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    Little Grey Bud

    http://imgur.com/a/CqV4U First idea, he only has one arm and he smokes, so yeah that would be funny, but at least you know he wont be able to touch, hug, grab or attack you the second is just a thug the last ones, are like the idea behing mnemonic, its almost like a dream, and you cant perceive everything for what it is, so he would be blurred... a little, or a lot.. and yes, they would be grey on purpose...
  2. I am left agasp..... wow such wow.... my god.... yes.... so awesome... yessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2!bad golf 2! COMMUNITY EDITIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goddddd yes.... people, i love you alll!!
  3. it almost looks like all of df is working on this game...... yeah, it might be worth the wait ^^
  4. indie

    Similar Games

    very nice... it was bloody in my country... Brazil... thanks to you americans got people killed, lots of people.... because of money grabbers... money and stupid ideologies.... wait, will ideology and propaganda like ingsoc and stuff.... if you could play the other side too.... and murder.... revenge..... avenge our people.... well that would be so good... http://www.freeindiegam.es/2014/02/the-refugee-challenge-can-you-break-into-fortress-europe-harriet-grant-john-domokos/
  5. i have once create Larp about drunk yakuzas where a deal goes bad and now the rest of the group has to decide for a new leader(which dies of bleeding in your front).... still doing some interations on the game and its dynamics.... first try everyone got killed, the second time we had to leave... Maybe he becomes the head of the triads, or try to manage a cartel, maybe we can link the plot with breaking bad, or it can be with yakuzas with their familiy hierarchy and their "bushido philosophy"..... all options are pretty violent...
  6. .... you can be bad, make people fall and break their backs... yeah... making the guy paraplegic.... thats something i never want to happen to me....
  7. So, the links to the ircs appear to be wrong, someone please fix it... there are many fake ones going around
  8. well, we can say all we want. But the ones that stayed are the ones which were better produced, and the ones that were probably better tailored for df costumers, adventure and stuff, not so much violence or action. Yeah, there are minor excpetions. It just depends, its like the people want more than is in there, voting was a procces. so yeah.... maybe the best will win, but will it be the best for me? dunno, if the ones i did vote do not get made, i just hope the other ones become nice demos... better than the 2012 af demos
  9. Near the end of the finalists announcement he said that Pen is going to do something about his Pitches in the middle of the week. After that, in the interviews Tim finished by saying that Pen would come to talk about his videos. So will it mean that he will listen to the community and change it, or will Tim go and change live, with Pen, the pitches into different things. Or just interview?
  10. ok, so this is getting kind of confusing, first we need some one to be project lead and keep maintaining a gamedoc with our decisions... someone that can spare a lot of free time in this project, and has a lot of passion for it. Organization 101 people. The more organized, the better it will be for everybody. I cant keep up with a lot of what you write, and imagine this in some days... yeah, and programmers, try to think how it would work, artists should do already some concepting. And some create an official Bad Community Golf sub forum where we can start working already? Theres lots of things, and an official space for us would be the best thing
  11. I had a friend which belonged to a magic the gathering unauthorized pc game, the game was made by fans, and since it was so good it was all locked down against leaking, the only people that had access to it was the Community of the developers. I have no trouble doing that, its actually awesome... more or less, the important part is the process of making the game, and if we can, put in places like indie db. Someone should make like a subforum here in these double fine forums, and we should try to come with a nice idea for the design, and the work flow agenda organization stuff, we could play safe and make a comuintty take on the concept.... i am totally down for it...
  12. also, ideas and mecanhics cant be patented, its not like they are going to sue us for a community made small free indie game.... we should go forward with this, it will be awesome!
  13. i have done some things, but i have already too many projects, maybe.... i would like to go in to help sometimes, and boost morale! twitch? what?
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