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  1. \Yes. You are over-thinking this. I reccomend reading the game informer article because litterally nothing you've said makes sense. The poster was from the ruling party of Columbia, who happen to be very xenophobic. The bell falling was a symbol of how their society is collapsing and so was their city
  2. Okay, So today I learned about how sometimes its bad when dwarves are possesed. The miller went on a killing spree and ran around ripping people apart until he was thwarted by a brave cow who kicked him in the back of the head. the casualties were about 22 dwarves and alot of animals. Most of the bodies were so destroyed they couldn't even be buried. then goblins attacked so my dwarves locked themselves in the dormitories, and eventually died of thirst. All I can say is, it's been a pretty fun day.
  3. lol and this is coming from the guy who was removed from my 4v4 for dcing on me. Any more dcers want to come out of the closet? lol and this is coming from the guy who can't put the past behind him, anymore trolling you want done?
  4. Let's not be too hard on him guys, he is only tweleve.
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