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  1. Fantastic!! I guess i know what i'll be doing tonight.
  2. "What a piece of junk!" Very nice :wow: "She'll make point-five past light speed. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself."
  3. it can't do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs or anything but, it still looks pretty cool.. (imo)
  4. LOL, yah I'd say it's slightly phallic, only slightly though. seems you're about due for some of those religious nuts docking with your base. "You have built you base in an offensive shape, we're docking to alter it's shape and probably kill you." Looks like the nuts have docked already. ROFL! that was a completely unintentional pun. can I also point out the 'seed' pod right at the tip of his base.. I found this quite amusing. (I know, I'm so immature)
  5. LOL, yah I'd say it's slightly phallic, only slightly though. seems you're about due for some of those religious nuts docking with your base. "You have built you base in an offensive shape, we're docking to alter it's shape and probably kill you."
  6. I Finally got around to rebuilding the starship Enterprise... I'm fairly happy with it, although I wasn't able to completely finish, I was hoping to spruce things up a bit more and maybe add a few more rooms where I could but, after a few disastrous raider attacks things quickly went sour. but all in all I think it turned out ok..
  7. it's not the prettiest base around but, it functions pretty well. everyone's morale stays pretty high for the most part, even with fairly little entertainment decorations dotted around. I don't know for sure what the secret to success is but, If I had to guess I'd say it lays within the pub, making sure your crew gets a steady supply of booze and cooked grub seems to keep everyone happy and everything running like clockwork. Also, as you can see I have a complete absurd amount of technicians to keep everything in tip'top shape. far more than I probably actually need but, it makes me feel safe..
  8. I had a bit of a disasters earlier. admittedly it was almost entirely my fault... So I had some religious nuts show up and decide it was time to convert me, they then of course dock their ship right onto my pub. I then think to myself, "great, I can test this emergency alarm out." I switch it on and no one really seemed to react to it at all. I of course then think it's not really working and go on with the business of dealing with the raiders. After killing them off, I then start locking down their ship and demolishing the unwanted add on. (Forgetting that I ever turned the alarm in the pub on) After quite some time passed I notice all 60+ citizens in my base were now 'deeply sad' and starting to really slack off at their jobs. Baffled by this, I started to try to figure out why everyone was so suddenly demoralized , when I noticed my pub was completely empty and the lights where flashing... apparently the alarm had been working and no one was able to go into the pub to get food or drinks for a good 45 minutes.. Long story short, the base collapsed and I've had to restart anew... good times =)
  9. Well first thing I'd do is update my SpaceFace log to let everyone know about my killer abs.. then I'd toss my hands and run around flailing in a blind panic.
  10. Haha, the old pincher move.. works every time ;D I don't get many pirates in my zone but, I do constantly get religious nuts knocking at my doors trying to preach the gospel.. =) I've taken to hanging 'No Soliciting' signs outside my base but, they just ignore them..
  11. I don't think it would be as bad as you make it sound UntrustedLife, I think he is just suggesting a sort of 'fast zone build' tool, that would be completely OPTIONAL and not at all a forced set up. it would function just the room build tool does now but, instead it would also automatically slap down some o2 recyclers build orders for you as well. of course if you'd rather place them yourself you just wouldn't pick that option. At this stage in the game though I don't see something like this being necessary, However in the future when there will probably be tons of other micro managing things to do, it might be handy.
  12. ohh snap really?!?!? (Squeals like a little girl)
  13. I thought it was supposed to be a bird's eye view of a Federation vessel: Yep, that is indeed what I was going for. it's supposed to be the Enterprise or at least the same type of ship as the Enterprise. I tried to finished the interior earlier but, the my entire crew asphyxiated a few minutes after I loaded the game =( I'll probably try and rebuild it, so I can finish the inside once alpha 2 comes out.
