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  1. They got laid off? damn. I feel really bad for those guys, they got a lot of hate when the project took a shit dive. I knew the decision came from above, but damn.
  2. Speaking of keeping threads on track.... Devs, I've had my chance to rant and rave about how disappointed I am about 1.0 and how the situation was handled. But after letting emotions cool, I do feel that I got my monies worth of entertainment out of the product and will continue to play the game off and on over the years to come. I suspect the feeling that is shared amongst the community falls in line with finally getting the braces taken off at bit too soon and still having every so slightly crooked teeth. Much better than they started off as, but not what we felt we were "promised". As long as DoubleFine learns from this adventure and still tries to offer some (very minor) support to the community I believe things will work out just fine. I am excited to see where the community takes the project now. Opening the source code isn't going to mend all the wounds for all people, but it is an amazing gesture none the less. So, thank you Team for your hard work, sweat, and tears.
  3. I'm sure this has been said in here before, but I want to make sure that the development team knows that its not you we are upset with they way the powers that be at DoubleFine handled this situation. Is this the same situation with Hack and Slash? I wonder if this will kill AF's in the future.
  4. We are disappointed. We expected more return. I think suejak pretty much sums it all up.
  5. Favorite part of this thread: seeing all the usernames (mods) i've never seen in the rest of the treads of this forum having super positive things to say about the project we love(and spent real money on) so fucking much being dropped in the shitter with as much grace as the words i just used.
  6. Crann

    IRC Channel?

    Internet Chat Relay. Its an old school instant message/chat room protocol thats made a fairly large comeback in the last decade or so. Go to mibbit.com (browser based client) and scroll down to the bottom to 'chat now' connect to slashnet, the room is #df9. See you there!
  7. Crann

    IRC Channel?

    I'm sitting in #df9 on slashnet.org (as Waffles)
  8. Crann

    IRC Channel?

    we had one (or two) a while back, #spacebasedf9 (and #spacebase-df9) on freenode.net. Just checked and its only me, so... If you have a preference of servers looks like we can have a clean start. I'm on freenode.net, oftc.net, and slashnet.org currently for my other channels. You can't use mibbit.com on freenode, so i'm partial to a slashnet.org channel myself, for those irc newcomers and irc'ers on the move.
  9. Is this, and the blog entry, the devs way of saying that personality traits are going to be a factor in how well a crew member performs their given duty and happiness level? Upcoming update? I saw there was a power failure map in the blog post fluff pic, could that mean reactors are going to have use now? So many (more) question, so little info. Thanks devs though. At least we can see that there is still life down in the DF dungeons.
  10. I have also had people almost asphyxiate outside waiting on someones workout routine in an airlock. Worth putting alarms in airlocks to clear them out if someone that needs priority is making their way there?
  11. http://www.spacebasedf9.com/post/85545504100/alpha-5-is-progressing-and-should-be-ready-next Ok to start: WOOOOOoooooo......!! Alpha 5 is coming!! WOOOOOOOoooooo.....!!! Now with that out of the way... The tabs in the research window look to me to be opposite. The Tech tab is the tap open given the context, but it looks to me as if the Diseases tab is open. This has always bothered me in the Citizen Inspect window as well. The multiple tabs that seem connected to the open menu and the one that is open looks disconnected.
  12. I never thought about sadness effecting sleep. Early game especially sleeping patters can be annoying. I've had times when I need something critical to be built, or just repaired and EVERYONE is asleep and then they all die cause they wake up in a panic too late to do anything about the lack of O2 or the spreading fire. You can wake up sleeping citizens with the room alarm now though, which is handy.
  13. I didn't have steam running during that time, and there has not been a download after I turned it on. So i think it must have been steam doing something wonky.
  14. I seconds the emergency beacon. Having security head out to check out a derelict might not be super high priority, but repelling boarders is.
  15. YEAH, ha, with all those plants can your folks even mover around?!
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