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  1. I gotcha. Go to the area of the ship where the different "childish missions" are set up. In the hug attack mission room, the little sock guy is going to be crying because he has something stuck in his back. You need that little something.
  2. I misspelled a LOT of stuff. Me and the english language are not friends, even though it's my native tongue. Appreciate the feedback though. <3
  3. Here's the review I wrote, aside from a few edits: It's getting ♥♥♥♥ on in the steam user-made reviews voting system, and most of the reviews it's getting from others are just raving about how good it is. Am I missing something here? Do I just not understand how to adventure game? Do I not understand what makes them good? Is the review itself bad, even if the information is touts is accurate? I just kinda want to know. I thought it was awful.
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