  14. Absolutely, that's pretty much how I feel about it. each new update gets a new start, it'll help keep things fresh. Also I kind of feel like them making sure old alpha versions are compatible with each new one might take up dev time, that would be better focused elsewhere.. but, who knows, I'm no expert on game developing so maybe that's a fairly easy process for them.. either way I appreciate them going the extra mile to try and make our old saves work from update to update so early on. most games I've alpha tested, the devs didn't bother with version compatibility until well into the beta.
  15. yep space ghosts, not just your ordinary everyday ghosts, these ghosts only exist in space =) much like how space beds only exist in your space room... anyway, I was actually just trying to expand on your earlier idea of "not knowing what lurks in the dark" when the power goes out. I mean with so many people dying all the time, why not having some angry spirits hanging around haunting the crew? Or how about this, what if when a room goes dark giant space cockroaches might come out and attack your crew, but would run and hide once the power gets turned back on.
  16. haha, I love this concept, vey cool. I imagine your technicians have nightmares about all the doors at night. "soo many doors, so much maintenance, it never ends noooo!"
  17. Maybe in the event of a power outage, the base could get haunted by space ghosts ;D which would cause people to panic and not want to go there to fix stuff in the dark area.. and maybe in extreme cases scare them so much it gives them heart attacks.. They do say in the Dev plan that they plan on possibly adding janitors, which would clean up the dead bodies and litter that messy people on the base would toss around.
  18. Well at least with this everyones obsession with constantly working out would actually be useful.
  19. Well, my biggest gripe about potentially needing reactor rooms to be adjacent to all other rooms is their size. you need quite a bit of space to place just one of those things. and having to have these rooms scattered all over the place or even just having one massive central reactor room to build around could turn into quite the eye sore and more importantly could stop you from building a base in the way you envisioned it, but again I don't know how they actually intend to make them work. so we'll see in the future when they get implemented. about the fuse box however, I can see myself getting used to your idea of instead each room needing a fuse box you'd just need one in an adjacent room. there could be like a "fuse box Closet" zone to place them. maybe make them rather small only needing say, one floor tile and a wall to be placed, much like a space suit container, fire extinguisher ect.. We could replace the fuse box idea with a 'Power Transformer' instead, it might make more since, but having the same concept. Having much smaller sub-stations to help deliver the power around would definitely help open back up the base design possibilities.
  20. I just hope that reactors don't end up working the way the dev plan suggests. where every room has to literally be adjacent to a reactor room to get power.. that just sounds like a bad idea to me. it really limits the possibility of base designs 'at least in my mind' if that ends up being the case. I'd rather see them function much like O2 recyclers currently do. where they would just 'pump' power throughout rooms. and of course once a ship gets bigger they get less effective and you need to build more to accommodate the ships power needs. (for the sake of immersion we can just imagine that there are electrical wires that run through the walls of the ship that deliver the power..) or better yet they can make it so we need to build some sort of item in rooms for power to work, like lets say for example each room needs a 'Fuse Box' in order to get power. idk, I could end up being wrong with the way they intend to make them work, but it concerns me a bit.
  21. I don't think extending space walk times whether it's with suit upgrades or the O2 ports is such a bad idea, as long as it's balanced out. They could make it so the current 8 minutes is the ideal space walk time you'd want to shoot for and the longer an astronaut is out past that time increases the possibility of certain problems that could befall an astronaut. such as a small chance of being struck by a micrometeorite that would puncture his suit killing him, or a chance of developing radiation sickness. someone even mentioned having the possibility of solar flares in another thread that could incinerate anyone caught outside the ship. It could even be something as small as the astronaut having a morale drop due to feeling over worked.. as long as there are some potential downsides to longer Walk times I'd wouldn't mind at least having the option added.
  22. My current project, it's still not finished of course, I still need to finish the interior room layout. However due to a series of unfortunate events my actual functioning base has fallen into chaos and I'm not sure they can recover.. so I'm not sure if I'll get a chance. Hopefully I can stabilize things so I can finish it.
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