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  1. Not really no, I know barely anything about programming. I also don't know if bases that large are in the developers vision for the game (I have my hopes though). But I do think I can expect more from a Double Fine game than I can from a free Bay 12 game. Maybe, but I think the primary reason the plants were withering was the mood of the botanist. I had been running fine for a while before i got sloppy with derelict demolition. I'll have to keep an eye on the plants on my new base as I'm expanding the garden right now to keep up with demand. Thanks for the tip. High end gaming rig anno 2010, i5-2500K @4ghz / AMD HD6950 2GB. Not that flashy anymore but it runs everything somewhere between high and ultra. But a base that size doesn't run well on the current build of the game and I'm kinda breaking the game here. Next base I hope to get to 200 citizens though. Got a better layout for the life support zones.
  2. Yeah, another save file would be great. Thanks again, amazing work! No, thank you. Here's the file. http://BillionUploads.com/yr2tpovv7hsj My guess is the latter more than the former but I am going to put the pub in the center of my next base anyway. Semi-educated guesses Yea, at this point a base should be falling into utter chaos anyway once the game is finished.Very smart with the AI there, I have never figured out a good way of programming that.... (I am majoring in CS) I hope not. I'd like to build 1k population bases by this time next year. But then again the closest I have been to game development is poking around in Scratch (library technician here [del]setting libraries on fire because I'm too low skill[/del] trying to teach kids age 8-15 in a few "make your own game"-workshops over the summer) so I'm not sure it's ever going to be possible. And to be honest I wasn't very good at it and neither was Scratch.
  3. LOL, yah I'd say it's slightly phallic, only slightly though. seems you're about due for some of those religious nuts docking with your base. "You have built you base in an offensive shape, we're docking to alter it's shape and probably kill you." Looks like the nuts have docked already.
  4. An update from the large space base. It's grown. I didn't get to fully furnish the new rooms but it's been about 4 hours since I started building them and I'm getting no where. And it's kinda failing. Slowly. I think this design has a max capacity of 140-150 in the games current state. Got it up to 166 crew and still had oxygen at 69% at it's lowest. It's not completely doomed but it's not doing too well anymore. The game is also crashing every 20 minutes or so. We lost a few guys on a mining expedition, the pub is overworked, mostly everybody are sad or worse and that affects the garden most of all the rooms. Got it up to 188 hydroponics though and it actually was working for a while and it could work again if I throw enough time at it. None of the food makes it to the refrigerators though since we got people eating it off the plants and the botanists are too busy with tending to withering crops. Not ideal. So, before we sign off, here is 85 crew in one room. That must be some kind of record. I'm challenging the community to beat that. And 10 crew in one airlock. There could be one more update left in this base but I think I'm gonna start over and figure out something bigger and better working. Maybe 2 huge life support zones on each end of the pub for better airflow. It's crazy but it's the right kind of crazy. The kind of crazy that just might work. If the dev team want another save where the game is actually breaking I can mail it to you or upload it somewhere. Well guys, Capt. Hateren signing out. Goodbye old girl.
  5. Thanks for all the reactions guys. Like I said in the previous post, I think one of the keys to success is keeping the speed set to normal. Once you get to a certain amount of crew members and the game starts lagging, and it does, the oxygen recyclers cycles become slower than the crews breathing rate and the faster the game is set the further behind the recyclers drop. This is just speculation on a tendency i noticed yesterday so I haven't filed it as a bug yet. This base was serious business once i got 75 crew members so I have been playing it safe (and slow). Sure, why not?! Just don't claim it as your own on your livestream or Youtube, you sneaky decepticon. http://BillionUploads.com/whibjr2wzwoz (not sure how long that link is active, sorry in advance to everybody too far in the future) I haven't been messing with saves yet so I hope this is all you need. A little warning though, the games is crawling slow even on my I5-2500K @4Ghz/HD6950 setup.
  6. Hi everybody. This is my first post so I'm gonna make it a long one! This is such an awesome game already. The sound and art are great and I'm looking forward to more content! I'm gonna show off some of the more or less successful bases I made after I got a hang of the game. This was my first "working" base. I added the reactors for a bit of flair. This was in Alpha 1c. Then Alpha 2 hit and I wanted to start over. I expanded everything and I expanded it too fast. The result was mass space sadness resulting in critical failure in the life support room. We lost exactly 50 men that day. Lots of fun was had. The day after Alpha 2a was released and I was back in command of another spacebase. This time I was aiming for success. Space success. Me and the crew got a nice little base up and running and everything was working. (There was a little trouble with the lights in some of the rooms but it went away after reloading the game.) I think the crew liked the plants and monitors everywhere. I know I did. We opened up The Rusty Kitty Pub (I let the crew vote on the name. First and last time that will happen.) by the Seed Garden and started cranking out real food and we refitted the food dispensers as giant bird feeders for our beaked crew members. Morale was high. This was going so well we thought the metacorn was growing into the heavens. So I decided to expand the living quarters. No more than 3 crew per bed, on this base, as long as I am in charge! And with great bases comes great expansions. And more plants everywhere. 100 souls on board! Time to expand the Rusty Kitty cos we are drinking in celebration tonight. A toast to the mining crew for making all this possible. I love you guys. *hiccup* You guys are the best! Also the Technicians. Thanks for keeping us alive! Let's get 150 people in this thing so we can drink again! Speaking of the technicians. 30 ecstatic, hard working crew members are keeping 72 oxygen recyclers humming all while doing maintenance on the other machinery, [del]food dispensers[/del] bird feeders, spacesuit lockers and fine tuning the sliding sound the doors makes. The surprising thing is that the whole thing keeps running. So with 128 crew on board let's take a look at th... Holy solar flare on a satellite! What is going on in Sabik Poulsens quarters?! Dmitri! You're the new security! Yes you! Put your fist in the angry space monsters mouth while the rest of us shoot it! Now space-for-brains! Right good job everybody. See Dimitri, I knew you would be fine. Everybody back to work. So with 127 crew on board let's take a look at the whole thing in all it's glory. There is still room to expand a little further without the whole thing collapsing, I think, so I will do that before i add in plants on the bottom end. It's going pretty well I'd say! As long as the technicians are kept happy they will keep up with all the work. I haven't had to replace a single oxygen recycler on this build. Everything is running real slow though and I have to keep it at normal speed or else the oxygen level drops too fast and the recyclers can't keep up. Is that a documented bug? Anyway, the pub zone is an incredible oxygen sink and there might be a better design for feeding oxygen into it. Usually when it gets below 75% I send the 30-ish builders out to tear down derelicts to give the room a chance to get back to normal levels. The garden has the least amount oxygen since it's not connected to the main corridor or the life support it self but it's working fine since there's at most 15-20 crew in there at a time. I want to thank Double Fine, JP LeBreton and his team for making this and making it available so soon in the process. This is very much a game I want to play and it's evidenced by the almost 50 hours i spent on it already. Thank you! Can't wait for more rooms guys!
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