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  1. Minor disaster, really not sure how a bedroom caught fire.....maybe the bed? Someone smoking? ....'cause a bed 'wearing out' shouldn't burst into flames...........right? I've never seen so many flames. in one room. It breached space and snuffed itself out later. This was happening while the rest of the base was falling apart.
  2. ok, final SPRAWL pic to show how it kept going. It did seem like the frequency of derelicts/ships wanting to connect increased (the "We're not space pirates" kind and then their ship docks) Sometime after this I started a new base because the citizens went to 0.....and I waited....and someone happily wanted to join the empty base....but had some space worms that were major headaches so I stopped this one. Someone set FIRE TO A BEDROOM....lol These derelicts that kind of looks like people remind me of the 'darwinians' in the game 'Darwinia'....anyone? anyone? "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more" This has been the 'lottery base' as some interesting/rare things happened on this one. Perhaps the devs might add a sprite or sign that says 'lotto' or 'lottery' or a lottery ticket machine in a future release as a joke for the neat/rare bugs we see in Alpha? Why not celebrate some of the hard work and emergent quirks of the game? [Thanks for all your hard work, devs!]
  3. Er, not a new spacebase post (I recently posted this space base) but a CLOSE-UP of one of the phases just post-raider attachment. (Spacebase: closer look ) The last post made a mini room / museum for the original space pod. Nice! I just left mine hang in space in case I needed it later.....and later came when a raider ship docked on/through it. The pod served a quite the good BLOCK. They had a hallway connection that was: --fully sealed and held oxygen --a raider even went in the hallway and turned around when he saw it was blocked --raiders didn't leave their ship through their airlock because they had a connection with no locked doors (?) --I was able to space them (no O2) by deconstructing a wall, then repairing it. WHO KNEW the pod could be a fully in-bulkhead object?! (Although I have not tried to build around it myself to see if I could make it that, the raider ship helped quite nicely on this) All I can say is KARMA! Did I win the lottery again? Anyone else have this spacebase 'feature'?
  4. I like this one. I forgot that I locked a door to a small section of the base. Attached is a pic of the BARTENDER IN SPACE SUIT DOING SPACE WALK to get to the other bar (derelict) to carry out his duties! What a guy! I want that bartender when I'm in space!
  5. Not saying this is anything to be proud of, kind of a spacebase SPRAWL. In the center there's a bedroom that has 0% oxygen....why?!?! look like it's because the door is DAMAGED (0%)? In these parts, when derelicts an raiders pop in you do what you have to. I think I was down to 1 citizen at one point. I, too, learned the hard way that I shouldn't space the parasite....so many citizens and noobs lost....sigh. Can you count number of raiders/derelicts that docked to me?
  6. Some spacebase citizens already have that: the bar (group therapy) and the bartender (therapist) lol I know, I know, not everyone drinks. I agree that my base has had a lot of people get glitched/die and most of my 'base citizens were very sad, too. Seriously, sound like an interesting role for a citizen.
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