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  1. Okay I played it, and I think the implication that it was morning was there. The lighting changed, and I got it right away.
  2. I agree with one of your gripes. I wish we had more times to interact with these characters. They are just wonderful and I would have loved to see more of gus or (Spoilers) see Walt'r's reaction when Lightbeard's ladder falls to earth, leaving him trapped up their. Hell, I'd like to see more of Lightbeard! But the game was still good, it kept it's focus where it needed to be. And there's still the second half where we could go deeper into these guys, their intentions, and their destinies. As for the snake puzzle, I'm assuming that is also something they're gonna save for part two - Shay might have something that can take it down and maybe get us to Sugar Bunting.
  3. I thought the interface was well designed. You don't have to go through an full menu to talk to a guy.
  4. I was starting to see the connections between the worlds (Mostly because I played Vella's story in its entirety first, they Shay's) but i had my own assumptions, like one story took place before or after the other. I assumed it was hinted that the man in the spaceship in Vella's story was an adult Shay, then I thought they were hinting that the Mother's story was about Vella and she somehow had her memories. It was not until I finished both tales then saw Shay emerge from Mog Chathra's mouth that I began to put two and two together - that Shay was somehow controlling Mog Chathra and that the mini games where you rescued creatures were actually the maiden's feasts - that the particualry feisty creatures were Vella. So at least the other maidens are alive (for better or worse, depending on one's opinion of them) and in the cargo hold. But, thankfully, they still left questions about the nature of these worlds and characters and their connections unanswered for act 2 - which was pretty smart. I think that switching the characters' environments could be rather effective, as long as they somehow make contact again (fingers crossed) and I am definitely looking forward to the finale. I just hope that the second half is as long as the first! I really want this story to take its time!
  5. Finished the game. Loved it. Do have three little continuity nitpicks: When Vella rides into Meriloft on Jesse, we see Jesse wearing Vella's corset. After that cutscene, however, the corset is gone. After getting Shay's head shrunk in the teleporter, then going out the airlock, his head grows back to normal size until you go back into the ship At the end of Shay's story (SPOILERS), we see he is wearing the spacesuit. When he (MAJOR SPOILERS) emerges from Mog Chathra's mouth in the final cutscene, the suit is gone (END SPOILERS).
  6. After shay rescues the two bird creatures but is forced to leave one behind, the dialog option for the view screen remained un changed.
  7. Now what about the snake and the horn and the talent competition?
  8. Stuck in Vella's story. I've just given the sap bucket to Dune, Need to solve the riddle and get the dang horn. Help?
  9. I'm stuck a bit earlier on that. Cannot get the dang horn, need to solve a riddle... help?
  10. Haven't gotten that far. Did they leave out a cutscene or something?
  11. Okay, I did notice another thing: When Grandpa tells you to stand up for yourself and it cuts to the old lady, there is a slight glitch in her movement.
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