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  1. Just so you know guys, we are more active on the steam forums.
  2. It is! thanks for bringing that one to our attention! -Skenners NP! Congrats on making Gamasutra! =] heres the correct page, going to that page brings you to the old page if you dont clear your cache. http://www.spacebasehub.net/home.html
  3. Actually we are directly changing the source code.
  4. I have successfully ported the code over, (what I had), right now "the Thing" type diseases, always require research, (but have a randomized name) And of course it has "the Thing" features, but it isn't done yet. Also, bodies can transform wilst dead, so you have to get rid of the bodies.
  5. I have begun making "The Thing" type diseases, but right now they act similar to parasites, except they spread and when they pop out is much more random, obviously this is just the beginning, for anyone interested heres the current description it uses... its the Thing 's theme in text form. DISEASTHINGTEXT = "DUN DUN...dun.SHH.dun..dun..dun..DUN DUN...dun.SHH.dun..dun..dun", has unique log entries as-well
  6. Heard about your modding efforts, and have decided to see if I cant get into this, already have my own website, pretty good programmer, not that used to lua, but I might be able to help if I have the time. untrustedlife.com ALso, before I go farther, I would like to point out that spacebase df9 is similar to spacestation 13 in its style of humor and threats so I would hope you guys keep it that way (the universe knows ill try when I have time to help out), think it would be cool if one of you (or perhaps I) would program in changelings a-la space station 13, or "John Carpenters, the thing" and http://wiki.ss13.co/Changeling looks like you already plan on alien kudzu, so thats awesome.
  7. OH SNAP! Free game! Whoo! Bonus: Hack 'n' Slash is amazing. it didnt show u p in my steam library, what gives
  8. I was caught up in the Elemental debacle and I mentioned it in a post earlier in this thread. If DF did something like that then I would have a lot more respect for them. Brad Wardell said 'Hey guys, we really messed this game up. Here is what we are going to do to fix it.' He was honest and I got a pretty good game out of it in the way of Fallen Enchantress. Yeah being open, honestly, and being direct about what is going on. Thats how i am myself, thats something i value. not all the bullshit, just say it as it is. Sadly that is rare thing, and its a shame. It is what I value too. The fact about life is, bad luck happens to us all every now and then. If people are upfront about it, then I might not like the message but I still respect the person saying it. Dressing up bad news as "Big news" "Pleased to announce" was probably the worst possible way to deliver the message. Its like saying to someone who's entire family just died, (and they dont know it yet) "I am pleased to announce, that everyone you love and care for is now in heavan, even your dad! time to plan the funeral!!!!!!!"
  9. well, then, we agree that next time something happens that is a huge disappointment, that they don't merge the threads so that this confusion doesn't happen again? Thanks for agreeing with me, BYE!
  10. well.. looking at it that way............. the merging is still really really odd. to say the least. edit: didnt mean to double post, wish i could delete my posts.
  11. I had to do SOMETHING to lighten the mood. Some of these people will feel that they haven't been heard, unless JP goes through the thread on his own, looking at each post, one by one taking notes as he goes. And it doesn't lessen the feeling of betrayl by what used to be (and hpefully stays, but this will hurt), a very reputable company.
  12. a recount? It does seem unintelligible. This is the second half of that post jenni quoted, just in case you didnt see it... the bottom sentence, isn't there since I GUESS it could be found insulting if not interpreted the way I intended. But you can always look back at it.
  13. OK, everyone stop insulting each other. All of you. Calling each other children is not nice, and it's not acceptable. You can debate all you want, but no name calling. Please be civil to each other. Oh god, we must be making your life a living hell. Im sorry, but i will probabbly keep complaining. But i said sorry at some point, remember that.
  14. That's completely uncalled for. You are welcome to express your opinion, but please don't insult people. As the guide to decency states, please be nice. Thanks. i did not mean to insult him, i was simply saying this: As a human beings brain develops, they go through stages, the stage up until the age of 9/11 are not fully able to look at things from another persons perspective. I was simply saying , in laymans terms, that if he is a child, its totally normal for him to act this way, But if he isnt, his behavior is in fact uncalled for. No insults. Just facts.
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