when I get my hands on it). The lack of priority for Linux to date has definitely been super disappointing, but it seems important to also acknowledge that they're unhappy with the situation and plan to resolve it (link). Well. That is the thing. The entire last release has been completely unplayable. This makes it obvious they can't handle testing of their games themselves if they can't even respond to the community ALPHA testing that is going on. All they have to really do is fix our issues, and if they had a more consice bugchecking method we could even be more involved in that regard. But I digress. Anyways. I wouldn't have anything to complain about if they just called this the "Beta" release or something. Stop adding features, but fix the bugs and get it ready for a proper release. Not.. Rushing an unfinished POS that isn't even playable through to the finish lines. You know what I feel like is going to happen for linux/mac users? They will get even more fucked than everyone else. They will get their "finished copy" but it will be so broken it would be better to install a BSOD emulator on your machine. But then. Game is finished right? Nope. Day one releae patch to get the game working? Suure. That is totally responsible. Even though they already had a great potential period to fix the bugs called.. BETA. If they had just gone with that. I wouldn't really be able to complain. But at this point it is just a money grab in my books. Few added features and not even fixing the unplayable beta 6. Just leave it copmletely broken and release full game. NOTHING CAN GO WRONG
  6. You should look into the other part of of this forum (not the general discussion), the technical issue and bugfixing part. DF Matt said they are just right now looking into this issue. I don't expect this company to achieve anything of what they are talking about anymore, but it is POSSIBLE that this MAYBE gets fixed. Just saying The thread about the LINUX-performance is probably the top one (under the sticky threads) But you get the idiocy. For the entire past release of the game. It has been UNPLAYABLE. And yet. soomeehow. This is appropriate to release without any testing at all. It is blatantely obvious they weren't testing it to begin with on linux. And now with the fact it is "finished".. Just complete bull.
  7. Well. here is my issue about all this. The main thing that chaps my ass the worst. Linux. Ever since Alpha 6, it has been completely unplayable. And yet. Somehow. They consider this horrid performance on the operating system ready for release. They are "bug fixing" or whatever and then shipping it without any more testers. There is a reason you go from alpha to beta to release: Alpha- Broken. Barely Playable. Few features. Add new features. Beta- Has most the features the game will have. Consistent performance. Bug fixing and final prep to release. I feel as if they have decided "Fuck this game. Fuck the community. Fuck Linux especially". Well I wish I could go back in time and smack myself before I ever invested money in any of DF's kickstarters and whatnot. I really wish I could.
  8. About all I can say. Doublefine can go jump in a pit of piss for all I care. Such a cool company. Such a scammy company. 3 cash grab early access burns in a row. Lovely.
  9. All I have to say about Double fine now: I'm done with these games that are never finished. Advising whoever will listen to not be suckered into your cashgrabs in the future. Scam company is scammy
  10. Same problem. Had already played it a good number of hours over the past week or two.
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