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  1. My bases start out with a plan (check out the remnants of my air corridor running down the middle), but they all seem to devolve into messy, but functional, rat-mazes. My current base looks like a mess, but morale is very good and maintenance is great. Ugly, but functional.
  2. The ability to dispose of corpses is on the tentative Dev Plan list. Who knows if / when that'll happen, though. I wouldn't mind being able to just demolish the tile underneath and watch them fly away into space.
  3. If I could make a suggestion: don't build 3 Oxygen Recyclers right away (even if you build a big room that will eventually hold more). Start with just one or two, because a) you're not using that extra O2, and b) you need that precious starting matter to build your Refinery, so you can start mining.
  4. Perhaps a solution might be different types of demolition. A 'picky' demolish and an 'indiscriminate' demolish that you select from the action menu.
  5. Demolition! My biggest issue with demolition is the way it works on Derelicts; if I click-drag an entire ship, I expect my crew to hustle over and tear it down to the floorboards. I'm personally fine with the floor itself requiring a second pass. Demolishing doors always leaves a chunk of wall behind, though, which means liquidating a wreck will require a minimum of three passes (because it's not possible to demolish the remaining floor after the first pass). If I click-drag the floor + an object, I'm fine with only demolishing the object. I want the floor to be difficult to demolish, because I don't want to accidentally breach my own base.
  6. I've whipped up an Oxygen Recycler Tips compilation over here; take a gander, I hope it's useful.
  7. I'm seeing certain types of concerns recurring, and it occurs to me that the accumulated wisdom of past posts may be being buried, so I'm going to put this up for general edification. I have over 100 hours of SB DF-9 logged. I've attached a picture of my current, Alpha 4a base. There are 14 Technicians. All the Oxygen Recyclers are at 85% or higher. Most of the base personnel are 'Kinda Happy' or higher. Many are 'Ecstatic'. I've had almost no Morale problems amongst my crew since Alpha 2, and few O2 crises. --- My Technicians can't maintain my Oxygen Recyclers / My O2 Scrubbers are constantly catching on Fire / My Personnel are Constantly Suffocating The root problem here is that your Recyclers aren't being maintained well enough and / or frequently enough. Barring fires or asteroid impacts, your O2 scrubbers degrade at a constant pace, all the time, regardless of their current condition. This means that your Technician crew must be able to maintain a certain rate of service. Think of it as constant tune-ups, rather than hanging around until there are catastrophic failures someplace. 1) Skilled Technicians repair a greater percentage of wear and tear in one session. My 4 and 5-star Techs fix 20-25% of wear in one go. Corollary: Low-skilled technicians are inefficient, and can sometimes even start fires. (This may have been changed. Unskilled Technicians used to set beds aflame when attempting repairs) 2) Happy Technicians repair more frequently, and faster. With the new Morale mechanics in 4a, Ecstatic crew even walk to their destinations faster - you can see them in their speed-walking poses. Corollary: Sad technicians repair less frequently, regardless of skill. They spend a larger part of their time sleeping / drinking / goofing off. Helpful Tips: - Click around and look at the general level of Oxygen Recycler maintenance periodically. If they're averaging around 50 or 60%, your Technicians are struggling to keep up with the demand. Now is not the time to build any more. - When your Recyclers average around 80% or higher, your Technicians are handling the load well, and you can consider building more Recyclers. - Adding Recyclers spreads the same amount of repair effort amongst more machines, so expect the average level of maintenance to decline when you have more of them being serviced by the same number of Techs. - It's best to alternately add Technicians and Oxygen Recyclers, little by little, so you avoid blowing out the delicate balance. - Be selective when adding new Technicians. A glut of poorly-skilled Techs can do more harm than good, as they will grab jobs from the job queue, but perform only minimal upkeep. Personally, I only assign new personnel the Technician job if they are rated 3 stars or higher. - Keep your Technicians happy! This is vitally important. They will be spending the majority of their time in the Residential areas, the pubs, and the Life Support rooms. Be sure to spruce those up with monitors and plants. Just for emphasis: Construction of Recyclers must be limited by your ability to maintain them. Alpha 4a has also introduced upgrades, two of which affect the Oxygen Recycler / Technician dynamic directly: Oxygen Recycler Upgrade: The 'Modified Oxygen Recycler' is incredible. For the same matter cost (150), these babies will produce air for 6(!) crew, instead of 3. In practical terms, this means. for the same amount of O2, 1) fewer machines for your Technicians to maintain, which in turn means 2) each machine receives proportionally more Technician loving. That means 3) Service capacity for more machines, or fewer overall Technicians, whichever you prefer. Technician Upgrade: Your Technicians repair more efficiently. I read this to mean that they repair more in one go. This is simply a direct upgrade, and highly recommended. Larger caliber upgrades mean a higher average maintenance level for all your machines. And remember, Technicians also have to repair things like doors and consoles as they wear out.
  8. In the immediate future, I don't recommend you demolish old-model fridges for the new ones; the new ones don't work yet, so your pubs will not be able to collect raw plants or cook meals.
  9. I posted this in another thread, but I thought I'd share the image here, too. It's not a base, per se, but close enough. Murderbots, I wuv U. This happened when a Kill-bot ship appeared as a derelict, and did not attach to my main base. When they don't attach, they have no doors or airlocks, so you cannot send Security in to sweep the ship. I demolished all the walls instead, and got no reaction whatsoever from the robots. So I carved their ship into this shape to express the depths of my robo-love.
  10. Murderbots, I wuv U. I know I missed Valentine's Day by a couple of days, and it tears me up inside.
  11. To follow up, my Security never went to the beacon, presumably because there was no airlock to get inside. I ended up highlighting the entire ship for demolition. To my surprise, the swarm of Kill-bots did not react in any way to my workers. Screenshot attached. I may just leave the floorboards there to be the basis of my new 'Kill-bot Island'.
