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  1. can i have my opinion and thank ppl i want without being insulted and thread being full of off topic. k thx.
  2. Iv had a great time since i bought it and started playing back in alpha 3, i thought it was great being able to communicate with devs here on the forums and i´d like to think my bug reports and suggestions helped. I might not be getting a PERFECT game but iv never played one of those, what i am getting is a very hard space base simulator. So thank you. Love you DF team. Make more scifi games and i might buy them! Love. KillerB.
  3. as i see it, multiple pubs are bugged, bartenders always go mostly to one of them leaving the other under staffed but at the same time bartenders do jobs in both pubs meaning lots of unnecessary travel time. Small pubs are great, i try to only expand as much as there is need going by how much the standing tables are occupied large pubs only work if you have enough bartenders working them or they grow unhappy and suffer pathing stupidity.
  4. there are five stoves and 7 fridges and 1 food replicator in the pub, iv never seen all the tables full for very loong since expanding it last, with 30 bartenders it works like a charm. i also have 1 food replicator in every room.
  5. no, most iv seen in there is 80 ppl and o2 went between 80 and 92% wile i watched..
  6. im building a habitat ring to get enough beds for everyone...
  7. its kind of annoying scrolling all over the place and only being able to see one's coverage at a time, could it be overlays like o2 is pls?
  8. i had a guy pass out in an airlock and that blocked it from use until he starved to death, doctors thought its more important to pick up body's and fix ppls bruises from fights than wake this guy up.
  9. needing escorts to and from the brig for one.. i had a raider throw a tantrum after he had been captured but still walked head low all the way there, by himself. airlocks for separating patrolling guards and prisoners. a rest and activity area separated from the individual cells, its even law in sweden for dog when you keep them in a pen. food delivery from the pub visitation hours and visiting room. besides the stuff i suggested as extra equipment like a door with bars.
  10. the graph needs a line for anger level
  11. i notice some of you guys build individual cells for your prisoners wile i adopt a single room and my guys get very high values for social immediately almost, dont the individual cells cause ppl to get lonely?
  12. i figured out it was the space was a bit small, with 20+ ppl on 3x6 the O2 went down to 30% at time having them all run around and panicking, and they only had one bed to share so they all was low on energy, so i built a bigger brig witch presented its own challenge. but all is well and they become productive members again now after a time.
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