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  1. That's my bottle! I love Eastside Distilling. Went to school in Portland, and they're one of my favorite Portland spots for good alcohol, so I brought down a bottle for DF whiskey lovers to enjoy. Their bourbon caramel is amazing, too. I miss that place.
  2. Fun fact: my programming classes in college were taught in Haskell and Scala.
  3. Fun fact: my programming classes in college were taught in Haskell and Scala.
  4. Yeah, the art team is coming up with incredible stuff! As for your questions, the start screen will be animated. It actually already is. We would love to have varying clothes for the ministers, but unfortunately that is beyond the scope of our two weeks. Sorry!
  5. Also, our start screen, courtesy of Lee!
  6. Hey guys, we've been making great progress with the game! Bagel's been busy whipping up awesome concept art of the ministers. We started out with a highly stylized take on the portraits, propaganda-style: While this looks really fitting for the posters, Lee brought up that for the character portraits, it would be good to a looser and more expressive look that matches old lithographs - sort of a more sketch-y look and warmer tones. Bagel took that suggestion to come up with the following sketches: This has a lot more of the looseness that Lee was talking about, and he suggested adding constructivist lines to divide and cut up the different planes of the faces. We are also going to implement a couple different emotional variations on each character, so Bagel explored a happy frame of a minister: Finally, one more style exploration that capture the constructivist nature Lee was talking about:
  7. suliu

    Yarn Pals by Rae

    Those are ADORABLE. I want one so bad!
  8. No, you will only be able to download Pen's prototype if you beat the average. Hope that helps!
  9. This is really cool! I love the art noveau style. Can't wait to see Vella's.
  10. Yeah, it's actually really easy for us to modify Bandcamp as opposed to all other distribution platforms, so that's why we put the soundtrack there. The final soundtrack will be up on Amazon, iTunes etc, but we wanted to provide fans with a means to get the Act 1 soundtrack now instead of having to wait for the completed game.
  11. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the music! The Broken Age Bandcamp soundtrack page will be updated with Act 2 music, so you will get the complete soundtrack once Act 2 comes out. I hope that helps!
  12. I actually emailed all of the people who had marriage proposals in the credits and asked if they wanted to keep those in! Some got removed, others didn't respond and one specifically requested it to be kept it!
  13. Sorry, guys, the soundtrack was not supposed to be included in the Steam folder. That was our mistake and has been fixed. If you backed the game at the soundtrack level, you should be able to download it via the Humble Bundle.
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