  12. There's nothing suspicious about my featureless, airless, cube-shaped spaceship, nope. Also, we have no airlocks, that's not a problem for you, right?
  13. Are your Miners chronically sad? Has a Kill-bot raid left your crew all mopey and dispirited? Try the Happiness Treadmill for the solution to all your morale problems! From the Feb. 13 blog: If you can induce your citizens to pass through several well-decorated rooms in quick succession, their Environmental Satisfaction attribute will receive hefty bonuses. How do we do this? You could decorate every single room in your base, sure, but that's expensive. Instead, spruce up several teeny tiny rooms and connect only with each other, and a choke point (say, the crossroads of your base, or a popular airlock). I refer you to my attached screenshot: airlock in the lower left, a windy corridor of short, narrow rooms with only one entrance and exit each, leading into my base. Voila.
  14. I've upgraded both my Builders' demolition and construction abilities, and I can say I've noticed a significant improvement in both those areas. I didn't have to actively equip them with anything, they just do those jobs better immediately after the research is complete. Same goes for the Security armor upgrade (although I've only finished the first tier so far), the visual upgrade is immediately apparent - in that case, you can tell by the orange triangle on the chest of the Security suits. Based on that, I'm assuming the Botanist upgrade I'm currently researching will also auto-equip. The Refrigerator 2.0, Gamma Class Matter Refinery, and Modified Oxygen Recycler have to be built (and the new O2 scrubbers might not fit where the old ones were, because they actually have a bigger footprint).
  15. I think my favorite addition is the research facility and scientist job. Choosing research upgrades adds another dimension to gameplay beyond brute survival. The possibility of salvaging new research projects from derelicts also gives players a reason to board and explore (instead of just sending over the Builder squad to demolish the walls and space all the contents).
  16. There's a number beneath each entry, where progress is measured by some number out of 1000 (for the earliest research proects). You highlight the one you want to work on, and each time your scientist goes to work in your Research facility, you'll see that number increase slowly. Multiple scientists will raise that number faster. There's a black line, which I assume is intended to be a progress bar, but that does nothing at the moment.
  17. I'm also curious about the criteria by which Amnesia Fortnight prototypes are selected for further development. Has releasing Spacebase DF-9 via Steam's Early Access changed the usual development routine? Is it something you guys would consider again for future games? If I recall, the permanent Spacebase Dev team was reportedly just the two of you; under what circumstances do you pull in additional folks? Is bribery involved, or perhaps threats of violence? Speaking of bases in space, and catastrophes, have you seen Gravity? Have you seen Solaris (the more recent one)? Would you consider some flavour of cosmic existential clone crisis event for Spacebase DF-9?
  18. Tim Schafer is one of my Bartenders. He's super good at his job, but the job itself gradually makes him sad, so I have to periodically Unassign him.
  19. I've tried building multiple, small bases as well, and I encountered the same problem - a tiny satellite base will quickly run out of O2 and kill inhabitants when too many colonists invariably wander in. This tends to happen even when you have a main base that holds the majority of your space peeps. I'm still interested in making something like that work, but I can't think of a solution.
  20. I tend to put Fire Extingushers beside the doorways of rooms. In theory, that should mean everyone who enters a room on fire should have the opportunity to grab an extinguisher on the way in. In practice, only some people (around 1/2 of first responders) have extinguishers, and the rest try to stomp fires out. Is it possible there are non-apparent game mechanics at work here? Perhaps having an extinguisher nearby only allows an increased probability of use? Maybe the extinguisher furniture functions in a radius (like, I suspect Oxygen Recyclers) regardless of intervening walls? Random things I've noticed: - people who have used extinguishers at least once sometimes continue using them as they run from fire to fire - conversely, extinguishers sometimes stop functioning, and the person using them resorts to stomping fires out Security apparently carry fire extinguishers with them at all times, and they take less damage from flames. I did not know this until I looked up Fire Extinguishers on the wiki.
  21. DFMatt suggests that Refrigerators have a 'maximum capacity of 10', here. That may be a typo, since I have seen regularly seen fridges with well over 400 items, and they seem to hold between 3 and 4 types of food with no problem. A more recent issue seems to be that Botanists will maintain, but not harvest, crops, under certain circumstances, leading to Gardens full of crops that are 100% grown and healthy. In the screenshot I've attached, every single crop is fully grown and healthy, but none are being transported to pubs. Between my 2 pubs, I have 3 Refrigerators. All of them contained some raw crops, some were very full (400+ items), some were not (~20 items). I guess I'm wondering: a) under what circumstances will otherwise ripe crops not be harvested; b) what is the maximum [del]airspeed[/del] capacity of an unladen [del]swallow[/del] Refrigerator?
  22. I love the idea of more robots. I particularly like the idea of robots that can do crew jobs, too, although I suspect that presents some balance issues - why send in human Security when you can send in Robo-security, right? An expected benefit of robo-workers is that they're expendable; losing them shouldn't impact crew morale to the extent that losing your drinking buddy does (and boy do my workers love to drink). I'd like to see a robot fabrication bay that can make robots for your use, but individual robots need to be very expensive. Fun possibilities: - Station-wide robot revolt (think 'Westworld') - Too many robots in one place? Sentience! - Robots are dumb. Space themselves, or crew. Stand in fire. Demolish refrigerators. - Don't need air, need power. - Poorly maintained robots occasionally explode and start fires.
  23. I really like the pub name generator. Let's hear some of your memorable pubs and/or pub-related Spacebase stories. Another great name: The Tipsy Cosmonaut
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